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Sample Goals and MBO Statement 

07-02-2016 11:48

Society for Human Resource Management

Formal Goals:

  1. To acquaint students considering a future in HR
  2. To keep students up to date in the field of HR
  3. To develop a nucleus of future professionals in HR field 
  4. To expose students to individuals within the HR field


  1. To have educational speakers from the local HR community at each of our monthly meetings.
  2. To publish an informative SHRM student newsletter each month.
  3. To increase our SHRM student membership 25% by end of year.
  4. To visit a local organization and receive an HR related tour in both fall and spring semesters.
  5. To engage in a community service activity in both fall and spring semesters.
  6. To organize and carry out a fund-raising activity in both fall and spring semesters that will benefit our student SHRM members.
  7. To prepare student SHRM members for the PHR certification exam by obtaining study materials and organizing a study group.
    • Having at least 5 student SHRM members present at each sponsoring chapter meeting.
    • Establishing a formalized mentor programTo increase the partnership with our sponsoring chapter of SHRM by:
    • Making a recruitment presentation to all HR related classes.
    • Participation in the fall organization fair.
    • Electing a representative to attend all Student Government Association meetings.To ensure SHRM's presence on college campus by:
  8. To achieve the Superior Merit Award.

*From Middle Tennessee State University

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