Competency-Based Workshops

Workshops Designed for SHRM Chapters and State Councils

The SHRM Competency-Based Education for Chapters series was created to help HR professionals develop effective strategies for applying competencies in their day-to-day HR functions.

These workshops focus on viewing HR competencies in action as delivered by HR experts. Each workshop is tailor-made to present at Chapter or State Council events and aligns with at least one behavioral competency, allowing for practical application of the knowledge gained throughout the workshop. These workshops are free to SHRM affiliated Chapters and State Councils and each workshop is easily downloadable and comes equipped with all the resources necessary to facilitate the interactive workshop.

SHRM Competencies:

Critical Evaluation Leadership & Navigation Consultation

Target Audience: Those with a basic understanding of analytics and an interest in learning more and applying analytics to their HR organizational strategy

Length: 60 and 90-minute versions available

This workshop is designed to give HR practitioners a basic understanding of HR analytics. During this workshop, participants will learn the basic concept of HR analytics, its importance to HR and business, what HR analytics is designed to address and how to establish an analytics function within an HR department. The goal for this workshop is to help reduce HR practitioner apprehension of analytics and set the foundation for broader and more effective use of analytics across the HR field.

SHRM Competencies:

Leadership & Navigation HR Expertise

Target Audience: Business leaders who want to drive results through effective behaviors

Length: 90-minute version

This workshop is designed to provide insights into the bad habits developed by destructive HR leaders and how to avoid developing these habits. Watch as Samantha the HR Generalist runs into five destructive HR leaders in her quest to improve employee recognition in her organization.  During this workshop, participants will learn how to identify the common traits and habits of destructive HR leaders, how to recognize these habits when confronted with them, and how to spot positive traits of effective HR leaders and teams. The goal for this workshop is to help you become a business leader capable of driving results through effective behaviors.

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To ensure these workshops are used as intended, and for effective tracking and use so we can continually provide quality resources, please submit a request form to gain access to the workshop resources. Within five working days of submission, you will be contacted regarding your request. 

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