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ETSU Creates Chapter Library 

07-02-2016 11:59

The College of Business at East Tennessee State University provides an office for the use of all student organizations. This fall the office was relocated and several bookcases were added. To entice members to use the office more frequently, the chapter decided to create a mini-library of relevant business-related books. But where could they obtain books and resource materials at a reasonable price? After some thought, the chapter decided to ask their professional chapter for assistance. At the next SHRM professional chapter board meeting, the students asked if members could donate any professional or business magazines or newspapers for the student office. Not only did they donate issues of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Money magazine, they also gave other books including catalogs, and state and federal guideline books.

All of the College of Business Organizations were encouraged to collect materials and professors were also invited to donate. As a result of their efforts, the ETSU SHRM chapter members have created a ready reference for reports and papers. The other College of Business organizations also benefit by sharing access to the library. HR professionals and faculty members now have more space in their offices. Trash to treasure: recycling at its best!

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