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ETSU Provides Seminar Tips 

07-02-2016 13:05

At least twice each year, the East Tennessee State University chapter sponsors a seminar to help its members learn more about various HR topics. A popular seminar on interviewing skills recently drew more than 100 student attendees. Seminars are a great way to network and meet other students from a variety of majors, and organizing the events provides an opportunity to develop valuable project management skills. Coordinating a seminar is hard work, but seeing the end product is definitely rewarding. ETSU would like to provide the following list of helpful hints for planning your next seminar or workshop:

  1. Begin planning early. It is easier to find speakers if you schedule early.
  2. Find out what topics will interest your membership. Try to select broad topics that will appeal to all students, not just SHRM members.
  3. Pick a location that is easily accessible and easy to find. Make sure that parking is available.
  4. Consider using a panel of speakers instead of a single speaker. This way you have a variety of topics and perspectives represented.
  5. Have a prepared list of questions for the speaker or panel in case audience participation is minimal.
  6. Plan adequate breaks every hour or two.
  7. Offer interactive sessions such as mock interviews, group discussions, etc.
  8. Serve refreshments.
  9. Ask professors to give extra credit for students who attend a seminar.
  10. Publicize the event well in advance. Use campus newspapers, e-mail lists, bulletin boards, and class announcements to spread the word.

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