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Chapter Advisor FAQ's 

04-04-2016 18:31

FAQ's for student chapter advisors

1. What resources are available for chapter advisors?
  • Chapter Advisor Webinars - These quarterly webinars will be recorded and posted on the SHRM Student Website.
  • Downloadable cases and learning modules. These can be used to change or supplement HR course material.
  • HR Curriculum and Guidebooks. These can be used to track HR curriculum against a common, minimum HR skill set.
  • A discounted membership rate of $110 through the Advisor Membership Application

2. What are the eligibility requirements for becoming a chapter advisor

  • Chapter Advisors must hold a CURRENT SHRM Professional, General, or Associate Membership
  • Chapter advisors are required to remain an active SHRM member throughout the length of their advisor role
  • Chapter advisors should have an interest in working with students
  • Chapter advisors should ideally be a faculty member at the chapter's school
3. Why do we ask for advisor contact information on the SCIF and what is it used for?
The Student Chapter Information Form is to ensure SHRM is reaching out to the correct people in the chapter. Chapter advisors' names, phone numbers, and emails will be put on the chapter directory so potential new members know who to contact. Please note, this information is public.

Student Programs cannot update contact information in an advisor's chapter profile. If you would like to receive important SHRM Student communications from a different email or phone number you can update your information online or contact Member Care at 800-283-7476, 703-548-3440 or email Member Care.

Please note, making adjustments in your email address in the SHRM profile will result in all of your SHRM communications being directed to the new e-mail address, not just volunteer-related communications.

4. Why haven't I received emails with chapter updates and deadlines?

There are several reasons you have not been receiving communications:

  • Your chapter did not Submit the SCIF by June 1st. It is possible your term as an advisor has expired in our database.
  • Your chapter did not meet the minimum requirements and is "inactive". You can check your chapter's status on the chapter directory.
  • You selected to be taken off of email in your member profile.
    • Indicating you do not want to receive SHRM emails applies to both promotional emails and volunteer-related emails
    • You can easily update your profile online or you can speak with a representative. Please call 800-283-7476 or email Member Care directly.

5. I'm retiring from my position as chapter advisor soon. What steps do I need to take?

  • Make sure the incoming advisor submits a Student Chapter Information Form with their contact information
  • Inform the incoming leadership of where chapter by-laws, charters, and other important documents are kept or give them the copies.
  • Go over the active chapter requirements with the incoming leadership. These can be found on the Student Chapter FAQs page.
  • Inform them of any strategies for chapter recruitment, chapter fundraising, or achieving the Merit Award
*For more information on succession planning, please visit our Succession Planning Page.
6. Do I need permission or to pay a fee to use the cases and learning modules for HR educators in my classroom?
No, any professor may use the cases and learning modules in their classroom without getting permission and free of charge.
Please review the Permission for Use guidelines:
SHRM's Resources for HR Educators are copyrighted by SHRM and are intended for use in environments where HR knowledge is taught. Primarily, this includes HR classrooms in colleges and universities; however, these resources can be used by HR educators located in any academic or workplace setting. Currently, these materials are made available free of charge to faculty and educators for any classroom use within their own institution (but not for sale outside of their institution)... (e.g., photocopying, e-reserves or inclusion in course packs) without further need to request permission. Please duplicate only the number of copies needed -- one for each student in the class. At some time in the future, SHRM may find it necessary to charge fees even for the academic use of these resources.

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