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Wilmington College Holds Sub Sale 

07-02-2016 13:25

Looking for a way to raise money for an upcoming project or conference? Look for a need on your campus and fill it. At Wilmington College, adult students attend classes on the weekends, however the cafeteria is closed. At lunchtime these students want to get a sandwich and get back to class. To fill this need, the Wilmington College chapter began holding submarine sales on the weekends when classes were in session. The students bought bags of chips and cans of soda at a discount store and they negotiated with a local deli to buy a large quantity of assorted submarine sandwiches at a discount. The students put up flyers and sent notices to teachers to advertise the event. On the weekends they staff a table for two hours each day and sell lunch including a sub, chips, and canned drink, to weekend college students. In addition to raising money for the chapter, the event also provides good exposure for the SHRM group on campus.

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