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    Apologies in advance; this question is rather school-centric. We are an independent PreK-12 school and curious to know how you handle different types terminations at the end of the school year. Note: we pay all faculty and staff on 12 month basis, 24 pay periods per year.  Scenario 1: Hourly, non-exempt staff member, on a year-round calendar ...

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    IE SHRM is a 100% chapter. Membership with our chapter is free as long as the individual is current member of SHRM. We offer a discounted meeting/event rate for members as long as they have designated us their primary chapter. We have no membership dues. Our members can attend events with other area chapters for the SHRM discounted rate. ------------------------------ ...

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    Our chapter actually did away with membership fees a couple years ago because we didn't have anything that the membership was paying for (no ROI).  To make up for loss of chapter income for speaker fees, we increased our monthly membership fees slightly and have focused on bringing in quality speakers and topics to drive up monthly attendance.  We also ...

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    In CT, any local chapter member can attend any other CT local chapter's meetings or events at that Chapter's member rate. There is no discount to become a member of another chapter. ------------------------------ Randall Chase SHRM-SCP, ACC DIrector, CT State SHRM Council ------------------------------

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    There are also state laws to consider. However, making a mandatory referral to an EAP is within the Er's right, I think. Then, the issues become - and always remain - job performance and reasonable accommodation. Bob O. -- Bob Orzechowski, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP < http://www.shrmcertification.org/digitalbadging > ------Original ...

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