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Baylor University Finds New Speakers 

07-02-2016 12:21

The Baylor University chapter has invited several speakers to meetings over the past year and the SHRM representatives and business professionals have enlightened the group on various aspects of human resources. Providing this type of networking and education for students is essential for career planning and preparation for a job search.

Every chapter faces the challenge of locating potential speakers. If you are running out of ideas for speakers, don't overlook the opportunities within your own university. In addition to the business community, the Baylor chapter identified a new source of speakers: its faculty members. Professors from related fields such as business law and insurance have spoken to the club about the influence their classes have in the field of human resources. Classes such as employment law, interviewing and employee benefits are not required for a human resources major at Baylor, but they complement the major as electives.

Additionally, other classes and academic areas which may be of interest to student chapter members are good subjects for a chapter program. These include: gerontology (dealing with the aging workforce), psychology, educational administration (HRM in a school/university setting) and others. Just be creative as you check your university's course catalog and talk to fellow students about great classes they've taken with great teachers. To thank the speakers, the chapter has presented them with gift certificates from bookstores and local restaurants. Meeting new professors provides different perspectives and networking opportunities for student members. Simply put, involving professors from other fields is a win-win situation: the students hear interesting speakers, the chapter builds its reputation across campus, and the meeting is easy to organize for the officers.

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