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Maintaining Your Student Chapter Charter 

07-02-2016 13:56

Each chapter is required to sign a charter agreement that outlines its relationship to SHRM in such areas as reporting, use of the logo and SHRM name, use of membership lists and the chapter's legal existence.  A copy of the signed agreement is kept in the chapter's master file at SHRM headquarters.  The chapter should keep its copy of the agreement with its other legal documents in a secure location within the university/college.

There are specific requirements to maintain an active chapter in good standing under the chapter charter.

Submit a completed Student Chapter Information Form by June 1st each year.
Reach and minimum of eight national student members no later than November 30th each year.

Student chapters that have been chartered but are inactive for a period of more than two years must be officially rechartered by submitting updated chapter bylaws, the Student Chapter Information Form and applications for at least eight national students.

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