Excel Award

SHRM strongly encourages each of its affiliated chapters and state councils to establish goals and strategic initiatives in support of the HR profession and to meet the needs of HR professionals. These goals and initiatives allow our affiliates to increase their visibility and effectiveness as well as expand impact within the HR community, and are the basis for SHRM's Excel Awards.

For more information for 2020 eligibility review the SHRM Excel Awards Workbook.

Apply for an Excel Award


If you have completed Sections I and II of the 2020 Chapter or State Council SHAPE report, you have the option to apply for an Excel Award. Excel Award online applications are available in the SHAPE Center. All Excel Award applications are due on March 15, 2021. View the SHRM Excel Awards Workbook for information about eligibility and applying for an award before the deadline. 

Note: Your Excel Award application may be submitted any time following successful submission of both Section I and II in SHAPE, but no later than the March 15 deadline.

Award Categories

The Excel Awards recognize achievements by SHRM chapters and state councils in three categories:



Initiatives that support and promote professionals with HR responsibility to be successful business leaders. Activities may be related to certification, professional learning or skills development.



Initiatives advancing the HR profession by creating awareness with or supporting key constituents including workplace, government and regulatory representatives, employers, schools, media and the community at large. Activities may be outreach and awareness programs, government or public affairs, or focused on such key issues such as inclusion, diversity or workforce readiness.



Initiatives providing programs and services that support SHRM, meet members' needs, or further the Chapter or State Council efforts. Activities may include efforts to foster member engagement, retention and acquisition, volunteer development and recognition, or supporting the SHRM Foundation (e.g. conducting a leadership campaign, hosting a fundraising event or receiving a SHRM Foundation Innovation Award).

Award Levels

There are four award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. A minimum of one initiative is required for award consideration, with the number of required initiatives increasing for each award level. At least one initiative must focus on membership (i.e. acquisition, engagement or retention) for each award level.

Bronze 1
Silver 2
Gold 3
Platinum 4