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Student Case Competition 

10-30-2017 09:38



Onsite at Event

  • Overview of case, rules and regulations with all attendees (teams, advisors, volunteers)
  • Conduct team check-in to provide preliminary round time assignment
    • Ensure entire team reports to registration desk 15 minutes prior to assigned presentation time to be escorted to assigned competition room
  • Record team scores on Competition Master Spreadsheet as preliminary rounds conclude 
    • Transfer judges’ totals from scoring rubrics preliminary rounds to scoresheet
    • Double check calculations/entries for accuracy
    • Determine teams qualifying for final round
  • Provide packets to teams competing in the final round(s) to prepare
  • Conduct final round(s)
  • Collect final scores from judges and input into Competition Master Spreadsheet
  • Verify outcome, announce winners and award recognition items as applicable
  • Announce final ranking of all teams (do not share team scores) at conclusion of event (Final Team Ranking document)
  • Return items collected from teams (note cards, copies of presentation, etc.) at conclusion of event

Post Event