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Sample Student Chapter Mission Statement 2 

07-02-2016 11:22


MBO Statement:

The Eastern Washington University Student Chapter of Northwest Human Resource Management Association is committed to providing students, in a Human Resource Management or related degree seeking program, with expanded learning opportunities and the opportunity to enhance and integrate those experiences with resume-quality real- world experience.

Management by Objective Plan:

Primary Objective: To enhance the value of student membership by completing the requirements for obtaining the Student Chapter Merit Award.


  1. Achieve objectives identified below.
  2. Establish a merit award committee and identify additional objectives, from within the merit award program, which most closely match the needs and abilities of student members.

Objective: To provide student members with simulated and real records management experience.


  1. Establish membership records and files that emulate employment records.
  2. Develop shadow, mentor and internship opportunities that include some exposure to HR records management.

Objective: Increase membership to 45+ members.


  1. Appoint recruitment director to develop and actively administer recruitment programs including those mentioned below.
  2. Implement an aggressive classroom recruiting program utilizing instructor, advisor, and member testimony to encourage membership.
  3. Develop and administer recruitment propaganda to help ensure name recognition and a positive PR image.

Objective: Establish an on-going program of service to the University and the College of Business in particular, which provides programs related to job search and career planning skills, and which collaborates with and supports the activities of other student, faculty, and administrative organizations dedicated to serving students and the University.


  1. Obtain guest speakers for monthly educational meetings.
  2. Establish quarterly seminar format.
  3. Identify opportunities for collaborative programs.
  4. Provide members to work on and participate in the projects of other student, faculty, and administrative organizations.

Objective: To develop a sustainable membership program which ensures the continuity and viability of the student organization and its programs, by recruiting new members earlier in their academic careers.


  1. Develop an information packet for prospective members.
  2. Set up an information booth at the beginning of each quarter.
  3. Widely publicize chapter activities throughout the university and the business community.

Objective: To provide student members with a fun, social environment that promotes trust, friendship, minimal stress, and safety to ensure growth, respect, and success of our members.


  1. Coordinate quarterly social events such as barbecues, picnics, dances and other related activities.
  2. Plan and coordinate an annual banquet and present outstanding member awards and prizes.
  3. Maintain a positive attitude and always move forward.

Note: During the first officers meeting of the new Merit Award year, time frames, members responsible, and outcomes will be determined for achieving the above objectives.

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