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    RE: Email policy

    Posted in: Volunteer Exchange

    Confidentiality and protecting (PII) Personally Identifying Information as well as HIPAA compliance, must be a policy priority and not just an HR concern. Having said that, password protecting documents and information can be another layer in email communication with only the receiver and the sender having communicated a password to open...

  • Posted in: Volunteer Exchange

    At SHRM Jacksonville we have annual dues of $50 (100% chapter). Our monthly meetings for members run from $35-50 depending on if it is a regular meeting, or one of our master series meetings (2 hours/credits). Our non-members pay $50-70 per meeting. We also hold an annual conference (1.5 days) with prices varying depending on when they register....

  • Posted in: Volunteer Exchange

    I would not be for team access. If there needs to be a shared email, maybe make a team email that they can all access. I do not think that an entire team should be able to see all emails sent to everyone due to conversations with supervisors, etc., that may be confidential. I do not disagree for a manager or supervisor to have access to emails, but...

  • Posted in: Volunteer Exchange

    Whether you can or not is one question, whether you should or not is something else. I think there are ways for emails to be shared between the team without giving access to the entire team. Perhaps a list serve that all team members agree to use for team data and information. I would not support the request for team access. I am just wondering...

  • Posted in: Volunteer Exchange

    Thank you to everyone who replied! It was extremely helpful to get this process started. All the best! ------------------------------ Kari Gras SHRM-CP Principal Consultant Big Sky MT

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