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VLRC Frequently Asked Questions 

05-25-2016 15:36

Who should use the Volunteer Leader Resource Center?
Any SHRM Volunteer Leader that is seeking information or assistance in fulfilling their role, be it at the local chapter or state council level.

I’m new to the SHRM Volunteer thing. How does it work?
Your best bet is to start by visiting Leadership, Membership and Business Operations and clicking on either "chapter" or "state council." 

I’m a [PICK YOUR CLA] Chair, where can I find information about that?
Under “Leadership>Core Leadership Areas” we have tabs for each of the CLA areas. Those tabs provide information about your contact and valuable resources.

I’m a Student Chapter president. Where can I find information for Student Chapters?
Under “Leaders>Student Chapters” you’ll find much of the material you used to go to the Student Member Center for: Advisor Resources, Affiliation Process, Awards, Chapter Management and Member Acquisition all with an eye on our Student Chapter experience.

Where can I find E-Blast/CPEP requests?
If you're a chapter volunteer leader you can find this information by going to “Membership > Chapter > Marketing Samples & Templates”. If you're a state council volunteer leader you can find this information by going to "Membership > State Council > Marketing Samples & Templates."

Where can we find materials to market the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition?
If you go to "Business Operations > Conferences > SHRM Annual Conference Resources” you’ll find everything you need. Thanks for your help providing this information to your SHRM affiliate.

How can we better market membership in our chapter?
We have materials for you under the Membership tab at the top of the page. Under it you’ll find materials for member acquisition, engagement and retention, as well as marketing information.

What’s the Volunteer Exchange?
That’s our link to SHRM’s virtual community, SHRM Connect. There you can find like-minded volunteers to trade ideas and solutions to issues you’re facing as a SHRM volunteer.

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