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Money-Making Idea 

07-02-2016 13:27

Does your chapter want to raise money to attend a state or national conference? The N.C. State Chapter discovered a fundraising project that brings in good money in a short period of time. For the past three years, our chapter has sold Dine-A-Mates, a book of restaurant and entertainment coupons specific to geographic regions. These popular books practically sell themselves, and the company provides free promotional materials. There is no risk involved. The books for the upcoming year are available in late August, which coordinates perfectly with the academic year. Your chapter does not have to pay for books sold until January, and unsold books can be returned to the company at no cost. Our chapter sent six students to the 1997 SHRM Annual Conference in San Diego with the help of this project. To see if Dine-A-Mates makes a coupon book for your area, call 1-800-374-4464. The more you sell, the more you earn!

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