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An Unusual Bake Sale 

07-02-2016 13:20

Would your chapter like to raise $1000 in one weekend? Well here is how: Reserve one weekend during the semester at a local interstate rest area. Set up a concessions stand and serve hot/cold beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, soda, etc), baked goods (cookies, brownies, etc.), and snacks. Your chapter should not charge for the food and beverages but welcome donations. Make a sign that includes your chapter's name and how the money will be used. People will be more willing to donate money if it is helping a good cause. Central Washington University SHRM chapter has raised as much as $1000 in donations in one weekend. Holiday weekends generally are the most successful due to the abundance of travelers. This is a convenient and inexpensive way for drivers to grab a snack and help a student organization at the same time. Be creative and think of other similar places where you could have a successful bake sale.


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