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Chapter Promotion Email Program (CPEP) 

05-10-2016 12:48

The Chapter Promotion Email Program assists Chapters who do not otherwise qualify for the SHRM e-blast program (100% and Super Mega chapters). This program promotes Chapter membership and an event of the Chapter’s choice to SHRM at-large members in the Chapter’s designated zip code range(s). 

To be eligible to participate in this program, a chapter must be a Chapter in good standing with SHRM. Chapters may request two emails to be sent on their behalf within a calendar year. It is recommended that the Chapter leverage the emails to promote one event in the spring and one in the fall, but you can use both emails for one event if you so choose. If you plan to use the emails to promote one event, it is suggested you request the emails be sent at least two weeks apart.

The Chapter is responsible for providing information regarding the event(s) which will be added to information pre-loaded promoting the value of belonging to your Chapter. 


  1. Requests must be made on the electronic form.
  2. Requests must be submitted by the Chapter President or his/her designee. Your chapter president should be made aware of the request prior to submission.
  3. The Submitter will receive a copy of the email when sent.
  4. In addition to information about the event, the text of the email must contain a chapter point of contact, email address or phone number, for questions or for further information.
  5. Email may not include attachments, images/graphics or third party links. A link to your website is permitted.  For example, provide a link to the event page on the chapter website vs. linking to a third party registration provider. 
  6. Email text is limited 400 words.
  7. A minimum of ten (10) business-day lead time is required for all emails requests. Due to scheduling constraints, your email will be sent as closely to the requested date as possible.
  8. Blackout Period: SHRM will not send any emails on behalf of Chapters during the period of June 1 – June 30 and December 15 - January 5.

Terms and Conditions:

Prior to accessing the request form, please read the following important information and click on the appropriate response.

By requesting SHRM to send an email on its behalf, a SHRM Chapter agrees to indemnify SHRM against any and all liability and expenses which SHRM may incur as a result of claims made against SHRM based upon the fact that such email violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third parties.

The language contained in the email must be clearly stated and must NOT create confusion on behalf of the recipient as to who is authoring the email. For example, a Chapter must include the Chapter’s official name, rather than simply indicating “SHRM.”

An email may not promote a membership, service or product in direct competition with SHRM membership or a SHRM product under any circumstances. For example:

  • No emails are permitted that promote memberships in non-SHRM affiliated HR associations.
  • No emails are permitted promoting a certification preparation process using a product other than the SHRM Learning System as the basis for the process.
  • Promotion of or links to third party activities, even if endorsed or sponsored by the chapter, are not allowed unless the third party is the state council.

In order to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, SHRM must adhere to the following policy regarding your request for an email to be sent by SHRM.

  • SHRM will be responsible for handling all opt-out notifications delivered through its subscription management process.
  • The sender of the email must be SHRM.  The subject line may reference the purpose of the email.
  • SHRM will add at the bottom of your email a promotion of SHRM (e.g. Annual Conference, SHRM Learning System, Education Seminars, SHRM Certification, etc.). This advertisement will only be 1-3 sentences with the SHRM website address listed. This makes the email a dual promotion which allows SHRM to be the only "sender" in accordance with CAN-SPAM Act sender obligations.
  • You agree that this email is a dual promotion with SHRM as the "sender."

Pursuant to the language in the chapter charters, SHRM and the Chapter shall be joint owners of the list of names, mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of those individuals who are members of both SHRM and the Chapter (Joint Members), without any duty to account to the other for any profits derived from such list. SHRM is the exclusive owner of the names, mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of those individuals working within the Chapter’s geography who are members of SHRM but not members of the Chapter (At-Large Members). The Chapter has the non-exclusive right to use the list of names, and mailing addresses of At-Large Members only for the internal purposes of the Chapter, and absent written consent from SHRM, may not use such list for the purpose of licensing it or any portion of it to any third parties or offering or advertising the products or services of any third parties to At-Large Members.

I have read and understand the policy and guidelines.


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