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Create a Chapter Bookmark 

07-02-2016 12:06

Some schools have created inexpensive chapter bookmarks and used them as a recruiting tool. Here's how: Contact the manager/owner of the student bookstore on your campus at the beginning of each semester. Ask if they would mind if your chapter inserted flyers/book marks in each of their HR books to help recruit new members. If the bookstore gives the ok, make up bookmarks about SHRM. You can include information such as: what is SHRM, who can join, how it benefits the student, and who to contact on your campus in order to join. You may also want to add a chapter email address and/or web site. Another great idea is to advertise an open house or specific meeting with a raffle or even a door prize to each attendee. Many schools have found this method of recruiting very successful. It is a great way to advertise for your club. Try it on your campus!

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