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Chapter Officer Installation Ceremony Script 

04-04-2016 18:31

Easy to use script to install your new officers.


Student Chapter Charter Script


[Insert Student Chapter Name]

Officer Installation Ceremony

[Insert Date]

Will the following Officers and Directors please rise and join me at the podium.

  • President: [Insert name]
  • Vice President: [Insert name]
  • Treasurer: [Insert name]
  • Secretary: [Insert name]
  • [Insert the role(s) and name(s) of other Officers and Directors established by the student chapter]

Each of you have been elected to serve as officers and directors of the [insert Student Chapter name] of the Society for Human Resource Management. It will be your duty to conduct meetings, to abide by the chapter bylaws, and to function in every respect as your chapter's officers.

You will guide in the development of the chapter's goals and objectives. You will become familiar with Roberts Rules of Order, and with Society and chapter by-laws. You should at all times be watchful for activities, projects and programs which could benefit your chapter, its members, or the Society as a whole.

Ultimately, the success of this organization rests in your hands. Do each of you agree to abide by Society and chapter by-laws and to adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics? Please answer "I do."

Please raise your right hand and take the oath of office.


In the presence of honored guests (repeat)

And the members here assembled (repeat)

I do solemnly promise and pledge (repeat)

To faithfully execute the duties of my elected office (repeat)

On behalf of this SHRM student chapter (repeat)

To the best of my knowledge and ability, (repeat)

To commit myself to the Society's Code of Ethics (repeat)

And to further the goals and objectives (repeat)

Of this organization. (repeat)

On behalf of the Society for Human Resource Management, I hereby install each of you as officers and directors of the [Insert Student Chapter name.]


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