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2016 Pinnacle Award Compendium - Chapter and State Councils 

01-16-2017 11:08

State Councils

Alabama SHRM

1,000 Books in 100 Days

Statistics indicate that by 2020, the United States is expected to face a shortage of 1.5 million workers with college degrees. Even more frightening is the anticipated surplus of 6 million individuals without a high school diploma who are unemployed because they lack necessary education credentials.

According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, proficiency in reading by the end of the third grade is a crucial marker in a child’s educational development as children transition from learning to read to using reading to learn other subjects. In its 2013 Kids Count Data Book, a stunning 66% of fourth graders in public school were reading below proficient levels!

As human resource professionals, Alabama SHRM chose to focus on improving children’s reading skills to increase the talent pipeline in our state. As citizens, we also want all children to have appropriate economic prospects as adults. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, “approximately 50% of the nation’s unemployed youth age 16 - 21 are functionally illiterate, with virtually no prospects of obtaining good jobs.” The Department of Education reports that “60% of America’s prison inmates are illiterate,” “85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems” and “children who have not developed some basic literacy skills by the time they enter school are 3 to 4 time more likely to drop out in later years.” If we do not ensure all children gain the appropriate reading skills, their economic prospects will be dim and the economy will lag.


Alaska State Council

“’Diversity Nuggets’ - Gold for Alaska’s Council Prospector”

Alaska is a unique state with an increasingly diverse population and a vast geographic area of over 663,000 square miles equivalent to 1/5 the size of the United States.   The population is spread over remote areas with limited access to chapters and other HR professionals.  The 2010 Census shows in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, we have 99 different languages spoken in the school district and at all levels (elementary, middle and high) were ranked amongst the top 19, 6 and 3 respectively for diversity in the whole nation!   In 2015 Anchorage neighborhoods included members of all seven racial demographic categories as recognized by the Federal government. 

This program, “Diversity Nuggets” was created because we believed it critical to increase the awareness and develop our HR members’ capacity on diversity and inclusion.  This is important not only to human resource professionals, but to the community, our students and future HR professionals.  The term “Nuggets” reflects that these are small bites of information mentally connected with the State Council news source the “Council Prospector.”  A “prospector” was historically well-known in Alaska for mining gold.   The weekly nuggets are valuable yet relevant for a quick takeaway.  They are easy-to-read diversity and inclusion tips for HR professionals to use in their workplace.   This program helps in the education of our HR professionals.  We have reached over 65% of our members who follow us on Facebook.  Although pleased by the results, because of these striking demographics this is an area we will continue to focus.


Arkansas SHRM State Council, Inc.

Going once, going twice, sold!

The ARSHRM Human Resources Conference & Expo is held in April of every year.  The ARSHRM State Council wanted to have an event that would have maximum ROI for the SHRM Foundation.  A Live Auction, with a professional auctioneer, was created by the Arkansas State SHRM Council (ARSHRM) for the annual human resource conference.  The ARSHRM State Council and the ARSHRM Conference Committee worked together to plan this event.  The sponsors and exhibitors were contacted to see if they wanted to donate an item for the live auction.  Registered attendees were also asked for donations.  One of the exhibitors was a professional auctioneer and donated his time for the event.  The live auction was held in the Expo Hall during the reception.  All items were sold for a total of $3200.00.  Feedback from the auction was that attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors enjoyed.


Arizona SHRM State Council

JA, You're Hired! Workforce Readiness Support of Junior Achievement

In 2008, Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA) met with AZ SHRM to embark on a work readiness program for high school students, JA You’re Hired! AZ SHRM, JA, Project Management Institute and University of Phoenix were planning, collaborating, and writing curriculum as well as a summer internship program. Weekly meetings and curriculum were led by volunteers in January 2009 who were matched with teachers to lead the work readiness lessons to train 100 students that year. We wanted youth to be prepared for their future careers. Over 50% of the 10,000 Arizona students served come from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. One alumna, Mary, remarked, “JA You’re Hired was the best thing that could have happened to me,” she says. Mary was a high school senior, raising an infant son, striving for her dream of achieving a college education. She applied for and received an internship at University of Phoenix. Her supervisor gave glowing evaluations and offered her a full time position that offered tuition benefits. Today, Mary works in HRIS and has almost completed her Bachelor’s degree while working full-time. When leaders in the AZ SHRM community got behind this vision, their expertise and network made the success of this program possible. By 2014-15, over 850 students annually have been served by this program in the classroom in Arizona. AZ SHRM invested in work readiness for youth, and that investment pays dividends in our businesses and communities for years to come.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Advancing the Profession, State Council

Colorado SHRM

Day at the Capitol: Advocacy Works!


For the past four years, Colorado SHRM (COSHRM) has facilitated a Day at the Capitol (DatC) to encourage HR professionals to participate in a state-level day of advocacy.  The goal is to provide education about the legislative process so participants become comfortable taking advocacy action.  After attending this event participants:

1.know the steps to becoming an effective advocate;

2.have created relationships with government representatives; and

3.are educated on legislative issues.

What We Did:

A significant achievement of the 2016 event was attendee participation in meetings with government representatives regarding a proposed Sick Leave bill.  The Bill was discussed in committee the day of our event and attendees provided representatives with educational leave behind materials.


1.The Sick Leave Bill did not pass the House and we attribute this, in large part, to our advocacy efforts while at the Capitol. One of our participants was contacted by the sponsors of a Sick Pay bill to help rewrite it more favorably for workplaces.

2.Our attendee participation rate has grown 16% since the event was launched in 2013.

3.All Advocacy Captain positions in Colorado were filled by December 2014. Of our 12 Advocacy Captains in Colorado, 6 were appointed to their role after participating in a DatC event.

4.The 2013 DatC netted $512 in revenue for COSHRM. The 2016 event generated $3,000 in revenue!

5.In 2013, COSHRM obtained 5.5 business strategy HRCI credits; in 2016, we obtained 7.25 HRCI business credits as well as SHRM re-certification credits.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Enhancing the SHRM Community, State Council

Garden State Council - SHRM

College Student Chapter Integration

For years state councils and chapters have sponsored and supported student chapters at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

The Garden State Council - SHRM has moved beyond just tacit sponsorship and financial support of the college and university student chapters in our state to more active inclusion in the ongoing function of the Council and interaction with professional chapter members and leaders.  We provide opportunities for current undergraduate and graduate students to engage in leadership development activities alongside of professional HR members, to hone their presentation skills by introducing sessions at the annual state HR conference, share their experiences and thoughts at quarterly state council meetings, and continue their knowledge development by attending educational sessions at both the state leadership conference and the state HR conference.  We help them see a career path after college and speak to the value of professional chapter membership.  We actively try to build a pathway from student chapter to professional chapter membership.  With 30-40 student chapter members participating in the annual GSC-SHRM Leadership Conference, 50-75 students chapter members participating in the annual GSC-SHRM Conference, and two student chapter leaders attending and reporting at quarterly council meetings, the GSC-SHRM has moved beyond tacit support to active engagement.  We have seen professional chapter members engaging with student chapter members and leaders and attending events sponsored by the student chapters as well.  This crossover strengthens the ties between student chapter leaders and members and professional chapter members and leaders and ultimately strengthens the HR profession.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Serving the Professional, State Council

Human Resources State Council of New Hampshire

Diversity Workforce Coalition

The Diversity Workforce Coalition (DWC)was developed over a two-year period thanks to the selfless assistance of dedicated Board Members and professionals throughout the state.  The DWC has emerged as a central source of information and resources in all diversity and inclusion matters.

Our group’s primary purpose is to help organizations in our community recognize that diversity is more than just skin color.  Through education and programming our goal is to help organizations recognize diversity as the collective mixture of differences and similarities that include individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and behaviors, as defined by SHRM.

The DWC augments, supplements and enriches what SHRM defines and promotes as diversity, taking it to a level and implementation that is not possible from a national level.  The DWC takes the framework SHRM has developed and applies it to the community within which we live; we are able to drill down and examine the core requirements of our community in New Hampshire.  SHRM has laid out the framework; it is the local implementation that the DWC strives to achieve.


Indiana State Council of SHRM

Partnering with the Indiana BLN to Leverage Diversity Inclusion in Indiana

The Indiana State Council of SHRM (INSHRM) continues to make significant progress in working to address a significant statewide and nationwide issue, in a unique manner, in the field of HRM diversity, by partnering with The Indiana Business Leadership Network (INBLN) The INBLN was originally created through a State initiative using Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) funds. INBLN aims to increase employment of people with disabilities in Indiana by providing diversity solutions and training for businesses, often targeting business professionals in charge of recruiting and training.

When funding discontinued in 2012, INBLN’s existence was seriously threatened – its demise apparently imminent. At that time INSHRM enthusiastically assumed the role of carrying on the INBLN as a diversity initiative. INSHRM’s goals were: 1) create, support, and enhance a sustainable INBLN; 2) integrate BLN chapters throughout the state, and; 3) support diversity initiatives in SHRM chapters by developing and enhancing links to local INBLN chapters.

This year INSHRM achieved each goal in remarkable fashion. INSHRM dedicated funding and significant effort to save and enhance the organization, securing a sustainable and viable, business-led organization linked to HR practitioners and SHRM chapters throughout Indiana.  In 2016 the legally incorporated INBLN, Inc., after establishing by-laws and creating an impressive board of directors involving numerous major employers in Indiana, attained 501(c)(3) status. BLNs throughout Indiana are now part of one organization with consistent branding. SHRM chapters throughout Indiana are involved with INBLN chapters. Spearheaded by INSHRM, INBLN is not only forging ahead, it is achieving new heights.


Louisiana SHRM State Council

2016 Louisiana SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Summit

In 2015, the Louisiana SHRM State Council Diversity Director began looking at the current state of diversity and inclusion in Louisiana businesses and what the State Council was doing to support diversity and Inclusion in business.

Discussions were had with local Louisiana SHRM chapter leaders to get a pulse on businesses' diversity and inclusion initiatives.  We found that many chapters were unaware of any diversity and inclusion initiatives in their areas.  We also looked at diversity and inclusion programming being offered by other State Councils and SHRM chapters to see how they supported diversity and inclusion in business.  We found that most of the discussion revolved around compliance and very little was on inclusion.  Diversity and Inclusion has to be about more than compliance.  We also found that most of the programming offered on diversity revolved around race or gender only.  True diversity encompasses much more than just race or gender.

The Louisiana SHRM State Council, determined to rectify this, decided to host the inaugural Louisiana SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Summit in 2016.  The goal of the summit was to have a meaningful discussion about the current state of diversity and inclusion in Louisiana businesses; to understand the importance and value of diversity and inclusion in business; and learn best practices and strategies to improve diversity and inclusion in Louisiana by bringing together business leaders, human resource professionals, diversity practitioners, legal professionals and community leaders who will move the discussion from compliance and awareness to actions in diversity.



NYS SHRM Inner Circle

Joining the NYS SHRM Inner Circle allows SHRM national members who are not connected to a local chapter to stay connected to what is happening with SHRM in their state and stay updated through webinars, email blasts and posts about recent legislative changes that could impact them or there company.


Pennsylvania State Council of SHRM

Chapter of the Year Award

The Pennsylvania State Council of SHRM initiated their Chapter of the Year Awards program in 2012.  This program was created with the idea of getting funds back to chapters while also providing dollars for SHRM Foundation.  Pennsylvania State Council has been a SHRM Foundation Champion for many years and wanted to help chapters contribute more dollars to the Foundation.

This program enhances the SHRM Community on all levels.  The total award is $1,500.00.  There are two parts to the award.  One thousand dollars goes directly to the chapter to use in any manner they feel necessary such as pay for an highly recognized speaker who requires remuneration and they don’t have the budget for, professional development or for a project within their HR Community.  The remaining $500 is donated to the SHRM Foundation on behalf of the winning Chapter. 

Nominees must complete the Nomination Form of which Part One, the Quantitative Section, aligns with the SHRM SHAPE requirements and our State Council’s desire to continue to build engagement of the chapters. 

Part Two of the application asks chapters to provide Qualitative information regarding recruitment and membership retention strategies along with chapters’ efforts with their educational and programming opportunities.   

The PA SHRM Chapter of the Year Award provides the resources to “Enhance the SHRM Community”.  The Award highlights the key areas of Excellence in providing programs and services that support SHRM, meets members’ needs, furthers our State Council efforts, and supports the SHRM Foundation.


South Carolina SHRM State Council

South Carolina SHRM Council Partnership with Governor

When Governor Nikki Haley declared South Carolina would become an ACT Work Ready Community (WRC), members of the State SHRM Council knew it would take hard work and dedication to get the necessary partners in the business and education community to participate.  We  created a plan to educate the various sectors throughout the state, as well as to begin the adaptation of the ACT program within our own organizations.  The results of our efforts is most evident on the ACT Work Ready Communities Site which reflects our work -  South Carolina now has the most Work Read Certificates (NCRC) issued in the country.  Our business and education communities can now speak the same language as we address the work force gap.


Southeast Regional Council (Southeast State Councils)

Shape Our Future, HR Votes

The Southeast Region wanted to collaborate on a program or initiative around Get out the vote campaigns or advocacy.  Each state was allowed an opportunity to develop/tailor their program to meet their states needs. 

Initiatives kicked off in each state in July and will be finishing with the November elections.  Each state council is doing a program, event or toolkit around getting out the vote in their states.

This was a collaborative effort to make an impact on the 2016 elections and promote SHRM involvement in the political process.  Every state participated and worked together to develop their plans.

We are making an impact on our local communities and becoming the liaison to the local and state political leaders and the HR community.  We are showing the state that we are the pre-eminent HR knowledge base and counsel in our states.

We are also educating the HR community on election law changes, hot to vote, how to create policies in the workplace to allow employees to vote.

This has been a huge success and I envision each state working together on similar advocacy programs going forward.


Washington State Human Resources Council (WSHRC)
A Recipe for Success

In an effort to support Washington State chapters, the volunteer leaders and chapter members, WSHRC undertook an initiative to provide resources and tools that enhance their experience and helps them have a more meaningful impact on their local chapters. 

This initiative includes the following key components:

  1. Volunteer Leader Boot Camp.

This event is for chapter board members who are new to their role. Participants gain exposure to resources and tools, and network with other volunteer leaders to learn and exchange best practices.

  1. Go-To-Meeting/Webinar.

This resource enables volunteer leaders to more efficiently communicate with and engage members and prospective members.  Webinars can be recorded and made available on each chapter’s website, social media, and marketing communications. This tool allows chapters to take their member education efforts to the next level.

  1. Webinar in a Box,

A library of informational webinars that chapters use to more efficiently educate, communicate with, and engage members, and prospective members.  Each Webinar has all the information needed to secure SHRM PDCs & promote the webinar. This tool provides additional educational opportunities and, access to fresh speakers and topics that might not be available through more traditional channels.

  1. Chapter Resources & Speaker Database.

This webpage contains links to helpful information for volunteer leaders and the chapters we serve. These resources include recorded webinars (e.g., How to build an Engaged Community on LinkedIn, Best Practices on Chapter Financial Management), best practice documents, and a speaker database that allows chapters to collaborate regarding chapter programs.



Austin Human Resource Management Association

Fort Hood & AHRMA Workforce Readines Day: Bridging the Gap

Ft. Hood is one of the largest military installations in the world employing more than 38,000 soldiers and is located  northwest of Austin, Texas.  Though close in proximity, it has long been a challenge to employ veterans due to communication barriers between HR professionals, businesses and the veterans.

AHRMA’s Workforce Readiness Committee is bridging the communication gap with an innovative idea developed in collaboration with Ft. Hood to bring HR Professionals on the base to see and experience the Soldier For Life - Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP).  Their program’s mission is to successfully integrate soldiers, veterans and their families.

28 HR professionals participated in the program which included Army 101 and Career Readiness training and an on-site tour. 

Talent shortages and skills gaps are an increasing problem around the country, and the Austin area in particular.  Ft. Hood is experiencing more than 10,000 separations from service each year with more than 50% of those indicating they will stay in the area for desirable work. This initiative will provide a largely untapped talent pool in a highly competitive market to businesses without the high cost and time involved to recruit talent from other areas of the country.In addition to educating HR professionals, two additional outcomes resulted. AHRMA is now collaborating with Ft. Hood to promote their monthly mini career fairs where there are 800+ new veterans separating from service each month. One of the HR participant’s organizations has  agreed to partner with Ft. Hood to develop their own veteran hiring program.


Big Bend SHRM

Big Bend SHRM Grows and Serves its Members and Leades in the Community

 “Big Bend SHRM Grows and Serves its Members, and Leads in the Community” aligns perfectly with SHRM’s initiative of “Enhancing the SHRM Community”. This was accomplished by offering several new opportunities for our members to advance their professional growth and highlight the value of SHRM. 

To foster member engagement, retention and acquisition, these new initiatives are below:

  • 4 certified Master Series programs with national speakers

oThe attendance of the 2 now conducted is 140 members & community leaders

  • 2 certified Employment Law Training programs to promote the SHRM value in our Chapter & the Community

o50 attended the first held session and anticipating at least that number in the 2nd

  • Offering a web-ex attendance option to monthly membership meetings for the members unable to attend on site & still obtain the certification credit of the sessions
  • Launched March ‘16
  • Participation to date is 20

BBSHRM is continuing the effort to promote SHRM certification (started in 2015) by offering classes in 2016.  25 individuals have taken the certification classes & half have taken and passed the exam to become a SHRM certified professional.  Additionally, in 2016 a scholarship program was launched whereby offering scholarships.  

The above initiatives have been added to support the SHRM Community, & increase our membership of national SHRM members.  Our goal is to increase our membership by 15% over the 2015 growth rate of 12.33%.  Additionally, groundwork is being laid in 2016 to turn our 262 membership to a 100% Chapter.

Big Sky SHRM

Workforce Readiness & Diversity Affiliate

Over the last four years we have been growing our program into what it is today.  We starting thinking we would raise a little money for a local non-profit.  The program has grown to providing job readiness training for our community.

Our program is focused on promoting the HR profession while supporting our community.  We held socials in public venues to promote SHRM and the services our non-profit affiliate provide.  During our socials we raised funds and handed out our promotional materials. Through this program so far in 2016 we raised $250 to donate to our non-profit affiliate and held a class in which individuals from the non-profit could attend and learn about writing resumes and interviewing techniques.  We have raised awareness of our profession and provided some much needed resources in our community.

2016 Pinnacle Winner/Serving the Professional, Medium/Large Chapter

Bloomington Normal HR Council

Central IL HR Conference: Moving Your Workforce to the Next Level

There are many HR professionals in the Central Illinois community that do not regularly attend SHRM chapter meetings and each chapter affiliate offers a limited amount of opportunities for HR professionals to gain continuing education credits, forcing them to find other options.  These HR professionals don’t get the opportunity for training due to either not being able to find the time, too costly, or worthwhile training is too far away.  When this was discussed with other local chapter leaders, we identified a growing need to provide an accessible training opportunity with relevant high quality content for Central IL HR professionals.  Our goal was to provide an opportunity that was inexpensive, provided enough relevant certified HR training to be worthwhile, and most important, be local as well as a way to tie the Central IL HR community closer together.  Three local SHRM affiliate chapters in Central Illinois (Bloomington – Normal HR Council, Heart of Illinois HR Council, and the Central Illinois HR Group) decided to think “outside of the box” and collaborate together on a conference that would attract and engage HR professionals from the local area.  The goal was not to make money, it was to provide an inexpensive medium to educate HR professionals in the community to help elevate not only themselves, but their organization to the next level.  The conference was a success, which attracted 170 attendees and 12 sponsors from local and national companies at a reasonable rate of $25 for 5 hours of certified training.

2016 Pinnacle Winner/Serving the Professional, Small Chapter

Central Maine Human Resource Association

HR Thursdays

HR Thursdays, a partnership between the Central Maine Human Resource Association, the Maine CareerCenters (America’s Job Center), and the LA Metro Chamber of Commerce, were developed to offer employers resources and tools to combat the effects of the labor shortage.  Workshops in the HR Thursday series were designed to help businesses create meaningful recruitment, training, and retention strategies. In addition, the HR Thursdays increased access to programming for the local HR community, hiring managers, and business leaders; the three partners worked together to increase visibility of each organization and to raise awareness of critical conversations around recruitment, retention and training.  HR Thursdays ensured opportunities for participants to gain information needed to survive the labor shortage while giving tangible, and usable, tools and resources.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Advancing the Profession, Medium/Large Chapter

Central Valley Human Resources Management Association

Veterans Job Fair

Our Initiative was to create and implement a Veterans Job Fair.  In collaboration with the Stanislaus County Business Alliance and Congressman Jeff Denham, our Chapter hosted an employers social the evening before the job fair to recognize those employers that are Veteran Friendly and to thank them for their participation in the job fair.  We had a goal of 50 employers to attend.  We surpassed our goal by 20% and had 60 employers that were actively hiring. 

Our goal was to reach 600 job seekers with 5-7% of them being Veterans.  We reached 750 job seekers with 76, or 10%, of them being Veterans. 

The purpose of this approach was to connect employers with the dedicated men and women that have served our Country.   

Veterans bring a set of solid work skills.  We need to educate employers on what those skills are and how they translate.  In addition, we need to empower and educate our veterans to feel confident and present their accomplishments.  Especially surrounding teamwork, leadership, budgeting, work ethic and discipline. 

This job fair, held on April 6, 2016 brought these two together.  As a Veteran himself Congressman Denham had a unique perspective to offer and the employers listened. 

We feel our innovative all inclusive approach to getting Veterans hired is commendable and should be recognized by SHRM as an approach that works.

2016 Pinnacle Winner/Advancing the Profession, Mega/SuperMega Chapter

Chicago SHRM

Social Media Stewards

As HR leaders, our goal is to activate and engage other HR leaders, not only members of Chicago SHRM, but non-members in the HR community as well. We strive to spread awareness for the brand and to help educate HR professionals on what’s happening in the field. One way Chicago SHRM has done this successfully is through social media. Social media has allowed Chicago SHRM to engage with members in a new, engaging way, to deliver original content, and to connect with HR professionals who haven’t yet interacted with the brand or don’t understand the benefits of Chicago SHRM. Through innovative campaigns and active social media management, Chicago SHRM has seen an increase in member and non-member involvement on social media, an increase in traffic to the Chicago SHRM website and has identified a new way to engage members and start a dialogue around some of the issues facing HR professionals today.

Chippewa Valley SHRM (CVSHRM) Chapter

Leadership Series: Developing Business Leaders in all Departments

The Leadership Series excels in the category of “Advancing the HR Profession” in that it increased business partner awareness of the critical role that human resources and human resources-related functions play within the workplace. The program validated that professionals in Human Resources are deserve  “a seat at the leadership table.”

Chippewa Valley SHRM developed a Leadership Series program that included a series of topics that HR professionals know are vital to the success of an organization. This program provided training to not only HR professionals, but their leaders to effectively deliver business results.  Our members could select leaders that were in need of leadership development or that they wanted to increase rapport with and bring them to this event. By having the leader hear the content directly from a subject matter expert rather than their HR professional, they not only received valid content, but were able to verify that the strategy and knowledge HR professionals bring to the business is valuable.

Our members and their leader guests viewed our series as an excellent, low cost means to deliver training that was needed to both HR and their leaders within an organization. This program series increased the awareness of the importance of human resources functions and reinforced how working closely with human resources can benefit business partner leaders.

2016 Pinnacle Winner/Enhancing the SHRM Community, Small Chapter

Cullman Area SHRM

CSHRM Human Resource and Management Team Workshop

The Cullman Area SHRM created the Human Resources and Management Team Workshop to help chapter members and local HR professionals in the area have access to information to help further their knowledge and develop their skill in the HR field. The workshop allowed our chapter to reach potential members in the local community and share the benefits of local and national SHRM membership. Students from the local college where the workshop was held were able to attend the workshop with their professors as well. CSHRM hopes to start a student chapter at the college in the near future. By allowing students the opportunity to network with local employers at the workshop, recognition of our chapter name increased on campus. 

The workshop also served as a platform to shed light on the work of the SHRM Foundation and our local United Way. Due to the success of the workshop, our chapter was able to donate $2,000 to each of these charitable organizations. The workshop allowed our chapter the opportunity to make a donation to our local United Way for the first time and the ability to increase our previous year’s donation to the SHRM Foundation by over 1800 percent.

The feedback received from members and attendees of the workshop has encouraged us to host the workshop again this year.  Our chapter is excited to participate and grow the reach of the workshop, to continue to gain new membership, and increase our donations to the SHRM Foundation and local United Way.


Leadership LINKS

DallasHR is proud to submit our application for the 2016 Pinnacle Award.  Our program, “Leadership LINKS”, began in 2014 when our board determined there was a need to better prepare our volunteer leaders for service. LINKS (Lead, Inspire, Network, Knowledge, Share), is designed to equip our volunteer leaders to be higher-functioning leaders, within both DallasHR and their companies, by helping to build and expand key leadership competencies.

In 2015 DallasHR launched LINKS, leadership development program for our current and high potential leaders.  Candidates apply to end LINKS and are selected because they exemplify the eight leadership values identified to be key to success as a leader within the DallasHR structure.  The eight qualities are Integrity and Honest, Competence, Authenticity, Inspiration, Momentum, Courage, Servant Leadership and Excellence

Prior to the start of classes, each participant completes a “Work of Leaders” profile, which provides individualized feedback on their leadership style and their strengths and development needs within the areas of creating a vision, aligning their team and championing execution of their vision.

The program is delivered for two hours per day over six months with a specific module each month:

Upon conclusion of the program, a graduation celebration is held to include a reception and presentation of completion certificates.


El Paso Society for Human Resources Management

Young Professionals from A-Z

The chapter assisted young professionals at University of Texas El Paso with resume writing, interview preparation, dinner etiquette and a fashion show to provide all the necessary basics of entering the business word.  The chapter also partnered with Region 19, local school districts, University of Phoenix, and Fort Bliss with resume writing, interview preparation, job fairs, and Microsoft Certification.

Elizabethtown Society for Human Resource Management

ESHRM "Hardin County's HR Volunteer Business Partner"

ESHRM recognizes the gap between applicants knowing what HR people want to see in a resume, interview and follow up and just how little some applicants don't know about it.  Therefore, we saw an opportunity in a low unemployment environment along with a high veteran job seeking community to offer our assistance to "bridge" that gap and ever since we started we are in high demand.  Feedback has been positive and we have become a better known volunteer community resource that our community knows they can count on for HR expertise and assistance when needed.

Evansville Area Human Resources Accociation

EHRA Certification Scholarship

The Evansville Area Human Resources Association started a Certification Scholarship Program.  The design is similar to SHRM's Certification Scholarships in the sense that we offered two $750 scholarships for professional members who wish to take the SHRM Learning System and sit for a certification exam.  We offered the scholarships to all members in good standing who wish to become certified.  As a board, we gathered all information needed and implemented the scholarship in a short period of time to enable members to enroll in this fall's Learning System.  We felt this was a great step in encouraging and enabling HR professionals to enhance their knowledge, professional careers, and the profession.

Fort Worth Human Resources Management Association

Leveraging Partnerships to Advance the Profession

In 2015, FWHRMA Board members conducted face-to-face interviews with the CHRO’s of major Fort Worth employers. 

We learned that many CHROs were unaware of FWHRMA’s existence.

If the seniormost HR professionals in our community were unaware of FWHRMA, how could we hope to raise awareness of the vital role HR professionals fulfill in the modern economy?

Our Board tackled this challenge during our 2016 strategic planning process.

We developed a strategy to raise our community’s awareness of the importance of the HR role and FWHRMA and SHRM’s value as knowledge and network resources.

We set SMART goals for our 2016 community outreach campaign and published a monthly dashboard measuring each Board member’s progress in attaining our year-end goals.

Our success has been transformational. 

  • We invited local nonprofits working with diverse candidates to speak at our monthly meetings and developed our community’s first Diversity Directory;
  • Collaborating with a local university, we hosted an HR conference benefitting the SHRM Student Chapter;
  • With FW, INC. (a magazine for business leaders), we are sponsoring the inagural “Best Companies to Work for in Fort Worth” competition and our members author HR-related articles;
  • We partnered with local non-profits to offer our members community-service opportunities;
  • Our members are providing the City of Fort Worth with subject-matter expertise;
  • New relationships have been created with the BBB, the Fort Worth Chamber, and other community stakeholders.

FWHRMA is advancing the HR profession by creating awareness and engaging with our greater community to become the “Voice of HR in Fort Worth”.

Great Plains SHRM Chapter

Remote Broadcast of HR Programs to small OK metro communities

While Oklahoma hosts several large metropolitan cities, the majority of the state is home to smaller towns and communities.  Wanting to provide resources to all of southwest Oklahoma, the Great Plains SHRM chapter acts an advocate on the most critical issues faced by our businesses and HR professionals.  Our mission is to facilitate partnerships between local HR professionals, provide a community of shared HR experiences, help find innovative HR solutions, and provide leadership, education, and research to HR practitioners. While we are a small chapter, we serve 3 additional communities in Southwest Oklahoma, including Altus, Fort Cobb, & Duncan, each approximately 45 miles west, northwest, and east respectively of Lawton, OK.  In 2016, Fort Cobb became the newest addition to our broadcasting locations and we have begun the process of expanding north to additional smaller cities.  Each month our chapter broadcasts our programs live to these three sites, allowing for professional networking and continued education. This initiative allows HR professionals to learn, interact, and seek feedback from program presenters as well as to connect with other HR professionals without leaving their communities.  Since the start of this initiative – we have seen steady growth in membership (up by 26% in 2016) and an increase in chapter attendance (up on average by 40% each month).

Greenville SHRM

Addressing Bias to Support a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

The primary issue faced by employers in the Greenville, South Carolina area is finding the talent to fill employment needs. Though this topic has been discussed among employers, government, and economic developers countless times over several years, the problem persists. Greenville SHRM’s Workforce Readiness Council and Diversity & Inclusion Committee resolved to examine measures that corporate leaders and HR professionals can take to approach this problem differently. Through research and ongoing discussion, these committees discovered that employers’ unconscious bias was a likely limiting factor. Greenville SHRM took action to educate community leaders and chapter members on the unintentional effects of unconscious bias while providing diversity and inclusion resources to implement change within local organizations.  The chapter presented or co-sponsored educational workshops, leadership discussions, small group discussions, and recognition events which were / are projected to be attended by over 750 people within the past year and a half of coordinated efforts. We revised our Workforce Readiness Guide and brought in local and national experts to help members understand the ins and outs of successfully hiring a diverse workforce including people with disabilities, people with criminal backgrounds, and others in our community that seek employment opportunity or seek to grow their small businesses. Based on attendee feedback survey measurements, we’ve improved awareness of the effects of unconscious bias and inspired change in human resource practice as a result of this campaign. The partnerships we’ve established will continue to thrive as we work together toward a more inclusive and diverse employment community.

Howard County Human Resources Society

Got Growth? HR Essentials for Your Growing Small Business

The Howard County Human Resources Society (HoCoHRS) is an active community partner serving as a point of contact for HR expertise, leadership and professional development, and business networking. One of HoCoHRS' primary goals is to provide HR services and support to those community businesses without a traditional HR department available--no HR dedicated staff members, or a lone HR staff member--to support them in their efforts toward success in growing their business. While monthly business meetings and occasional after work social events assist in the endeavors to support community businesses, HoCoHRS recognized the need to provide the community of 700+ businesses with an extended, affordable professional development opportunity to learn how HR can be a strategic partner toward growing a successful organization, no matter what the size. While there are many opportunities for HR professionals to obtain knowledge building in settings geared for the HR professional, HoCoHRS found a way to extend its support and expertise in a setting that would make sense for small and growing businesses.  HoCoHRS knew it has to make sense for businesses to take time from day-to-day operations to participate in HR learnings—thus the idea for “Got Growth? HR Essentials for Growing Your Small Business” was born, to show how businesses could thrive or grow with the help of capitalizing on staff strengths, understanding HR legalities, and finding community support through a local, professional event sponsored by an organization that understands the community' s unique business climate.

HR Collier

Insight From The C-Suite

HR Collier is proud to have presented our First Annual “Insight from the C-Suite” program during August and September 2016. This initiative was borne out of the oft-repeated need for HR professionals to be a strategic business partner while continuing to support and lead HR functions.  When SHRM introduced their Competency Model in 2014, ‘Business Acumen’ was identified as one of the nine competencies needed to be a successful HR professional. Yet HR professionals have heard time and again that their knowledge of integral business functions outside of HR is lacking. SHRM’s Competency Model states that HR professionals need to demonstrate “the ability to understand and apply information to contribute to the organization’s strategic plan”.  As HR professionals progress in their career, the need to think broadly and strategically across and outside their organization increases. “Insight from the C-Suite” was conceived because of this need.

“Insight from the C-Suite” consisted of two elements: a moderated C-Suite panel followed by a  financial workshop.  The objectives of the moderated panel (“Part One”) were to understand what competencies are important to C-Suite executives, identify strategies to increase these competencies, and to answer submitted chapter member questions.  Objectives of the “Understanding Budgeting for HR Professionals” workshop (“Part Two”) were to provide knowledge of budget fundamentals, including structure/impact of HR budgets and the ability to evaluate a company’s financial standing. This program’s success was measured by direct member/attendee feedback via survey; 75% of respondents rated the program as “Excellent”.

HR Houston

Delivering Knowledge, Relationships and Solutions

HR Houston’s Board of Directors’ Retreat 2013:  Speaker, Robert E. Hall, author of This Land of Strangers: The Relationship Crisis that Imperils Home, Work, Politics & Faith, impressed the Board with the significance of engaging members by developing and strengthening relationships. With 1,900 members in a metropolitan area of +2,500 sq mi, the Board developed a strategic decision to incorporate opportunities to build relationships at every level of chapter operations. HR Houston would focus on Delivering Knowledge, Relationships and Solutions.

Our approach to the project was to create a process to deliver the sought-after results that could be replicated throughout the organization. The Symposium committee, charged with delivering our annual conference, seemed the best place to test our concept and produce measurable results.

Employees at a member’s company inspired us with a video that was very engaging. We launched our process as an adaptation of the Robin Thicke’s, Blurred Lines, starring the Symposium committee that culminated in a conference flash mob. Other committees were invited to participate. The Symposium committee led practices at other committees’ meetings—producing opportunities to get acquainted and develop friendships.

The project was highly successful. June 2014 video metrics on YouTube showed 17,187 views. Symposium attendance increased 10.5% to 1,601. Membership grew by 10%, and more importantly, our retention rate increased from 67% (EOY 2013) to 79% (EOY 2014).

Would a video project continue to produce such positive metrics? Was HR Houston delivering on Knowledge, Relationships and Solutions? Subsequent years would tell the story.

HR Tampa

HR Tampa Veterans' Initiative

A void needed to be filled in the Tampa Bay Community: Helping soldiers navigate their way from their military career into a successful civilian career.

As we began this Initiative, the goal was quite simple.

1) To promote HR Tampa’s presence as a community leader to both the military and civilian audiences; 2) To identify, and partner with, veteran-friendly organizations and 3) To establish an organized infrastructure in order to maintain these partnerships in the years ahead.HR Tampa's Veterans' Initiative has provided a myriad of opportunities for the HR professional to serve the military community whether on or off-base, whether in job fairs, networking events or through social media and electronic communication. 

To date:

  • HR Tampa volunteers provided assistance to over 300 military personnel with resume review, job search techniques, skills translation, etc., either in person, electronically, or through speaking engagements
  • HR Tampa volunteers attended over 20 veteran-related events to promote HR Tampa’s Veteran Initiative
  • Monthly meetings/conference calls were established in order to discuss Initiative goals and objectives while developing the leadership team.
  • The creation of an ever increasing network of over 30 veteran-friendly organizations
  • Observance of US Air Force Color Guard Presentation of Colors during May “Memorial Day” monthly breakfast with over 10 unemployed veterans in participation with resumes seeking assistance from HR professionals

HRAM - The Human Resource Association of the Midlands

Diversity Symposiums: Understanding the Community, Changing the Way We Work

In today's tumultuous economic and social climate, understanding the differences between individuals is essential.  Between "black lives matter" movements to transgender bathroom debates, "diversity" encompasses so much more than black vs. white, or male vs. female. Now, more than ever, communities need to come together to learn about and celebrate our differences.

For this reason, HRAM's Diversity Committee launched free community Diversity Symposiums to educate HR professionals on diversity and inclusion, as well as to build change within the Omaha community.

The goal of the Symposiums, which are open to the public, is to create comprehensive thought-provoking educational programming that stretches what diversity looks like in the workplace and the community, and to illustrate that communities made up of individuals with diverse qualities, experiences and even work styles tend to have a richer set of ideas, perspectives and approaches to social and business matters.

The fundamental core of the community Diversity Symposiums is that our individual differences are what make us better in the workplace and community.

Through creative programming, outstanding speakers, and the willingness of the audience to think differently, we have begun to effect change in the community.  In addition to making the programs free, and seeing a significant number of attendees who are not HR professionals, HRAM also records each of the presentations and makes them available, at no cost, on its YouTube channel.

By offering insightful and meaningful diversity programming to the community we don't just change the way we work, but the way we live.

Human Resource  Management Association of New Mexico

Employee ABQ

Employee ABQ strategically targets local non-profits supporting men and women in dire need of employment who have found themselves in a homeless situation. We believe that when a person becomes employed they begin a journey to become their best version of themselves.

We currently support two local non-profits in ABQ.  We are brought in on an as needed basis to share our two hour program.

We begin each session in a discussion format where all participate and have valued input, HR folks and attendees alike.

     Filling out an Application

     Resume development

     Telephone interviewing

     Dress for Success (for the



     Following up on an interview

Each person leaves with a resume on a thumb drive and handouts of the session. We also provide some type of refreshments at each session.   

The program can be adapted to any size group. We have worked with 3-10. In total, we have supported 53 people.

We collect professional clothing for both men and women at our monthly luncheons. This is an on going donation program for both of the organizations we support.

Our why, is that we believe using our expertise to share "insider information" on how to navigate through employment application to the fulfillment of a job will grow better people in those finding employment and those helping them to do so. Win, win!

This program allows for all of our members that choose, to be involved!

Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut (HRACC)

30 Years of Empowering HR Professionals in Central Connecticut

For many years, HRACC has worked diligently to further the education and support the professional development of human resources professionals in our community.

Our Professional HR Certificate is a series of five classes, each with 18 hours of instruction on core competencies in HR, along with a 6th capstone class for certificate completion. 

The HR Certification program prepares students to take the certification exam, utilizing the SHRM Learning System. 

All the classes are staffed by HRACC chapter members.  HRACC promotes the classes, develops the curriculum for the certificate program, and advertises them to our membership. 

Recently, the programs lost their impact after our university partner of 17 years stopped investing resources in our program. Student enrollment declined, and along with budget restraints and lack of university personnel committed to facilitate and market the programs, these once-successful programs were in trouble. 

Our initiative was to revitalize the programs with a new educational institution. In 2015, over the course of 6 months, an 8-member advisory board conducted extensive research on a collection of potential partnerships.  All aspects of the entire program were put under scrutiny to determine whether our HR classes were still viable. 

In the fall of 2015, we kicked off our revitalized programs with Central Connecticut State University, and are thrilled with the results. We’ve met our primary goal to serve the greater HR community, increased visibility to our chapter as well as to SHRM and exceeded our revenue expectations.

This is the story of our journey back to success.

Human Resources Association of Central Ohio

2nd Annual - Central Ohio Veterans Advocate Forum and Job Fair

The Human Resources Association of Central Ohio (HRACO) partnered again in 2016 with Fortune 22 company, Cardinal Health, for the 2nd Annual – Central Ohio Veterans Advocate Forum and Job Fair.  This initiative seeks to ‘Advance the HR Profession’ through veteran awareness and outreach.  Both organizations saw community focus being placed on hiring veterans through the typical job fair, but did not see similar effort to educate local employers to better understand the value, leadership and unique skill sets veterans and their spouses/partners bring to the workplace.

HRACO and Cardinal Health partnered together to bring local employers an education forum to increase veteran awareness, and followed that with a successful hiring event targeted at veterans returning to the workforce, all AT NO CHARGE to the employers, veterans, and their spouses/partners.  This year we enhanced the event to add a military spouse/partner panel during the education forum which helped employers understand the struggles military spouses/partners face when looking for work after each move or deployment.  Spouses/partners were also able to attend the job fair.

The success of the Central Ohio Veteran Advocates Forum and Job Fair speaks for itself by continuing to increase participation in the morning education forum and afternoon job fair for a second year.  It also continues to be a “win-win” event, offering a community outreach program based on the needs identified by HRACO’s Workforce Readiness Committee and partner organization, Cardinal Health. The event continues to educate local employers, prepare a local workforce, and help veterans find jobs!

Human Resources Management Association of Central Massachusetts

Serving Our Veterans: Job Fair Preparation "Boot Camp"

On October 26, 2016, HRMA of Central Massachusetts’ Workforce Readiness Committee partnered with Workforce Central Career Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, to present a “boot camp” workshop to veterans to provide tips on preparing for an upcoming job fair in November 2016, sponsored by Workforce Central.  A panel of HR professionals from our Chapter spoke on topics such as creating a resume, preparing for an interview, responding to behavioral interview questions, and researching a prospective employer.  The workshop was very interactive, and attendees were encouraged to ask questions of the panel.  There was significant discussion about what skills are important to civilian employers, and how skills gained in the military can be transferred successfully to civilian employment.  Following the panel discussion, the veterans in attendance had the opportunity to meet with an HR professional one-on-one to review their resume and/or ask more specific job search-related questions.  Several weeks after the workshop, HRMA member companies joined with other local employers at a Workforce Central-sponsored job fair for veterans.

The feedback received from the veterans who attended the workshop was very positive.  They appreciated the opportunity to ask questions in a “safe” environment, and gaining a better understanding of the recruiting process in civilian companies allowed them to feel more confident and be better prepared for interviews. Several job candidates did find work through the ensuing job fair. We hope to be able to make this an annual event, and hope to solicit the assistance of even greater numbers of Chapter volunteer participants.

Jayhawk SHRM

HR Aces

Members of the Jayhawk SHRM chapter have been recruited to local non-profit boards because of their respective HR expertise. The board saw this is as an opportunity to meet the needs of the local non-profit boards and for our members to grow professionally. The goal of the HR Aces initiative is:

1)Provide members with skill development opportunities—ones to which they may not have day-to-day exposure due to the scope of their existing duties, and

2)Provide non-profits with more consistent, formalized HR support on a broader basis so that non-profits who may not have as savvy governance boards could access HR expertise in the same way that more savvy non-profits had been recruiting for this skill set.

The need in the non-profit community to access excellent HR resources is profound. Most of the local non-profits have less than five employees and operate with less than a $750,000 budget.

This initiative provided opportunities for our members to practice new skills through short and long time commitments. Opportunities are available for our more seasoned HR professionals as well as entry level HR professionals.

In addition, the chapter could be seen by the community as “the go-to resource for HR information.”

Lehigh Valley Chapter of SHRM

Linking Employment Activities Pre-release (LEAP)

The Linking Employment Activities Pre-release Project (LEAP) provides soon-to-be-released inmates from the Northampton County Jail in Pennsylvania with job readiness training while still incarcerated, and provides a clear pathway for the participants to the community-based American Job Center (AJC) called PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley when released.  The goal of the LEAP Project is to help participants successfully reenter the community, find employment and ultimately reduce recidivism rates, resulting in safer communities and reducing costs to taxpayers.  The key component of the project is the creation of the LEAP Center, an AJC located right inside the Northampton County Jail that is operated by, and integrated with, PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley under the governance of the Lehigh Valley Workforce Development Board (LVWDB).  LEAP addresses the comprehensive needs of this targeted population which includes case management, instruction on job readiness skills geared specifically to job seekers with criminal histories, mentoring, wraparound supports, basic computer skills, career exploration, job readiness and job placement.   The LVWDB and its workforce system called PA CareerLink® Lehigh Valley are partnering with SHRM Lehigh Valley to engage its members to participate in mentoring activities with LEAP participants, conduct workshops on job preparation techniques, provide one-on-one personalized assistance, and provide on-site subject matter experts at the LEAP Center on a rotating basis.  This partnership exhibits the true integration between SHRM Lehigh Valley and the LVWDB workforce system.


Louisville Society for Human Resource Management

Bridging the Talent Gap

Over the past few years, Greater Louisville has experienced record low unemployment rates. The pressure for businesses to find and retain talent is more intense than ever. Additionally, state and local lawmakers and civic leaders in workforce, education, and economic development had begun to tap LSHRM leadership to understand the talent alignment gaps of HR professionals and businesses to ensure that Greater Louisville is positioned for continued growth. Most often, research conducted to understand talent alignment is completed at a national level, or is not completed by an HR Professional.

Our community was hungry for LSHRM to lead a hyperlocal workforce alignment study that targeted the input of HR, and resulted in quick action. The survey touched over 260 businesses, and LSHRM has subsequently become a trusted advisor and influencer in the workforce development planning of our communities, and state as a whole. Additionally, the ability for our chapter to contribute to the workforce and economic wellbeing of our city has grown, and this project is now driving talent alignment initiatives throughout Kentucky. Lastly, because this initiative and its results have been so well-received, Bridging the Talent Gap is now in early discussions to spread to the entire state of Kentucky and four other communities in the United States.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Enhancing the SHRM Community, Medium/Large Chapter

Lubbock SHRM

Young Professionals Recruitment and Engagement

The Young Professionals Recruitment and Engagement initiative was designed to allow us to focus on the next generation of Human Resources professionals that were either actively in a higher education setting or recent graduates. We created a pipeline of future HR leaders that are strong and well-versed in all HR competencies to support the HR function in our local business community. The students became aware of the incredible need for them in our businesses, community, chapter and future. We made sure the young professionals knew that we were in their corner. We encouraged them to share their wants, needs and dreams. We worked hard to meet their needs and helped to achieve their ambitions through education, networking, internships and employment opportunities.  This initiative allowed SHRM's brand to be immersed in the young professional body. The Texas Tech University Student SHRM chapter became the premier student organization to join on campus. Some students changed their degree plan to pursue HR as a result of being a part of the student chapter. The full effects were not seen for almost two years but the intentional and intensive support given to the initiative paid off. The Lubbock SHRM Chapter and the Lubbock community are stronger as a result.


Metro Milwaukee SHRM

Program Realignment Leads to Improved Membership Experience and Professional Relationships

Over the past 18 months, Metro Milwaukee SHRM has realigned its Special Interest Groups and its monthly programming, opening up dozens of new educational opportunities to members and making room for an additional full-day educational program and partnership opportunities with other HR-related organizations in Metro Milwaukee. 

The chapter has seven active Special Interest Groups and each now makes its monthly programming available to the entirety of the membership, whereas in the past, only one of its programs was promoted to the full membership while the balance (8-9 additional programs each year) were promoted only to members of that Special Interest Group.

The result is that members now have full access to more than 70 programs each year that are free of charge.  The response has been positive and resulted in greater membership retention that accounted for a net increase in members since the change was made. Additionally, this is a strong benefit to advance with prospective members, making their dues investment a better value than ever before.

With Special Interest Groups focused on their programs, there was an opportunity for the Board of Directors to look to promote partner programs each month rather than promoting Special Interest Group programs.  Because of this, we have introduced new educational and networking events with groups such as NAAAHR, ATD, ASIS, and an annual "HR Night" with the Milwaukee Bucks that encouraging networking in the profession and promotes HR in the wider community.


Miami Valley Human Resource Association

Job Shadowing Program

In 2016, the College Relations Committee of MVHRA built upon the success of the first chapter-sponsored job shadowing program which was held in 2015.  During the first year, 12 college students pursuing HR or other related degrees participated in the job shadowing program.  Based on feedback provided by MVHRA member hosts and student participants, there were many lessons learned during the first year. In the interest of continuous improvement, many of the recommendations made by both MVHRA member hosts and students were incorporated into the 2016 program.  For the second year of the program the participation level almost doubled with 22 students participating in the 2016 program.


Michiana Chapter of SHRM

Professional Workshop Series

In late 2015, the Michiana Chapter of SHRM launched the Professional Workshop Series in partnership with local law firm LaDue, Curran & Kuehn LLC, in an effort to engage more HR professionals – particularly those who couldn’t leave their desks during the day – in ongoing, in-depth education on key topics from the SHRM Competency Model. Participants’ knowledge on workshop topics was measurably increased - on average 72% so far – by the use of pre- and post-instruction quizzes. The number of recertification credits offered by the Chapter has increased 100% since we started this workshop series, and they have become an additional source of revenue for our chapter. By increasing the number of programs we sponsor in a year, we’ve also enhanced our reputation as the premier resource for HR professionals in our community. In short, we have effectively addressed the “3 Rs” with this program – Reputation, Recertification and Revenue.


Mid-Florida SHRM

Mastermind Groups

Mid-Florida SHRM board decided strengthen their ties to SHRM, and to be proactive ambassadors to showcase how involvement with SHRM nationally and locally were valuable to members, specifically that they can best advance their own development and the profession through SHRM involvement. The board was determined to provide additional exclusive member benefits, and to design programs to meet our members needs. One of the ways we optimized this was through the establishment of mastermind groups, something we had not seen utilized in Human Resources.  We developed an extensive handbook and procedures to ensure confidentiality and accountability and appointed a board member as mastermind coordinator to coach facilitators on how to conduct these groups to achieve the most value. Members meet regularly to discuss real-time HR issues. They attest to recognizing huge benefits of such dynamic interaction. Because these groups are established through Mid-Florida SHRM, the value of belonging to the group and thereby being able to access the wisdom and interaction of other HR professionals is keenly recognized. We attribute this value added, among other things directed at assisting HR professionals, to the fact that in 2015, we INCREASED our membership by an extraordinary 25.74% in a single year, achieved a SHRM-national affiliation rate of 91.61%, moved approximately 93% of our certified membership through the pathway to the new SHRM certifications, and by the end of the year had unanimously voted to become a 100% chapter. Since transitioning to a 100% Chapter, we have seen double digit growth to date.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Serving the Professional, Mega/SuperMega Chapter

Mile High SHRM

2016 HRYP Conference – Professional Networking – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - #WorkItYP

For the third year in a row, MH-SHRM hosted a day of learning and networking at the HR Young Professionals conference in a dynamic and fast-paced forum providing development opportunities to the young HR professionals in Denver. Topics and speakers focused on creating a strong, forward-thinking blueprint to achieve a long and successful career in HR. At the conference, numerous, dynamic speakers were featured in a fast-paced format, referred to as “Spark,” providing relevant but quick information to create curiosity, a panel of experts and a keynote presentation. Participants were encouraged to contribute with questions via Twitter, with presentations captured on video for future marketing promotions and bite-sized learning for current chapter members.  A new “Join and Go” option to assist young professionals interested in joining MH-SHRM was added and resulted in 32 new members. This was very encouraging and resulted in utilizing this type of promotion with other chapter events.  The registration fee, only $59, included all presentations, recertification credits and a ticket to the Rockies evening baseball game.  Registration revenue surpassed the prior year’s conference by $2,000 with 136 attendees.  The HRYP conference will continue as an educational programming event based not only on the attendance but the favorable feedback received from both attendees and resource partners.  This program has produced significant results above and beyond any expectations, and has enabled MH-SHRM to meet key success metrics, including engagement of an unrepresented member demographic, education delivered in a unique and fresh format, and an increase in chapter membership.


New Orleans, Louisiana affiliate of SHRM (NOLA SHRM)

Building Your HR Bench #HIREANINTERN

In 2014, the NOLA SHRM President initiated the idea to create an internship program to provide local students with valuable working experience in Human Resources, similar to the experience he had as a young HR intern.  In addition, a stipend was created to offer financial resources to employers who may not have the ability to afford a paid intern. 

The program was launched in the spring of 2015 in partnership with the University of New Orleans and their existing Link the Internship to Future Employment (L.I.F.E.) Internship Program.  UNO provided the access to potential interns and NOLA SHRM provided two stipends per semester to members.  The stipend was awarded to the first two NOLA SHRM members to apply to the program and interview and select an intern for the semester.  Additional members who were interested in interns but did not need the stipend were also able to hire interns through the program. 

Since 2015, six stipends have been awarded and over ten interns have been placed through NOLA SHRM members into local businesses.  The impact to the interns has been positive as one of the first interns was hired on full time at the conclusion of her internship program.  Employer testimonials have encouraged other members to apply for an intern and the demand is growing!  NOLA SHRM is committed to sustaining this stipend program to provide a pipeline of talent to members and community businesses, as well as provide valuable hands-on training to the future employees and leaders of HR.



5 Business Acumen Hacks for 2016

Our 2016 Certification Chair developed a program for our membership whereby members can attend competency-focused, low cost workshops providing recertification credits.  The purpose was to target those with current certifications who struggle to obtain their required recertification credits while operating within a limited training and/or travel budget.  By utilizing efficiencies, we are able to charge $45 per 2-hour workshop, or less, and generate a small revenue stream for our chapter. Our efficiencies include piggy-backing onto our already paid for meeting room, immediately following the monthly membership meeting.


Nonprofit Human Resource Alliance Program

FVSHRM Nonprofit Human Resource Alliance Program

As employment law continues to change, not only do Human Resource professionals need to be up to date but leaders of non-profits also need to ensure that they are within proper standards to ensure compliance.  In most cases, the Human Resource function is coordinated by an Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, or Office Manager who has not been properly educated in the profession.  Also in some cases they do not have a HR professional on their board of directors. 

To help ensure that FVSHRM is viewed as the leading resource for the Human Resource profession in our area, the Fox Valley SHRM Nonprofit Human Resource Alliance Program provides those business professionals that do the work of a Human Resource professional in the non-profit sector a resource to be successful in that work.


North Alabama Society for Human Resource Managment

Youth Career Training & Competition

HR is more than just solving today's problems, it's about seeing and solving the problems of tomorrow's workforce as well. Research shows that financial wellness has a critical link to employee performance. The program developed by NASHRM is intended to reach the next generation of workers, setting them up for success in every sense of the word.


Northwest Arizona HRA

Inviting Businesses to the HR Table

About two years ago, the NWARHA board discussed the noticeable disconnect between the small group of large businesses we were serving year after year, and those smaller businesses who were doing their best to be competitive with their limited resources.  At that time, the board committed to trying to educate those smaller companies to help them understand the strategic benefit to adding HR knowledge to their tool kit.  For the past year, we have been diligent about inviting those businesses to come to the table and to allow us to be a resource to them. 

It has not been an straight or simple path, and we've had to make several changes in course and strategy, but we are beginning to see more and more of those businesses reaching out, including hearing such comments as, "I had no idea this group was going on."

Most recently, we've had a big win with our Kingman Chamber of Commerce in securing a collaborative partnership, including an invitation to have a NWAHRA member be a representative on the Workforce Development Committee. 

We are excited by the invitation to their table and hope to continue to advance the HR profession by being positive representation of all that is good in HR.


Pittsburgh HRA

Engaging Pittsburgh

For over a decade, PHRA has showcased efforts that have made a difference for employers and employees across the region by sharing lessons learned.  In an effort to spread engagement through the region PHRA created an engagement campaign for 2014-2016.  The campaign was designed to motivate and inspire leadership in the region to consider and employ employee-centered work practices.   Based on the overwhelming response to the program, Engaging Pittsburgh has led to increased business community awareness of high-performance human capital practices and has fostered the replication of model initiatives within over 140 organizations.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Enhancing the SHRM Community, Mega/SuperMega Chapter

Portland HR Management Association

Engaging, Acquiring and Retaining New Members with Three Innovative Member Development Programs

PHRMA’s mission is to Engage, Empower and Inspire the Human Resource community by providing professional development, educational opportunities, relationship building opportunities and to help our HR community develop their personal and professional energy to enhance their workplace contributions. During a 2014 World Café member survey, our members asked us for more in the areas of personal and professional development and in response, we designed, developed and executed a new “Member Development” program. This program housed three brand new programs to PHRMA: Mentorship Program, EP (Emerging Professionals) and HR Think Tank.

-Mentorship Program: Guided mentorship program to partner early-career HR professionals with senior HR professionals. A 90-page Mentorship Program leads mentees and mentors through a monthly, self-guided process of professional development.

-Emerging Professionals Program: Offer an outlet for HR professionals with less than 6 years of HR experience to connect, network and build relationships.

-HR Think Tank: Designed to facilitate meaningful discussions among HR professionals. Taking cutting-edge topics in the field of HR, providing related content to help kick-start the conversation, and dive deep to learn from one another about the issues facing our organizations.

Our efforts resulted in a return to super mega status with 75 new members directly attracted to us by these programs and the creation of 20 new leadership opportunities for volunteers.


Raleigh-Wake Human Resource Management Association

College Relations

The Raleigh-Wake Human Resource Management Association (RWHRMA) can be proud of the impact that its leadership – and membership – has made on our area’s budding HR professionals of tomorrow.  RWHRMA has a history of providing incredible support for our student chapters through the years, and here in 2016, we wanted to spotlight the accomplishments of the entire student-related program.  Our student members are the lifeblood for the future of our profession.  By providing both programmatic and monetary support toward their HR-related educational endeavors, RWHRMA can show our next generation of HR leaders the value of having a future in human resources.

RWHRMA’s June 2016 monthly meeting featured information about the skills that employers desire in recent graduates.  In preparation for this presentation, a survey was sent to our members and students, and we had a great response – 202 from working professionals and 92 from the students.  This survey served as a tool to begin a conversation on millennials in the workplace.  During the course of the entire year, whether it was a call for speakers, mentors, site visits or just networking, our members stepped up time and time again to assist our college programs.  Through RWHRMA’s inaugural Mentor-Mentee program, 21 HR professionals were paired with our local students to provide assistance with resumes, career advice, networking connections, etc.  From relevant and educational program content to mentorship and coaching introductions, this years’ experience for students via RWHRMA was particularly impactful and rewarding.


SHRM Hawaii Chapter

Legislative Legislative Education and Awareness Program (“LEAP”)

SHRM Hawaii designed and implemented a Legislative Education and Awareness Program (“LEAP”) to increase legislator awareness of SHRM Hawaii as a policy-making resource; promote SHRM Hawaii State Council as a trusted source for HR information; strengthen the network of business organization allies that supports workplace flexibility and defeat inflexible leave law proposals and support workforce development policies.

LEAP is a comprehensive, strategic, efficient, effective and impactful response to a member need: strong legislative advocacy. For the first time, SHRM Hawaii strategically sought to unify the business voice at the state capitol, working in close partnership with allied organizations to align key messages and testimony. LEAP was forward-thinking but also opportunistic, allowing SHRM Hawaii to rapidly mobilize support for a member of the State Council to be nominated by Governor David Ige to the state Workforce Development Council and to sign onto the SHRM national position on overtime rules. LEAP resulted in greater member engagement in advocacy and the defeat of 35 inflexible legislative proposals and the successful passage of a workforce development bill. Under the leadership of the SHRM Hawaii State Council, its executive committee and Legislative Committee Chair John Knorek, SHRM Hawaii has helped shift the conversation at the state legislature toward workplace flexibility.


SHRM Morris County, NJ

2016 Career Fair

The Morris County Chapter of SHRM, a Mega Chapter of 727 members in December. 2015, had wanted to host a Career Fair for a few years. We have the financial resources and membership size to launch such a large activity. In May, 2016, we launched our first Career Fair helping connect employers with top talent, at the College of Saint Elizabeth.



Membership Participation while Branding

In the third quarter of 2015, HRMA SWFL logo and name were approved for change to SHRM SWFL. This occurring, while we were transitioning to a new website.  It became paramount to remain a viable source for our colleagues and the community,these changes be communicated to our members and the community; ensuring them that opportunities for growth for their professionals and their business continued to be our primary concern. Each Board member supported this initiative by creating smaller programs to support the larger initiative:To maintain and increase membership and increase participation while branding the new logo and name.


SHRM-Long Island

SHRM LI Certification Study Group

In 2015, SHRM LI’s Certification Committee and Professional Development Committee decided to form a partnership that would assist our chapter members in earning their SHRM CP or SHRM SCP credentials.  Together both committees would form a chapter sponsored study group at no cost to our members (except for the purchase of the learning system) that would model a classroom setting.

The partnership also had a second initiative in regards to assisting our members to convert their HRCI Credentials to SHRM credentials via the SHRM Online Pathway Tutorial.   During the 2015 calendar year, a member of both committees would speak at each monthly chapter meeting about the SHRM Online Pathway Tutorial.  To help increase participation, for each member that converted to SHRM credentials, s/he would be entered into a raffle to win a $ 100 gift card.


Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management

2015 Workforce Development Conference: Challenges. Opportunities. Resources.

In June of 2015, SESHRM was selected through a competitive process as a recipient of a workforce development grant from the City of Sioux Falls for a workforce development conference.  The all-day conference began with a focus on developing employees, creating succession plans, and building corporate/education partnerships.   Our afternoon keynote speaker walked attendees through a comprehensive layout of how to partner with local community and educational institutions to achieve effective and sustainable workforce development goals.  Another general session featured a panel of career services professionals and employers who utilize internships as a tool for attracting and recruiting their future workforce.  The final session consisted of presentations from many non-profit organizations offering services to employers to assist with recruiting individuals from special populations such as low-income, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. 

The conference handouts were in a ring-bound tool-kit containing all presentations and non-profit resource contact information.    In conjunction with the conference, we sent surveys to members before the conference, immediately following the conference, and three months post-conference.  Pre-conference surveys indicated recruitment and employee development were the two biggest challenges.  The post-conference surveys revealed that 84% of attendees considered their objectives in attending the conference were met and 60% of the attendees reported the concepts/processes they learned from the conference would be implemented and beneficial to their organization.  Follow-up surveys indicated individuals were able to successfully implement processes from the conference.


Snake River Chapter of SHRM

Community Partnership

With almost no name recognition in our community, the Snake River Chapter of SHRM set out to not only gain recognition within our community, but to build partnership and make our voices count. We wanted to be recognized as professionals within our community and within our businesses. By partnering with other organizations on both their and our events, inviting leaders from within other organizations to speak at our events, and recognizing the partnerships we have gone from being unknown to being a resource within our community.


South Central SHRM

Understanding Muslim Culture in the Workplace

Accommodating Muslim Culture is a struggle for communities all across the nation. Our Chapter chose to address this issue from the workplace standpoint – where individuals spend at least half of their waking weekday hours. After this meeting, our membership left with a greater personal level of empathy as well as increased ability to create and recommend reasonable accommodations for their diverse employees. This will help them fill available jobs (as the unemployment rate is increasingly low, but businesses are still experiencing growth and have a high need for employees) and aid in conflict resolution related to religious accommodation.


Springfield Area Human Resources Association (SAHRA)

Diversity & Inclusion "Diversity Decathlon"

2015 in Missouri was a challenging time for the topic of diversity & inclusion.  Racial tensions were high with Ferguson and the University of Missouri incidents.

SAHRA wanted to help heal, educate and show that change can happen through collaboration and partnership with employers and communities. 

Often times HR is tasked with implementing a diversity program in their workplace and are left scratching their heads for the perfect solution. To help, SAHRA's board of directors in 2015 decided to support an initiative presented by our Diversity Committee (now named the Diversity & Inclusion Committee) for the "Diversity Decathlon" program for 2016. SAHRA would participate in 10 events to promote diversity and inclusion education throughout the year in 2016.

Our top two events involved partnering (including financially) with the Missouri Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference in March and the EmployAbility Summit for Inclusive Workforce Solutions in October.

SAHRA members and hundreds of Springfield community members and employers participated in our Diversity Decathlon Program events in 2016 experiencing conversations and education surrounding a multitude of diversity and inclusion issues.

These issues are relevant and outreach to the community was important to our group.  SAHRA wishes to be seen as a resource for our members and communities in the area of diversity and inclusion education.


Tennessee Valley Society Human Resource Management

River City Rivals: Building Next Generation of HR Professionals

The Tennessee Valley Chapter of Society Human Resource Management is located in Decatur, Alabama.  In our city has approximately 56,000 people and have two high schools.  Austin High School and Decatur High School.  They are competitive in everything they do from academics to athletics. Our chapter we feel the Human Resource certification is extremely important so we decided to build a Human Resource rivalry between the schools using the core components from SHRM national certification exam. 

Now for the first time in each school's history we now have "River City" champion in the field of Human Resource Management between the schools.


2016 Pinnacle Winner/Advancing the Profession, Small Chapter

West Georgia SHRM

Compensation and Benefits Survey Improvement

The West Georgia SHRM Chapter led the collaborative effort to partner with Regional Chambers of Commerce and two other SHRM Chapters to produce the first web based Compensation & Benefits Survey for our Region using a tool called Pinpoint™ that was created by one of our members and was developed to filled dual purposes. First, it is filling a need that has been present for 15 years to provide local industries in all sectors data for use in strategic planning and budgeting.  Second, this compensation & benefits data is also critical for Economic Development for the three Chambers of Commerce in order to recruit companies to our region.

West Georgia SHRM enlisted SHRM Columbus, Georgia and East Alabama SHRM to join in this effort to produce this regional compensation survey that supplies data to our region where the Alabama and Georgia’s borders meet. We also enlisted the support of The Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce, The Opelika, Alabama Chamber of Commerce, and The Lagrange Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Our chapter West Georgia SHRM led this collaborative effort.


Western NC Human Resource Association

Craft Brewer's HR Summit

The idea to partner with craft brewers was spawned during our Chapter’s annual strategic planning, in response to a gap in resources in our local craft brewing industry. 

Craft brewing is growing rapidly across the nation, especially in WNC. Our area has a particularly buoyant craft beer scene, with over 40 craft brewers ranging from small one person start-ups, to established industry founders with a national footprint. 

Our chapter identified a gap in the local market which ranged from recognizing the need for the HR function through developing professionals with HR competencies.  Many of the breweries are growing at a rapid pace and reacting to unanticipated business demands.  Often,  leaders balance human resources alongside admin, production, tours and even brewing. 

As a response, our Chapter formed a committee and began dialogue with local brewing industry leaders to confirm their objectives and needs, which included a focus on business acumen, a level of HR expertise and leadership.

The committee began designing content right away, and created a format for a two-day workshop.   An opportunity arose through several of our Chapter members in the local brewing industry to plan and host a Craft Brewer’s HR Summit in Asheville, NC in February 2016. 

WNC HRA board members developed and presented a competency-based agenda including a legal program and a workshop on HR’s role in driving business outcomes through people strategy.

Approximately 50 HR professionals from the industry and across the country attended this two-day workshop, which was offered at cost to attendees.

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