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University of Scranton Assists Rotary 

07-02-2016 12:44

In November, University of Scranton chapter members volunteered to assist the Rotary International District 7410 Youth Exchange Program with their interview and selection process. Each year the Rotary program selects high school students to spend one year with a family abroad. SHRM volunteers attended a training session covering the behavioral interview technique, problems with rater error, and the specific goals of the selection process. Next, panels of interviewers met with student applicants and their parents both together and separately. Applicant responses were rated on several dimensions including motivation, maturity, confidence, tolerance/flexibility, and communication skills. The ratings were then combined in a consensus session, and a final overall rating was determined and used for selection. Serving as interviewers was good experience for the students because many of the issues that came up were similar to those faced in the expatriate selection process in the corporate world. Assisting Rotary is a terrific way to extend the chapter's reach beyond the university and into the community.

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