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General Fundraising Guidelines 

07-02-2016 13:17

In addition to school activities funding and local membership dues, fundraising events are used by many students to finance chapter programs and community service projects. Since most fundraisers involve some kind of selling, think like a marketing professional to make your event a success. Define your target market and look for a need your chapter can fill. For example, when students are studying, they get hungry-a bake or candy sale would fill their need for food. Around holidays, students and professors need to buy gifts-plan to sell items for gift giving. Once you have chosen your project, give it plenty of publicity. Post flyers write articles for the school newspaper, and tell all of your friends.

When planning a fundraiser, remember to consider the size and commitment level of your membership. If you have only a few people willing to participate in a project, plan to start small. If you have twenty people willing to help, your chapter can take on a bigger project. If a large initial investment is required (ex. Buying products for resale) be aware that your chapter could potentially lose money if the fundraising venture is not successful. Carefully think through any project before committing chapter funds and resources to it.

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