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SHRM Foundation Tool Kit 

10-24-2016 16:04

Welcome to the Tool Kit! Here you can find ample resources to help your chapter or state council raise awareness and funds on behalf of the SHRM Foundation. 

Don't see something you are looking for? The SHRM Foundation is always growing the tool kit. Please let us know what type of resources you are looking for and we will do our best to help with your request.

Learn about the SHRM Foundation

Complimentary Resources- A listing of all of the SHRM Foundation's available resources which can be downloaded or ordered online.        

New Strategy Webinar- Hear about the SHRM Foundation's new strategy for 2017 from Executive Director, Dr. Mark Schmit.            

New Strategy Powerpoint            

New Strategy Video            

SHRM Foundation One Pager- A document that summarizes who the SHRM Foundation is and how we support the members.
SHRM Foundation Overview (revised November 2016)- An informational PowerPoint for your reference as well as to show at meetings
SHRM Foundation Volunteer Success Guide(updated January 2017)
A must-read for all volunteers, this comprehensive document will become your one-stop source for everything related to the Foundation!


Giving Reports To assist with tracking of monetary donations from chapter/council and gifts made directly from individual donors, giving reports are updated regular

Printable Donation Form - A .pdf that can be printed and distributed at meetings 

Running a Silent Auction                       

Fundraising and Program Ideas                

Scholarships and Awards 

Foundation Scholarship & Award Spreadsheet- A searchable spreadsheet containing information on Foundation award and scholarship winners during the last five years. It is sorted by state so you can easily find individuals from your chapter or council    

Scholarship Worksheet- This documents lists all of the available scholarships including eligibility and application deadlines.               

To learn more about the SHRM Foundation's SHRM State Council and Chapter awards, visit the Recognition page   

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