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UW-Whitewater Completes Compensation Surveys 

07-02-2016 12:45

University of Wisconsin- Whitewater student members have participated in two compensation surveys. The first survey was done in conjunction with the Blackhawk Human Resource Association in south-central Wisconsin and involved preparing and processing data under the direction of a consulting firm. The students were trained to use the needed software and then adapted it for the survey. Project leader Chad Schmidt received accolades for his perseverance in overcoming many obstacles and completing the project ahead of schedule. The chapter is currently working on a compensation and benefits survey of upscale resorts in the Midwest. This project involves developing the survey, reviewing job descriptions, and processing and reporting the data. The survey, led by Amy Bach, is blind to ensure confidentiality of the data and it covers hotel services, spas, golf facilities, and ski resorts. Both projects required the students to solve problems and utilize knowledge they had gained in a variety of classes and internships. Working on the surveys has been an excellent learning experience.

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