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Central Washington Builds Web Page for Parent Chapter 

07-02-2016 12:53

For several years now, the Yakima Valley Human Resource Association (YVHRA), the sponsoring or parent chapter to Central Washington University (CWU), has provided an immeasurable amount of help to the student chapter. During the past year alone, YVHRA donated 1000 cookies in support of a highway rest stop fund-raising project that earned $1100, awarded two CWU students with $250 scholarships, presented a $250 award to the student chapter, provided students with several job shadowing opportunities and multiple learning experiences. In order to show their appreciation for all the support provided by YVHRA, the student chapter decided to create a web page for their professional sponsoring chapter.

A small number of students from the CWU chapter had previous experience in creating web pages. But for most, this was a new experience. To build their knowledge regarding web page development, several student chapter members attended a web page workshop during their winter break. After acquiring the basics of web page development and getting a general idea of what YVHRA wanted on the page, the students began their work. The chapter members took it upon themselves to be creative and to design a professional-looking page that their parent chapter could be proud of.

A number of chapter members spent time brainstorming and providing input for the project then a team of three members did the actual design and creation of the page. The students began in early January and were able to give a paper version of the web site to their parent chapter on January 26 at their annual awards banquet.

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