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University of Illinois Hosts Etiquette Dinner 

07-02-2016 12:59

The University of Illinois chapter hosted an etiquette dinner for members on February 3, 2000 near the U of I campus. Concerned about second-round interview visits with employers, members were excited about the opportunity to brush up on their table manners and etiquette skills. The evening included a formal dinner with an active discussion of proper table manners and a quiz between courses that put students' knowledge to the test. The discussion was led by Nancy Madigan, a business educator, University of Illinois alumni, and the mother of Mike Madigan, chapter co-president. Ms. Madigan explained and emphasized the importance of proper table manners, especially in a job interview or dinner setting. She also discussed situations that students might experience during the interview process.

In addition to the discussion, handouts were provided to members which included a quiz of some of the more difficult etiquette decisions one might face. The evening was an enjoyable event for everyone. Based on the positive feedback received, the chapter plans to make the etiquette dinner an annual event.

Dinner Etiquette Tips

  • Always be sure everyone at your table has been served before you begin your meal.
  • Never rest your elbows or arms on the table during dinner.
  • When passing the roll basket, pass the basket with your right hand and take the basket with your left hand. Use either hand to take a roll, and then pass to the next person with your right hand.
  • When you are confused about which eating utensil to use, always work from the outside to the inside. Remember, not all silverware may be present even though you may be served an item (i.e. soup without a soup spoon).
  • When eating soup, always use a spoon starting from the inside of the bowl and moving slowly toward the outside -- and never "slurp" the soup.
  • If possible at a formal dinner, avoid ordering food that will be difficult to eat such as spaghetti. If faced with a difficult food, cut it into very small pieces before eating.
  • When cutting a piece of meat with a knife and fork, always lay the knife on the side of your plate before you begin eating with the fork-- otherwise, you look very hurried in your eating habits.

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