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2013 Pinnacle Award Compendium - Chapters and State Councils 

05-27-2016 13:11

2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Washington State Council

Veteran Pre-employment Academy

Additional information about the 2013 Pinnacle Award winners and their initiatives.


State Councils


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Alaska State Council

(907) WEB-INAR –“ Alaska – Where Technology, Certification and Common Sense Converge”

Alaska is a state geographically large, but small in regards to population. There are over 200 communities accessible only by boat and plane.  The States of Texas, California and Montana can all fit in Alaska!    HR professionals outside of Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, face the challenges of accessing professional development activities at a reasonable cost; certified professionals struggle to earn HRCI credits and managers can be reluctant to approve attendance to out-of-state conferences due to the cost, time and productivity loss associated with the usual two days to travel in and out of Alaska. This has been compounded by shrinking travel and training budgets.   The Alaska State Council used its technical savvy, its experience in program scheduling, HRCI pre-approvals and a little bit of common sense to make all these issues converge for the benefit of our membership. We have now been successfully offering complimentary and HRCI-pre-approved webinars to our members, meeting our goals of reaching out the Alaska population that lives in rural or small communities where training opportunities are not available.


Arkansas SHRM State Council

Voluntary Veterans' Preference in Arkansas

Currently, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, amended 1991, at 42 U.S.C. Section 2000e, prohibits voluntary veterans preferences in employment as unlawfully discriminatory due the potential disparate impact of female employees and applicants.  However, veterans’ preferences are not subject to challenge under Title VII when granted by State law, by virtue of the exception provided in Section 712, which states:  “Nothing contained in this subchapter shall be construed to repeal or modify any Federal, State, territorial, or local law creating special rights or preference for veterans”.  In Arkansas, federal and state employers are bound by mandatory veteran’s preference laws, though there is no method for private employers to provide veterans preference between equally qualified candidates.  In the spring of 2013, the Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management (ARSHRM) designed language for a new law to legalize veteran’s preference in the private sector on a voluntary basis for the employer.  The law also creates a registry of private employers within the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS) who wish to offer preference, linking employers to veterans when they pursue unemployment benefits.  By partnering with ADWS, employers can also reach into the market of job seekers holding military specific job skills, like aircraft maintenance.  Act 598 was signed into law on April 4th, 2013.


Connecticut State Council of SHRM

Regional Webinar Program

The Connecticut SHRM State Council (CTSHRM) has begun the effort to provide professional development to as many HR professionals as it can through the expansion of its Webinar program to other state councils. To accomplish its objective, CTSHRM has established partnerships with these state councils and continues to recruit other state councils, wherein the state council commits to promoting CTSHRM Webinars within its state and receives, in turn, a pro-rata share of the profits that can be used for its own activities. It is a win-win situation for the state council, chapters within the ste and HR professionals, who can now participate in a one-hour Webinar conducted by a subject matter expert at a mere $20 for SHRM members and $30 for non-SHRM members. In addition, every Webinar qualifies for recertification credits from the HR Certification Institute. The entire effort is run by one volunteer.


Garden State Council-SHRM

Project Connect

Project Connect is a grant funded, free job reentry program created for veterans with mobility disabilities and cognitive impairments. The program’s aim is to assist NJ and PA veterans, guard and reservists with their successful transition to enter or return to civilian employment. Achieving two grant awards in a three-year period, Project Connect served over 550 returning veterans with disabilities through the partnership efforts of JEVS, JVS, Tip of the Arrow Foundation and the Garden State Council-SHRM, placing those ready for meaningful employment and providing follow-up retention support.   The program provides a variety of vocational and employment readiness supports critically needed by returning veterans who present a range of physical injuries and permanent disabilities, and require personalized transition support to successfully obtain and retain employment.  Supports include vocational assessment, career counseling, short-term skill training, internships, community-based assessment, job placement, job search training and referrals for other appropriate services - including medical care.  Leveraging the strength, skills, and highly networked resources of the four delivery organizations, Project Connect works closely with many community,  non-profit, educational and government based partners.  These include: the NJ ESGR, Department of Labor One-Stop Career Centers, along with community-based reserve and warrior transition units at ASA Dix and National Guard armories in NJ. Their mission is to provide “foot in the door” employment opportunities for veterans to regain self-sufficiency and self-esteem, while being of value to an organization that recognizes their talents, skills and abilities.


HR Florida State Council

2013 Multi-State/Regional Volunteer Leadership Conference

HR Florida recognized the need to support our surrounding regional state councils from a leadership/volunteer perspective in terms of volunteer leadership development.  HR Florida has historically hosted and facilitated a most successful annual leadership conference for our incoming volunteer leaders within the state of Florida.  With the support of our council, the executive committee and our 11 district directors, we reached out to our surrounding councils to inquire and seek interest. For many of those councils, the ability to host an annual event has been difficult due to budget restraints, location and other competing events. HR Florida’s Leadership Conference could support those other states and regions and provide expanded networking, leadership development and more importantly the opportunity to work closer with our surrounding councils to better serve the chapters, councils and ultimately the profession.  In January of 2013, HR Florida State Council hosted the first “Multi-State and Regional Volunteer Leadership Conference.  In attendance were representatives of Alabama, George, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.  With over 300 attendees at this all-volunteer leadership conference, knowledge was shared; ideas exchanged and the network in our region grew stronger. The ability to support these other regions and provide them with an annual event for their chapter leaders proved to be a very successful model that continues today.


Indiana SHRM

HR Joins the Ranks: Training & Jobs for our Veterans

We couldn't watch the daily news without seeing coverage of the challenges facing our returning veterans. Unemployment for this sector had grown, impacting Veterans and their families. (11% to 25%, to a startling 38% for ages 18 to 24.) Indiana also had the burden of one of the highest percentages of National Guard/Reservists in the US. Many helped keep us safe thru 9/11, served overseas and upon their return they couldn’t  find a job.  At the same time, Employers and Human Resources were striving for the very best quality candidates/new hires moving their organizations forward. INSHRM saw a natural link and opportunity for us to prepare and thus Advancing our HR Profession as expert trainers for our veterans.   Because of this need/opportunity, INSHRM State Director Betty Lonis, Council and INSHRM Workforce Readiness focused on “HR Join the Ranks” and began developing a plan to roll-out throughout the state. This was a daunting task and to make a positive impact we would need a 3-year plan; better helping to meet the needs of our veterans/spouses, HR professionals, Employers and thus our communities.     After 3 years INSHRM State Council, their 17 outstanding Chapters and 1,500 professionals have become strong professional leaders in providing skills development, career fairs, networking events; benefiting employers, military, veterans, spouses. We believe strongly that the work of INSHRM in support of the military is especially valuable for us all and look forward to continuing to find ways to help make a difference in our communities through our programs.


Maine SHRM Council

HR Professionals Day

HR Professionals Day is a simple solution to the issue of getting Human Resource Professionals involved with the legislative process, collaborating with legislators, and helping HR Professionals find their “voice”. Each session, bills are generated and laws are created that impacts the profession. HR Professionals struggle to learn intent and content of legislative bills and laws that are at times learned of after they are enacted.     The day is a fun filled event designed to provide ample opportunity for HR Professionals to learn about the process of crafting law, creating a format to enhance collaboration with legislators, and an opportunity to find a voice. This is a strategic enhancement to the profession, advancing the field of Human Resources through collaboration with the legislative community and education on current legislative bills impacting our field.    The model is minimal cost to run and maximum return on investment. Legislators and senators offer their time and expertise for the group and answer questions. The State of Maine does not charge for their time.


Missouri State Council of SHRM, Inc.

Missouri HR Day

Missouri HR Day, first celebrated on May 5, 2013, was conceived to "Increase awareness of the Missouri State Council and its impact across the State" in the Pinnacle Award category of “Advancing the Profession”.  Governor Jay Nixon signed a proclamation creating Missouri HR Day on May 5, 2013.  The Missouri State Council of SHRM commissioned two logos from art students at Drury University in Springfield to brand the initiative.  Deployment was cascaded using the SHRM Membership Model from the State Council to its ten Local Chapters and to SHRM members as well as to “Local Members Only”.  Volunteer leaders across the state created innovative programming and activities for Missouri HR Day.  Traditional media and social media, including SHRM’s social media outlets, were deployed to inform business, industry and government.  Missouri HR Day provided opportunities for celebrating individuals as well as the HR profession.  By laying this foundation in 2013, Missouri HR Day in 2014 and the “A Team” (SHRM Advocacy Team) deployment in 2014 will further enable increased awareness of HR professionals’ potential to shape the development of federal and state workplace laws and regulations.


Ohio SHRM State Council

THE MAGAZINE, an Ohio SHRM State Council Publication

In June 2012, a sub-committee of Ohio SHRM State Council members began developing a strategy to reach as many HR professionals in Ohio with a regular publication. In a time saturated with social and electronic media, the sub-committee determined that a printed, themed publication be developed. THE MAGAZINE, an Ohio SHRM State Council Publication was born in January 2013 with its first issue focused on social media. The goals of developing THE MAGAZINE were to: Increase awareness of the Ohio SHRM State Council and local SHRM Chapters within Ohio, Assist HR and other professionals in identifying a local Chapter, Define how local Chapters support their communities, Offer HR-related content applicable to any HR and other professionals, Promote educational opportunities throughout Ohio, such as state conferences and local Chapter events. To maintain an Ohio-based focus, authors and advertisers are sought for each issue to provide content and financial support. Our success is determined by several metrics: positive response to an online survey that readers can complete to indicate their level of satisfaction with the content, an increase in local Chapter awareness and membership, an increase in State Council awareness, and an increase in author and advertising requests for future issues.


SHRM NE State Council

Is Ignorance Bliss? HR for Small Business

The SHRM Nebraska State Council embraced their role as a leader for human resource professionals with a statewide educational effort focused on small business.      Senior Advisory Council Member Ray Weinberg, SPHR, CCP, visited six locations across the state logging more than 600 miles to speak at every local chapter in the state.  The seminars were held every Tuesday and Thursday in March 2013.  More than 150 small business owners and employees were treated to a two-hour overview that included the top ten pitfalls and opportunities that come with employing people.    Weinberg, who helped author the HRCI Certification Guide, compiled HR information directly relating to small business.  He cited a study that showed small IT firms who emphasized HR strategy from the outset had a 66 percent higher survival rate.    We're living in a different culture as employers, Weinberg said.  It's said that almost 50 percent of employees who quit their jobs in 2010 did not have another job at the ready.       The council also worked with Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman to declare the month of March Nebraska HR Professional Month during a ceremony March 13 at the Nebraska State Capitol Building.      Human Resource Professionals are a key component of any organization’s senior management team proving active involvement in shaping corporate policy, Heineman said in his proclamation.  Thousands of HR Professionals throughout Nebraska provide employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.


SHRM Texas State Council

Texas Veteran Employment - From Education to Legislation

Few have sacrificed more for our country in the quest for freedom and protection than the men, women, and families of our military forces. As a result, our veterans, wounded warriors and military spouses deserve opportunities to effectively participate in civilian employment life either during or upon completion of duty.     For most veterans, healthy transition involves assistance from support organizations and employment upon their return home. This employment condition underlies the goal of our statewide, multi-dimensional workforce readiness initiative called “Texas Veteran Employment – From Education to Legislation” which included various strategic programs; “Operation Job Match”, “The Patriotic Promise” and “The Texas State Councils - Employer Veteran Friendly Strategic Planning Guide and Talent Management Tool Kit” and Texas Legislative Action and Participation. This highly collaborative initiative was designed to educate our Texas employers and HR Leaders on “Best Practices” to create a “Veteran Talent Management Program” and as an invited leadership participant by Texas Senator Leticia Van de Putte, R.PH., Chair of the Veterans Affairs and Military Installations Committee, participated on her committee and in the Texas Legislative process providing leadership in helping to pass 4 of 6 veteran employment related bills during the 83rd Texas Legislature.    To support this effort, SHRM-TSC aligned strategic business partners including employers, government agencies, business associations, several members of the US Congress, The Governor of Texas, Texas legislators, educational institutions, military leaders, and military support organizations to create and execute these four (4) strategic initiatives and programs.


Virginia SHRM State Council

Military Transitioning Program Initiative

On November 30, 2012, the Virginia Society for Human Resources Management (VASHRM) announced it had established a Military Liaison position with support from its’ governing board and nineteen chapters across the state.  This position was created specifically to fill the void in educating and encouraging employers to hire military service members and their families transitioning from military service.  This initiative links partners across the state to educate members and business leaders on the value hiring military service members brings to their organizations. This value is often overlooked because managers and human resources professionals fail to see the relevant skills these individuals possess and how these skills can translate into their specific business/industry.  VASHRM has pledged to see that our returning service members receive a true and fair opportunity to work and provide for their families, which will benefit the service member, our businesses and our economy in general.    In March of 2013, a Military Climate Survey was developed and distributed across the state to assess the hiring, retention and recruiting practices of the VASHRM membership as it related to veterans.  Results from the survey were compiled and communicated back to the membership in July. Based on the feedback received, VASHRM held a half day conference on “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Workplace” in August.  A presentation entitled “Tools, Trends and Translations to Create a Successful Veteran Talent Acquisition Strategy” has also been created for presentation to chapters across the state. Five have already been scheduled for 2014.


Washington State Council developed a state wide initiative to help returning Veterans transition into employment readiness by partnering with the WA DVA Veterans Conservation Corps/VetCorps.  We recognized that highly capable men and women, returning from serving their country, were facing significant challenges; seeking employment in a difficult economy, along with misconceptions about the military life-style and code of behavior which often is misunderstood by civilian employers.      Therefore, the Workforce Readiness Director, WRD, worked in conjunction with the Diversity Director and partnered with the DVA Program Manager.  Together they paired a geographically appropriate SHRM Chapter representative with a VetCorp Representative.    This initiative created a partnership to connect Veterans to available employment resources and to create diversity awareness and Military Cultural Competence.    By year end, all of the 17 WA State chapters submitted activity reports identifying a variety of partnered events and activities that include but were not limited to: job preparedness/networking events, shadow days, internship opportunities, resumes and cover letter writing clinics, career fairs specifically for veterans and online job search training.    This is an ongoing initiative that can be picked up by any chapter desiring to continue in the effort.


Wisconsin State Council SHRM

Wisconsin SHRM Non-Profit Mentor Program

The Wisconsin SHRM Non-Profit Mentor program provided opportunities for education and collaboration between WI SHRM and business leaders of 501c3 organizations across the state of Wisconsin.     Over the last two years, 45 participants from 501c3 non-profit organizations across the state of WI received education in Human Resources through many webinars, legal updates, web resources, attendance at conferences, presentations and networking opportunities at local meetings. All of the leaders in these organizations had human resources as part of their many responsibilities. None of the organizations had a staff human resources professional onsite.     WI SHRM requested and received grant funds to help support this educational outreach which may have otherwise gone unfulfilled due to budget constraints.    Participants from these non-profit organizations found value in the program and immediately obtained applicable information to make changes in day to day operational matters including HR-related documentation, policy creation, job descriptions and employee handbooks. Other changes included adjusting recruiting practices and adding HR professionals to their board.     Connections also developed through the local chapters and SHRM members as they worked collaboratively to be of service to some of these organizations through special programs and projects.  The impact of this educational program will continue long term as these leaders build upon this for the future.    Through this statewide program, WI SHRM was able to serve our community and build relationships with these organizations. We educated non-profit leaders on what we know best, the field of Human Resources to advance the HR profession.




2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Anchorage SHRM

Alaska: The Last (Recertification) Frontier

Thanks to the Anchorage SHRM (ASHRM) chapter, Alaska can be known as the Last Recertification Frontier.  100% of ASHRM programs are pre-approved for HRCI credits. This allows ASHRM to serve the professional and advance the profession. Membership and attendance have increased by over 30% and our member satisfaction is at an all time high. This is a well established program in existence for almost 8 years!    Alaska’s geographic location presents challenges for certified professionals to earn HRCI credits. Managers can be reluctant to approve attendance to out-of-state conferences due to the time and productivity loss associated with the usual two days to get in and out of Alaska; this has been compounded by shrinking travel and training budgets. Likewise, speakers balk at coming to Alaska for the same reasons.     At a SHRM Leadership Conference, ASHRM became aware of and implemented HRCI’s credit pre-approval program. Subsequently, this solved the geographic and travel dilemma noted above.  During the 2010-12 recertification period, a candidate for recertification could have obtained 159% of continuing education credits for PHR and 186% General and 90% of Strategic for those needed for SPHR certification without leaving Anchorage!     Our HRCI equation has the HRCI Certification Preparation courses on one side, and the ability to earn pre-approved recertification credits on the other. This equation is now balanced.


AVHRA Chapter

Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – 3 Part Panel Presentation; 2.5 hours each

Our Board partnered with three businesses: an attorney’s, certified public accountant and insurance brokerage firms to present a 3-part panel presentation regarding the PPACA to our community HR professionals and business owners. The panel was scheduled over a three month period: March, April and May 2013. It was important to provide guidance to understanding the impact of the PPACA.  By presenting it in a three part panel we allowed it to be broken down for easier understanding for the attendees.  By involving three firms we assisted the community with experts and to see our Board as extremely valuable them. All presenters committed to attend all three presentations. The series: 1) explanation of the Act, terminology including what a large employer is, etc., legal implications, how the Act came about and effects, including what employers needed to know about the Act; 2) an employer’s responsibilities to employees, their business and how it affects them regarding taxes, individual / employer mandates and penalties – including calculation, large employer calculations; when and who should be calculating, tax savings; and 3)timeline - insurance benefits, exchange explanations, grandfathering, actuarial values, tier plans, coverage, benchmarking required notices, timeframes and strategic planning options for employers now and in the future. As a result of this presentation, the Board continues to get requests from attendees regarding the PPACA. Our local Chapter has been as recognized as experts to our local human resource and business leaders.


Big Bend SHRM

2013: The Year of the HR Tallahassee Professional

Big Bend SHRM is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013. In reflecting back on the successes and failures of our chapter we decided to change the direction of our Community Relations committee to focus more on the needs of our membership instead of those of the community at large. We believed that by focusing on the HR Professional we can influence positive change in our community by giving these professionals tools to help meet their personal and career demands. We surveyed our membership to address their needs instead of offering the same type of programs we had in the past. We have seen an increase in our membership, increase in our revenue and increased member engagement. Because of the change, we have experienced the largest membership growth of any medium sized chapter in Florida; we have sold out our local conference and even our membership meetings!     We feel that by taking a look at how we were serving the profession and changing to meet the demands of our membership that we have proven to be an integral part of their learning and in turn an integral part in the success of organizations throughout Tallahassee.


Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association

Improving the Health of Your Workforce:  CEO Cancer Gold Standard

Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association (BNHRA) and the local American Cancer Society started our collaboration in May 2012 to establish a program that would show case the “CEO Cancer Gold Standard” award for companies that achieve success in all five (5) pillars. It is an evidence based program designed by CEO Roundtable on cancer.  It is not an American Cancer Society program.  The roundtable is a not for profit corporation to fight cancer and promote health.   The gold standard is awarded to companies that promote health and fight cancer in their workforce. There is no application fee for a company to apply. The gold standard has numerous criteria under each pillar that an employer can meet to achieve each standard.  BNHRA partnered with the American Cancer Society for one (1) year to develop the program, a tool kit, and arrange speakers for each pillar. The program was a three (3) hour event and received three (3) HRCI general credits.  The tool kit provided samples, time lines, resources, ideas, and an explanation of all five (5) pillars as resource guide.  The tool kit also provided tobacco free policy and seven (7) month implementation guide.  The “CEO Cancer Gold Standard” provides recognition that your company is a leader in cancer prevention, is a recruitment and retention tool to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the health and wellness. The program can be implemented by any size company or chapter. This program can be implemented on May 22, 2013 in Buffalo, NY.


Central Arkansas HR Association

The “Before & After” to Job Readiness

Our goal was to reach out into the local community and help assist those who did not have the proper skills or training to find or maintain gainful employment. By identifying and partnering with local shelters such as Our House and Women & Children First, CAHRA’s Workforce Readiness Committee created the opportunity for HR professionals to teach job readiness skills to their homeless and disadvantaged residents. Each committee member, or Job Readiness Coach, volunteered their time to present training material on topics such as Writing an Effective Resume, How to Dress for an Interview, Interviewing Skills, Being a Team Player, Defining a Career Path, Growing within an Organization and many other topics.  We strived to cover all the employment related essentials one should know in order to find the ideal job and be successful in maintaining it. So far in 2013, our Job Readiness Coaches have dedicated over 60 volunteer hours between these two organizations.  We have also successfully assisted over 30 individual residents in finding full-time, sustainable jobs. This has afforded them the opportunity to secure permanent housing and improve their quality of living. Our initiative has become such a welcomed success that other organizations in our community have reached out to us for assistance. We are proudly working to provide similar Job Readiness classes for two other community organizations, the Center for Women in Transition and the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas, in an effort to expand this program for the greater good of the community at large.


Central Illinois Chapter - SHRM

Capital Connections Mentoring Program

The Central Illinois Chapter -SHRM’s Capital Connections Mentoring Program (CCMP) helps businesses in the Springfield area retain professionals who have relocated to this area get acclimated and discover all that Springfield has to offer.  Whether the individual is single, married with no children,  or married with children CCMP is here to advocate that Springfield, Illinois is a great place to live and assist employers with retaining the talented employees that they have invested in and who have been uprooted from their previous location.


Greater Miami Society for Human Resource Management

“Cutting Edge Recruitment: Get in Front or Get Left Behind – Why Your Company Should Recruit Older Workers and Best Practices To Do So”

America’s workforce is aging -- and fast!  Yet, statistics show that many employers are not preparing to take advantage of the opportunities or meet the challenges of an aging workforce.  As part of a larger “age-friendly” initiative, GMSHRM extensively researched issues concerning older workers and developed workshops for the business community to best recruit and retain older workers in South Florida.  The program, titled “Cutting Edge Recruitment:  Get in Front or Get Left Behind – Why Your Company Should Recruit Older Workers and Best Practices To Do So,” provided employers with training and tools to facilitate increased older adult employment and retention in the local community.  The program focused on:  to legal issues implicit in hiring older adults; recruiting challenges with older workers; and retention of older workers in the workforce.    In implementing the program, GMSHRM advanced the profession by partnering with local (and national) non-profit and governmental entities to offer the advanced training workshops at no charge on a wide-scale basis.  By way of example, the program involved local and national organizations, including AARP, the United Way, and ReServe Miami, among others.  The program is easily transferrable to SHRM chapters nationwide since the materials provide general information concerning recruitment and retention.  And, the program strongly aligns with SHRM’s mission of building and sustaining community-based partnerships.  As measured by surveys taken during the workshops, the program, attended by more than 70 South Florida business people, benefited employers, the HR and business communities, and the older adult workforce.


Chicago SHRM

Emerging HR Leaders Initiative

Chicago SHRM set out to be Sharper, Bolder, Smarter, Bigger, and Better when it developed its Emerging HR Leaders initiative.  We knew our future would be Brighter and Stronger with the involvement and insights of our profession's young leaders.      By creating an Emerging HR Leaders chair and committee, Chicago SHRM aims to remain relevant and compelling for our future generation of HR leaders.  Through these efforts, we have successfully recruited, engaged, and retained our bright young professionals. This initiative has brought our succession planning to the forefront, and our leadership pipeline is strong.    By looking at our three pillars - education, marketing, and membership – we were able to adapt and enhance our services and offerings to better serve our Emerging HR Leaders.  Through relevant educational programs, round table discussions, free networking events, a mentorship program, reduced membership fees, community-based projects, and board "shadowing" opportunities, Chicago SHRM has met the needs of our young professionals.  Thanks to this initiative, our emerging leaders are getting connected to Chicago SHRM right away, and they are volunteering, learning, contributing, connecting, excelling, and leading the way.  With our Emerging Leaders sharing their energy, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit, the future of Chicago SHRM is brighter indeed.


Cleveland Society for Human Resource Management

Your Career, Your Success-Workshop for future HR Leaders

The Cleveland SHRM (CSHRM) Education Committee, along with student Chapter Advisors from Cleveland State University, John Carroll University, and Baldwin Wallace University created a free one day workshop to prepare SHRM student chapter members for the transition to the collegiate environment to the professional HR community.  The CSHRM Education committee conducted a blind analysis to allow the groups involved to provide unbiased input on a confidential basis which yielded the following skill deficits of poor interviewing etiquette, inability to identify and articulate skills, and unrealistic work expectations.       CSHRM offered their expertise in one-on-one resume consultation, interviewing etiquette tips, social media networking, and identification of key strengths through assessments as part of its continuous commitment to the student community in Northeast Ohio.  Students were provided PRADCO’s competency index, which evaluates candidates against behaviors and characteristics of top performers in the areas of motivation, work approach, leadership, interpersonal style, and decision making which relates to behaviors as an individual contributor in an organization.    The goals of the Student Workshop were twofold:    1.Provide human resources students with an opportunity to enhance their skills, as well as ensure their career success through gainful employment.      2.Facilitate introductions between students and potential hiring managers to network and learn about potential employment/internships opportunities as well as provide them with a competitive edge.


Colorado Springs SHRM

Military Outreach Workforce Initiative

Colorado Springs SHRM’s (CSSHRM) goal is to be the leading resource in Colorado Springs for Human Resource expertise.   Our military personnel (active-duty, retired and their spouses) are a critical population in our community.   Therefore, CSSHRM has focused on providing these individuals with the skills and supports they need to find successful employment.   In 2012 CSSHRM partnered with ESGR and other community organizations to provide the first Military Veterans Employment Expo (MVEE) in Colorado Springs.   During this 3-day event, CSSHRM supplied Human Resource mentors to coach participants in interviewing and resume writing.    During the MVEE CSSHRM discovered many of the participants did not meet our criteria for CSSHRM membership.   In 2013 we expanded our bylaws to include additional CSSHRM membership opportunities.  In 2013 we were again contacted to provide HR support and expertise at the Colorado Springs MVEE.  Partnering with the ESGR, City of Colorado Springs and other community organizations we provided HR mentors to support the participants in their employment needs.   This year CSSHRM is expanding their focus to include employment of military spouses.   Since the success of families contributes to the success of communities we have begun to focus on expanding our scope to include military spouses.    We will begin expanding this initiative through education on the advantages of employing military and their spouses at our Annual Law Update in October.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Cullman Area SHRM

Relaunch CSHRM 2013

It was determined that 2013 would be a year of renewal for our chapter, its charter and its purpose.  While our Chapter had existed since 2001 (#598) as a professional organization, the quality of professional development was lacking, growth wasn't existent, and the Chapter didn't have initiatives and a vision.  Key initiatives that were taken was to rebrand the chapter, develop needed access and communication tools and reorganize its leadership so the Chapter could function and grow more effectively.  At this application, all three of these objectives have been met along with improvement in our professional development training, community business partnership and community outreach.  We are once again supporting the Foundation with fundraisers, having committee chairs focus on the elements of certification, foundation, legislative affairs and workforce readiness to name a few.  We have established a Chapter logo, website and grown our membership 60+% this year, which is a challenge in our small community.  This has been accomplished through creating a more professional Chapter presence in the community, partnering with our city/county economic development team and offering classes such as HR 101 for small businesses in the community who don't have professional HR staff positions.  Additionally, we increased our visibility by co-sponsoring a MusicFest event to help raise money for Daystar House Inc. which is a home for abused women and children.  Additionally our Board Officers were given the authority to direct and promote the Chapter and all objectives have resulted in membership growth both professionally and numerically.



Workforce Readiness "Veterans Initiative"

DallasHR is proud to submit our application for the 2013 Pinnacle Award.  Our program, the Workforce Readiness “Veterans Initiative,” began in 2011 when the Workforce Readiness Committee was charged with finding an avenue to provide volunteer services.    We charted a course to leverage the specialized abilities of our members with the primary goal to make a significant difference in an individual’s life. It was important that our volunteers learn what their efforts accomplished, thereby creating momentum for volunteering more of their time and/or efforts and attracting new volunteers.     With those objectives in mind, some members mentioned they would like to work with veterans. In 2012 we contacted the Employer Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR). We attended job fairs; visiting with veterans regarding issues they had seeking employment. And while these efforts were valiant, they did not fully satisfy the goals the committee wanted to attain. About the same time, other committee members participated in the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.    Soon we identified a critical need for our nation’s unsung heroes.  One of our committee members is acquainted with the son of Roger Staubach. Mr. Staubach, a veteran himself, founded a non-profit organization called Allies in Service (AIS). The mission of AIS includes a broad array of support and services to veterans. With the help of this amazing organization, the committee recognized an extraordinary partnership opportunity to utilize the HR talent and graciousness of DallasHR volunteers to lend assistance to veterans transitioning into civilian employment.


East Central Indiana Human Resource Association

Catalyst for Empowering Women

CATALYST FOR EMPOWERING WOMEN-April 2013.     Catalyst is an educational and professional development symposium for women in all walks of life in need of resources and tools regarding career and job search, financial education, and overall health and wellness information.    For the past two years, ECIHRA has built a partnership with the Catalyst organizers to deliver career advice, job search resources, as well as deliver professional presentations and education to the female participants of Catalyst.  This included three separate events: Pre-Catalyst, Catalyst, and Post-Catalyst.    Catalyst for Empowering Women was begun in 2011 by a group of forward-thinking women in our community who knew there was a need for professional development, education and training especially for the under-served groups of women including those re-entering the workforce following divorce or child-rearing, incarceration, domestic abuse, and the unemployed or under-employed.      Pre-Catalyst activities included a training session on Professional Image and Presentation, developed and delivered by ECIHRA members to a group of 80 women. The purpose was to prepare the women to confidently and successfully attend the major Catalyst Event. ECIHRA members also presented at the main event, Job Search Strategies & Tools for Beginners & Women in Transition, that was attended by close to 25 women.  In addition, they coordinated the collaboration with the Career Center at Ball State University to provide career and job search advice alongside members of ECIHRA at the all-day Passport to Wellness Fair during Catalyst.  In total, over 300 women were assisted.


El Paso Society for Human Resources Management

EPSHRM and UTEP Professional Programs: Advancing the HR Profession

The El Paso Society for Human Resources (EPSHRM), Chapter 292 is located on the United States/Mexico Border and lies right on the cusp of West Texas and Southern New Mexico.  This local SHRM affiliate chapter, EPSHRM, serves over 200 members throughout the region. In the summer of 2011, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), the UT System’s 4th largest public higher educational institution and EPSHRM set forth on a joint collaboration to begin the HR Professional Programs: Advancing the HR Profession initiative.  This initiative came about in order to become the premier provider of comprehensive educational, professional, and personal HR enrichment programs within our region primarily focused on serving the continuing education and ongoing development needs of the local HR community by taking the region’s largest institution of higher education  and the region’s largest SHRM affiliate chapter and forming a Curriculum Committee in order to disseminate HR knowledge by bringing in nationwide subject matter experts to facilitate courses in El Paso, TX, partner with UTEP’s Public and Professional Programs for marketing, and of course, offer HRCI credits to the certified professional.  All in all, this initiative provided a total of 28 HRCI credits throughout a span of 3 years.  As of September 2013, this initiative has offered training to over 166 professionals throughout a 3 year period.   The HR Professional Program initiative is working on an additional course for the remainder of the year and an additional 2 courses in 2014 coinciding with the spring and fall semesters.


Greenville SHRM

Diversity Workshop

The Greenville SHRM Chapter made a commitment, not only to increase minority representation in its membership, but to also create opportunities for HR Professionals to gain knowledge in diversity topics, and learn best practices that could launch or enhance diversity/inclusion initiatives within their organization. In 2012, the committee compiled a Diversity Workshop that consisted of several topics surrounding leveraging diversity and understanding some of the legal aspects of it.


Greenville Society for Human Resource Management

New Membership and Retention Program

Launching from the Chapter President, theme of “The Year of the Member,” the Membership Committee embarked on a mission to exceed the requirements of the gold award in the SHAPE Program by increasing our membership 3% or greater.


High Country Human Resource Association


In October 2012, the High Country Human Resource Association (HCHRA)was approached by the Vail Valley Foundation, a philanthropic organization, to lead an effort to help all children in our community be prepared to start school at age five. VVF's research on this subject revealed that the number one indicator of success for young children in school was meaningful parental involvement in their early learning. The foundation recognized that for parents to be involved in their children's early leaning; they had to have time to spend with their children. The VVF asked HCHRA if we would lead the effort to engage the local business community in discussions about what employers could do to allow parents more time with their kids. In January of 2013, HCHRA partnered with VVF and our local chamber of commerce and launched Work.Play.Grow, an initiative to make Eagle County the best place in Colorado to work, play and grow a family and/or business. The group conducted a Workflex Survey to determine what workplace flexibility options our local employees already enjoyed and which options they would find most helpful as they tried to balance work and life. We received 650  responses. HCHRA analyzed the data from the survey and presented our findings at a meeting attended by forty-five businesses. The long-term vision for Work.Play.Grow is to continue to educate local employers to the business benefits of offering workplace flexibility and providing HR professional assistance to all those that desire to do so.


HR Professionals of Central PA

Day on The Hill

The Legal and Legislative committee partnered with the College Relations committee to coordinate a student visit to the Pennsylvania's Capitol in Harrisburg.  50 Students from Shippensburg University's HR/Business program attended.  The visit included a tour of the capitol building, Q&A with a Senator Vance and Representative Grell.  Students were also able to observe a congressional hearing where fire and police union business representatives argued for legislative changes.  The day was concluded by meeting with several House of Representative staff members.


HR Tampa

HR Prodigy Group Internship Program

Workforce Readiness of HR Tampa has partnered with the Hillsborough County School System (HCSS), the 8th largest school system in the US to launch our first Human Resources (HR) Internship Program called, “The HR Prodigy Group.”  We targeted schools in underrepresented areas and sent our committee members into the classrooms to recruit 11th graders for the program where we found some of the brightest students in our community.    After the recruiting process, the 11th graders apply for the internship program by completing an application, writing an essay, and achieving a GPA of 3.0 or better.  Students are required to complete a 12-month program to be eligible for a scholarship.    Once accepted into the program, the interns are assigned a mentor, who will assist and encourage them throughout the program.  They are required to attend meetings of HR Tampa, attend designated meetings at different organizations in the community to learn how HR supports the business, and volunteer at a charitable organization.  The interns will be required to complete the “HR Crash Course” orientation, which covers foundational basics of Human Resources.  The internship program will end with a graduation ceremony and acknowledgment of scholarship winners.      We made a commitment to create this program for our younger generation, with a result of more students choosing the field of HR at the college level.  “The HR Prodigy Group” Internship Program will begin raising up our own breed of HR leaders beginning at the high school level-now, this is definitely “Advancing the Profession.”


HRACO (Human Resources Association of Central Ohio)

Legislative Meet and Greet

The Legislative Meet and Greet was held on April 9, 2013. The program was created to allow Central Ohio HR professionals an opportunity to meet their State Representatives and Senators in an informal setting to discuss pending HR legislation and other issues impacting the Central Ohio business community. The program was implemented by the Government Affairs Committee with Tony Fiore, the Director of Governmental Affairs for the Ohio SHRM State Council and a member of the Committee, taking the lead on coordinating the event. Tony invited State Representatives and Senators from districts in Central Ohio to participate. The discussions centered on everything from the Affordable Care Act and members’ concerns regarding increased costs to businesses with decreased care for employees to issues impacting proposed amendments to Ohio’s statutes regarding employment discrimination.


Human Resources Association – National Capitol Area

Legislative Webinars

The HRA-NCA has a rich history, dating back to 1945, as a professional organization and leader in supporting the field of human resource management. Today, its membership includes not only practitioners of human resources, but also HR consultants and vendors,educators who teach the next generation of HR professionals,employees of executive search firms, and students. The organization continuously seeks opportunities to participate in and collaborate with other organizations to further professional training and develop initiatives for human resource professionals.  The opportunity to submit this application for the Pinnacle Award is yet another indication of the HRA-NCA’s commitment to excellence in delivering timely and quality professional training for HR professionals. The Chapter established an independent committee to review all programs from the last year (total of 11) to ensure objectivity in the selection process and that the program nominated categorically met the criteria outlined in award package.  The committee reviewed each program and met with key Chapter officers to discuss their findings. The committee’s review required relying on metrics that were predictive and show the value of the program nominated. The nominated program, The Legislative Webinar Series, is a new addition to the Chapter’s programs, and is not replacing any other programming.  Given the program’s subject matter, participants were able to apply their knowledge immediately to their business-planning processes. Attendance increased from the first webinar to the third by more than 30%, and it is expected that the participation will continue to increase. The implementation of the program was innovative and seamless.


HRMA of Southwest Florida

Employer Boot Camp - "Hiring Today's Military"

The program was designed to encourage the hiring of Veterans while removing some of the bias and inaccuracies regarding post traumatic stress disorder.  As a Chapter, HRMA felt removing some of this bias was very important to the community, to HR, and to the Veterans of this area.


Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association

Respecting Differences Conference

Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA) has partnered with Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College, City of Kalamazoo, City of Portage, Kalamazoo County and Kalamazoo Community Mental Health Substance Abuse Services to provide diversity education to businesses and the citizens of southwestern Michigan.  The sole purpose of this conference is to heighten the awareness of diversity. This conference has been successful since its beginning in 1999.  KHRMA is proud to be a sponsoring partner of this event and wholeheartedly plans to continue this proud tradition for the foreseeable future.


Lake Washington Human Resource Association

So You Want to Start a Mentoring Program

Since 2008, over 100 members of LWHRA have participated in the chapter’s formal mentoring program. The mentorship program is extremely successful, with recognized benefits for both the individual participants and the chapter. Mentees use their participation in the mentorship program to develop their HR knowledge and skills. An informal network of current and past mentorship participants has developed to share best practices, HR knowledge and employment opportunities.    For LWHRA, the mentorship program has become a way to discover and nurture emerging HR leaders within the chapter membership. Former mentorship program participants have become chapter volunteers, taking on roles of responsibility such as chairing a committee or serving on the Board of Directors. A former mentee was chosen as Volunteer of the Year. Another was honored with the President’s Cup Award for their volunteer service to the chapter. One of the first mentees in the redesigned mentorship program is currently President-elect for the chapter. News about the mentorship program has spread within the local HR community, and the mentorship program has become a membership draw for local SHRM members to affiliate with LWHRA as their chapter.    As a contribution to other SHRM chapters who want to reap the benefits of starting and running their own mentorship program, LWHRA is publishing a how-to guide, available to any SHRM chapter, on starting a mentorship program. The working title for the guide is “So You Want to Start a Mentoring Program” with an expected publication date of Q1 2014.


Lincoln HRMA

1st Job-Lincoln

The inaugural 1st Job-Lincoln initiative provided paid summer internship opportunities to Lincoln high school youth, beginning with a pilot program targeting the information technology field. The two primary goals were to:  (1) help prepare a foundation for youth who are seeking a career in this field, and (2) provide employers an opportunity to seek out qualified candidates for future employment needs.  1st Job-Lincoln sought out “Champion Employers” who “championed the way” for our community’s youth to access a professional on-the-job experience at an early age.  LHRMA’s Workforce Readiness Committee (WRC) worked closely with both participating students and Champion Employers before and during the internship experience to ensure students were well prepared to enter the job site and to assist the Champion Employers with any concerns or challenges encountered during the students’ summer employment.  Event activities were developed and coordinated by the WRC from April 2013 to August 2013.  These included:      •Facebook page to journal the project (,  •“Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work,”  •Application Assistance Day, including practice  interviews,  •Presentation at Champion Employer luncheon  on “How to Have a Win-Win Internship,”  •Job fair for students to meet prospective employers,  •Celebration event to present awards to Champion Employers and certificates to students,   •Two formal surveys were conducted with Champion Employers, and students completed an exit survey.    The Lincoln Journal Star newspaper published two articles regarding the 1st Job-Lincoln project ( Job-Lincoln)    Our success is largely measured by the community’s expressed desire for LHRMA to not only continue but expand the project.


Louisville SHRM (LSHRM)

Collaboration with the Mayor's SummerWorks Program

Kentuckiana Works, the state government's Workforce entity, asked LSHRM to partner on the Mayor’s SummerWorks Program in January of 2013. The goal of the Summerworks Program was to help 800 young people ages 16-21 obtain employment for the Summer of 2013.   LSHRM assisted from February to August 2013 with 12 different professional development events where LSHRM volunteers  prepared and developed our community's youth by assisting them with completing applications, creating/refining resumes, interview training, navigating an online job search and general career coaching.     Through LSHRM’s career training program and partnering with the Mayor’s SummerWorks Program, over 1500 youth secured summer jobs, nearly doubling the initial goal.


Miami Valley HR Association

Veterans Employment and Training Workshops

Two years ago SHRM recommended two initiatives: Junior Achievement and involvement with Veterans. Interestingly enough, our community’s largest employer is the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. As a result, we have a strong Veteran population. When the State of Ohio cancelled funding for local Veteran training, Miami Valley HR Association knew it was our calling to make a difference and to help provide job seeker’s training for our local Veterans!  Our training program is different from the State’s previous program in that we partner with a wide variety of constituents to make this program as robust and meaningful as possible.  Not only do we involve the Chapter, but we target community HR professionals who have served in the military and know first-hand the challenges associated with being in transition from their military careers.  As well, we also enlist the support of area companies that specifically hire vets as a target recruiting population to participate in conducting mock interviews. Our wide variety of volunteers (both from the Chapter as well as from the community at large) are able to provide insight from a corporate and personal perspective, and provide hands-on training regarding resume building and interview skills.  The training workshops have captured the attention of local media, local government agencies and Veterans over 70 miles away.   Since 2012, MVHRA along with the assistance of CareSource and the local Beavercreek VFW, has hosted eight (8) training workshops (each workshop is two days long).


Michiana SHRM

Exploring Diversity in Michiana

In 2010 the Michiana SHRM Chapter Diversity Representative formed the Diversity Committee with volunteers from our chapter.  The committee realized Diversity and Inclusion were not being promoted within our community, and we had the resources to make a significant impact on this issue.   Our Chapter made a commitment to establish robust Diversity initiatives to our SHRM community and area leaders.  The intent the initiative “Exploring Diversity in Michiana” was threefold:  gain insight from our membership into their current programs and needs, provide a series of educational programs on related topics, and build strong partnerships with area non-profit organizations that we could assist with enforcing the importance of creating Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.  Since 2010, the committee has worked diligently to organize a variety of initiatives to our membership, employers and community leaders.    • Established formal chapter committee in 2010  • Conducted in-depth Diversity and Inclusion surveys in 2011/2012  • Hosted Diversity Webinars in 2011/2012  • Dedicated education track at 2012/2013 Annual Conference  • Built Partnerships with Business Leaders Network (BLN), Business Advisory Council (BAC) and Goodwill Industries  • Wrote and Published Newsletter Articles     It is through the hard work and leadership of our chapter and committee that we have been able to bring the importance of Diversity and Inclusion to the forefront of organizations in our community.   These events have proven to be of great success, validating their need.  Our committee is hard at work planning future initiatives to insure we sustain the momentum!


Mid-Florida SHRM
Serve The Community

Mid-Florida SHRM’s goal is to become a trusted resource on HR matters for the community and become the “go-to” partner for providing workforce readiness services in Polk County.  Accomplishments that positioned MFSHRM for success included:    MFSHRM partnered with the local workforce agency to promote a common goal of reducing the unemployment levels in Polk County.   Companies were to work towards the goal of filling 10,000 jobs by June 30, 2013.  MFSHRM promoted the initiative at each monthly meeting and encouraged our member employers to become involved.  Through MFSHRM’s members’ efforts, we exceeded the goal by filling 10,488 openings and garnered personal recognition from Florida Governor Rick Scott!   MFSHRM was featured as the premier provider of free services to attendees at a local job fair.  Seven MFSHRM volunteers met with over 300 unemployed or underemployed college graduates to provide dress for success and interview tips, mock behavioral interviews and resume critiques.   MFSHRM members authored the cover article in the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce magazine (  The article reached a circulation of 3,875 and led to an invitation to serve as an expert panel at a small business forum. Three chapter members spoke to over 20 business owners on the topics of recruiting, compliance, and training.    We partnered with the area's leading radio group to air sixty 60-second spots on the leading talk radio station of our area.  These spots featured human resource information geared to the business community.  Three chapter members wrote and recorded the spots which aired over four weeks.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Morris County SHRM

Project Connect

Project Connect is a grant funded, free job reentry program created for veterans with mobility disabilities and cognitive impairments. The program’s aim is to assist NJ and PA veterans, guard and reservists with their successful transition to enter or return to civilian employment. Achieving two grant awards in a three-year period, Project Connect served over 550 returning veterans with disabilities through the partnership efforts of JEVS, JVS, Tip of the Arrow Foundation and the Garden State Council-SHRM, placing those ready for meaningful employment and providing follow-up retention support.   The program provides a variety of vocational and employment readiness supports critically needed by returning veterans who present a range of physical injuries and permanent disabilities, and require personalized transition support to successfully obtain and retain employment.  Supports include vocational assessment, career counseling, short-term skill training, internships, community-based assessment, job placement, job search training and referrals for other appropriate services - including medical care.  Leveraging the strength, skills, and highly networked resources of the four delivery organizations, Project Connect works closely with many community,  non-profit, educational and government based partners.  These include: the NJ ESGR, Department of Labor One-Stop Career Centers, along with community-based reserve and warrior transition units at ASA Dix and National Guard armories in NJ. Their mission is to provide “foot in the door” employment opportunities for veterans to regain self-sufficiency and self-esteem, while being of value to an organization that recognizes their talents, skills and abilities.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

NIHRA Northeast IN HR Assn

HR Joins the Ranks: Training & Jobs for our Heroes

We couldn't watch the daily news without seeing coverage of the challenges facing our returning veterans. Unemployment for this sector had continued to grow and impact them and their families. (11% to 25%, to a startling 38% for ages 18 to 24) Indiana also had the burden of one of the highest percent of National Guard/Reservists in the US. Many helped keep us safe thru 9/11, served overseas and upon their return found it difficult to find a job.  At the same time, Employers and Human Resources were striving for the very best quality candidates/new hires moving their organizations forward. Our chapter saw a natural link and opportunity for us to prepare and thus Advancing our HR profession as expert trainers for our veterans.   Because of this need, and opportunity, we formed a NIHRA Workforce Readiness committee “HR Joins the Ranks” and began developing strong partnerships throughout the state. We realized that this was a daunting task and to make a positive impact we would need a 1, 2 and 3 year plan; better helping to meet the needs of our veterans/spouses, HR professionals, Employers and thus our communities.     After 3 years, NIHRA has certainly become a strong professional leader in providing skills development, career fairs, networking events; benefiting employers, military, veterans and spouses. We believe strongly that the work of NIHRA in support the military is especially valuable for us all and we look forward to continuing to help make a difference in our communities through our programs.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner



When the 2013 NOARK board met in November, we saw a need to make changes to our chapter.  The last couple of years had produced little growth in membership and members were voicing discontent in the value they were getting from their NOARK & SHRM memberships.  The NOARK board developed our strategic plan with several key goals we wanted to accomplish through the year:  •Educate members on the value of their NOARK & SHRM memberships  •Offer additional opportunities to increase HR knowledge and network with fellow HR professionals   •Launch a manager’s conference to train managers in core leadership areas  •Utilize social and traditional media to promote the NOARK brand and various chapter events   •Assist others in the community  •Increase membership  The NOARK board worked as a team to always keep the focus on our members throughout the year and make decisions based on the value it would add to their membership. As of September, NOARK became the largest SHRM chapter in Arkansas with a 20% growth in NOARK membership and a 18% growth in SHRM Membership, offered a seminar titled Advocacy in Action to educate members on monitoring the legislative process and contacting government representatives on HR related issues, hosted 2 networking happy hours for the SHRM Foundation, trained members on the resources that were available to them on the NOARK and SHRM websites, launched a manager's conference with over 100 attendees, and has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to host Resume CPR and Interview Preparation later this fall.


North Carolina Coastal SHRM

NCC SHRM Oklahoma City Tornado Relief

Sometimes there are things in life that are immeasurable. We at NC Coastal SHEM think our national memberships are among one of those things. It's not all about the information that's available right at our fingertips, the policies and procedures and updates on the latest rules and regulations. It's about the camaraderie that we get as HR Professionals the relationships we build that allow us the freedom to pick up the phone and ask our fellow HR Professionals for help. An even better thing is when they know you need help and call and ask you before you have the chance to.   Our chapter and board members watched in awe as we saw the devastation on the news when the tornadoes struck Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities. Being that most of our members are from Eastern NC and survivors of Hurricane Floyd in 1999 we understand how displaced people can be after natural disasters and how we as Human Resource Professionals feel the need to help others especially our employees. We knew right away we had to do something. We searched the SHRM database and contacted the Oklahoma City Human Resource Society and let them know we were here to help. Our members and other chapters in our district really stepped up raising over $1,000 and shipping over 7 pallets filled with food, clothing and other supplies. Proving our point that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to examining the value of your SHRM Membership.


Northland Human  Resource Association

Student Mentorship Program

The Northland Human Resource Association (NHRA) Pinnacle Award initiative is our Student Mentorship Program.  Created in 2012, our program has connected dozens of HR students with local professional SHRM chapter members already working in the HR field.  The program filled a need by helping to bridge the gap between the university and professional worlds for HR students by providing them with exposure to real-life HR environments and challenges. We have actively evaluated the program every step of the way, and survey data backs up that students and mentors have embraced the program. To date, a few of the deliverables of the program have included:    ·The fostering of further interest in the students to enter the HR profession by giving them insight into the specific areas of HR they’re interested in;  ·The establishment of closer ties between the local SHRM chapter and SHRM students;  ·An increase in the participation of young professionals at the local SHRM chapter level; and  ·Substantial volunteer opportunities for the local SHRM chapter to give back in a meaningful way to the HR profession.    We continue to measure and make changes to enhance value for all participants. We look forward to continuing to improve this initiative, and are excited as a local SHRM chapter to continue developing a long-term, self-sustaining program in partnership with local SHRM students.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Northshore Region Human Resource Association

St. Tammany Parish Drug Court Participant Mentoring and Education Program

In St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana, the 22nd Judicial Court conducts an alternative program to incarceration for those convicted of non-violent, drug-related offenses.   These offenders are sentenced to an intensive treatment program instead of going to jail.  They are monitored weekly by the presiding Judge, a series of case managers, and probation officers.  They have to attend classes, AA meetings, submit to rigorous drug testing and become gainfully employed, if they are not already.  This population in the Northshore community is affected by several impediments to employment including disability (past substance abuse issue) and felony convictions. Substance abuse and suicide resulting from substance abuse is one of the largest problems in St. Tammany Parish.      On a quarterly basis, members of the Northshore Region Human Resource Association, met with drug court participants in a small group or one-on-one basis to review proper interview attire, proper completion of applications, resume review and instruct them on being prepared for interviews, as well as how to sell themselves as the best candidate for a job and how to present their case to an employer and get that employer to take a chance on someone with a drug history and conviction.     Many of the participants were very productive members of society with good jobs, families and friends.  The Northshore Region Human Resource Association's goal was to assist these individuals in once again obtaining meaningful employment and helping some of them to obtain better employment then they currently have.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner


Special Interest Groups

The Northern Virginia Society of Human Resource Management (NOVA SHRM) created the  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) over fifteen years ago to serve the HR professional by providing programming complementary to the chapter’s monthly meetings, offering valuable opportunities to network, share best practices, and acquire and develop HR knowledge in a more focused, intimate group setting.  The SIGs are thoughtfully designed and aligned with national SHRM’s identified disciplines to cover a wide range of topics so HR professionals can select from an array of programs relevant to their area(s) of interest.    Today, NOVA SHRM operates seven SIGs covering the following areas of HR: Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development, Talent Acquisition & Management, Employee Relations, International HR, Government Contracting, and Senior HR. Of special note is the Government Contracting SIG, a group with a unique focus given the chapter’s proximity to the nation’s capital where politics, policy and business intersect, creating exceptional challenges for HR professionals. These groups host speaker or facilitated sessions that allow individuals to stay current on the latest trends in their field while receiving recertification credits to maintain their Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) designation.    Success of the SIGs is measured by the overall attendee satisfaction rating (3.6 out of 4.0), the volume (28+) of quality SIG programs delivered annually to nearly 800 participants, and the revenue generated (up to $4000 annually) from non-member registration fees over the past two years.


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Philadelphia SHRM

Emerging Leaders Initiative

In 2008 the Philadelphia Regional SHRM Chapter noticed there was a gap with converting student members from area schools and sponsored chapters into active full members of Philly SHRM. The then Scholarship Committee met with PSHRM leadership on how it could better engage its student members and involve HR professionals early in their career with the chapter to grow membership and create a pipeline for future leaders. Out of that discussion the Emerging Leaders initiative and committee was formed.  The Emerging Leaders Initiative of Philly SHRM focuses on individuals with 0 – 8 years of experience in the HR profession by providing them developmental, networking, recognition, and leadership opportunities. During the few years of the committee’s existence it has grown Philly SHRM’s membership in that population almost 40% and has helped raise over $14,000 in additional revenue for the chapter since 2012. Emerging Leaders is comprised of 17 committee members, holds five formal programs annually, creates mentors for future HR Professionals, and leadership training for student HR leaders. In addition to benefiting entry level HR professionals Emerging Leaders focused on helping individuals obtain employment during the economic downturn by providing free career training to over 300 individuals through its Career Development Series.  Emerging Leaders has quickly become an integral part in growing Philly SHRM. It now partners with five area student SHRM chapters (two of which were started in conjunction with the Emerging Leaders Group) and is currently working with a 6th school to launch an affiliated student SHRM chapter.


Pittsburgh HRA

PHRA Scholarship Fund

In 2012, PHRA President Steve Korbel envisioned a scholarship program that would subsidize the cost of the HRCI certification preparation course offered by the PHRA each spring and fall. The scholarship program will provide the successful applicant or applicants the opportunity to grow professionally to advance both the applicant’s career and the human resources profession.  The PHRA is pleased to announce that it launched the PHRA Scholarship Fund in 2013 to support our membership’s pursuit of professional certification.


Prince William Chapter

Meeting Consortium Agreement

Prince William, Farquier / Culpepper and Leesburg SHRM Chapters had a need of expanding our membership and being able to provide more programs to our members.   The three chapters created a Meeting Consortium Agreement to allow each chapters' members to attend events offered by the other chapter at the same discounted member rate.   The agreement provides an opportunity for us to reach a larger HR audience.   In addition, attract speakers and sponsors.


Sacramento Area Human Resource Association

Workforce Readiness in our Schools

We believe our SAHRA submission is an outstanding contribution that meets the strategic programs of SHRM. It is our supposition that our submission meets the Advancing the HR Profession.Partnering with a local high school in April, 2013, SAHRA was asked to set up a four hour workshop for 400 seniors one month prior to their graduation. This effort was needed in less than 8 weeks and it was important to quickly find volunteers who were able to see the initiative through to its final result.  The SAHRA team of 15 volunteers designed and developed a presentation that included several topics: Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Business Etiquette, Getting a job with the State of California, and Social Media- the good the bad and the ugly.  The team felt this program embodied the objectives of SAHRA’s Workforce Readiness initiative, by creating educational opportunities in our community to help students ready themselves for success as our future leaders. Ultimately, the workshop was a huge success.


Salina Human Resource Management Association

SHRMA Regional Job Shadow Day

The Salina Human Resource Management Association partnered with the Smoky Hill Education Service Center, Salina Area Technical College and Salina Area Chamber of Commerce created the Regional Job Shadow Day. This event offered a unique, in-depth and behind the scenes at local business and industry to high school students from school districts surrounding Salina. The project was hosted by Salina Area Technical College on Wednesday, March 6, 2013.     The purpose of the project is to expose current high school students enrolled in career and technical education pathways to both the educational and career opportunities that exist in Salina. The students were split into three different pathways; manufacturing, construction and healthcare. Each pathway group received tours and information highlighting each company’s unique processes, long term employment opportunities and how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is used at each location on a daily basis. The companies that hosted students are Salina Vortex, Philips Lighting, Crestwood Cabinetry, Harbin Construction, Salina Regional Health Center and the KU School of Medicine in Salina.     In addition to the tours, during lunch, members of the Salina Human Resource Management Association will gave a presentation and skit to the students on the importance of employability skills in the job market.


Salt Lake SHRM

Developing the Next Generation of HR Professionals

Salt Lake SHRM’s Pinnacle Project focused on advancing the HR profession through developing the next generation of HR professionals. Specifically, we focused on initiatives which would develop competence, skills, attitudes and behaviors in preparation for future roles as HR professionals. Two programs were developed to help accomplish this objective:  A formalized mentor program and an employment workshop with clients at substance abuse facilities. Both of these programs are fully developed, documented, and highly transferable to other affiliate chapters.    Mentor Program – Salt Lake SHRM’s Director of College Relations worked with the University of Utah SHRM student chapter president and the faculty advisor to create a mentor program where students have the opportunity to develop confidence working with professionals, expand their knowledge of the field of human resources, learn skills for solving real-world HR challenges, and explore opportunities available in the HR profession.     Substance Abuse Facilities Employment Workshop – Salt Lake SHRM reached out to a typically underserved segment of our community (substance abuse home clients). We delivered an employment workshop focused on principles of inclusion, diversity, and workforce readiness.  Salt Lake SHRM student chapter members developed 15-20 minute employment breakout sessions on job searching, resume writing, professional appearance and interview skills. These breakout sessions were presented to over 60 clients at two different facilities.    Salt Lake SHRM is an organization ready, willing, able, and eager to contribute to the well-being of our city, our people, and our business community by proactively preparing the next generation of HR professionals.


San Diego SHRM

SD SHRM Media and PR Initiative

"In pursuit of global workplace excellence, San Diego SHRM guides the advancement, and is the voice of, the human resource profession through consistently engaging our members in experiences which are relevant and valuable to successfully navigating our careers,” is the commitment of San Diego SHRM.  The board committed as a group to following this commitment and the strategy developed to execute for a rolling three year period so that we could begin to enjoy the fruits of execution as well as planning.  2013 was focused on delivering tools and techniques to create excellence and involved us in re-vitalizing our brand and image and in developing relationships with media partners to enhance our visibility and  business community awareness about what SD SHRM offers. Thus the SD SHRM Media and PR Initiative was born.  It included four main components developed to align effort, thought and deed on the target of enhanced visibility.  The right talent was recruited to assist the board in looking at the brand and refreshing it, aggressively reaching out to print media in San Diego and engaging in building relationships, linking our programming to specific competency development to create a story; and reaching out to establish relationships with previously untapped media partners.  The end result includes relationships with each newspaper in San Diego, a new twice monthly internet radio show, a new "look and feel” to SD SHRM and this week brought a reporter and crew to us to get our expert HR opinion for the 5 o’clock new.


Shenandoah Valley SHRM

“How to Prospect, Approach, and help Create College Student Chapter Partnerships”

In this Pinnacle Award submission SV SHRM is using a case study example of a three year college relations activity to share an example of a successful program that we strongly believe is readily transferable to other affiliates.   The ultimate project outcome would be the addition of a: “How to Prospect, Approach, and help Create College Student Chapter Partnerships” to the National SHRM support offerings.    Why College Relations?    SHRM does an excellent job of outlining programs and providing tools for colleges to form a chapter, but:  There are no materials existing to help a chapter form a relationship with colleges  A need exists to:  •Provide a relationship prescription for SHRM Chapters outlining:  •Identify the value of the relationship for all parties  •Identify opportunities and qualifying resource allocation  •Suggesting cost effective ways to support the relationship  This submission provides a prescription to satisfy all of those elements and includes the information needed for implementation of new college relations chapters and dynamic support for existing chapters. The advantages are significant for both the college and host chapters!


SHRM Long Island

SHRM-LI's Virtual Human Resource Assistant Program

Unique!  Fun!  Educational!  Partnerships!  are the four words which described the SHRM-LI's Virtual Human Resource Assistant Program (VHR).  In 2012, our Workforce Readiness Committee set out to create an innovative virtual internship program that would introduce  high school students to human resources careers while building workforce readiness skills for the future.  The fictitious company, TechnoBeats International, became the virtual office for the students, teachers and SHRM-LI member volunteers to collaborate together in completing ten instructional tasks and a marketing brochure for Human Resource careers.  The Workforce Readiness Committee created a playbook of tasks, a media PowerPoint for class presentations and a website for 24/7 online access to resources.  In the first year of operation, 180 students in 6 high schools were engaged by 25 human resources professionals in a real world experience such as (1) developing communications skills, (2) utilizing critical thinking and problem solving skills, (3) practicing entry level human resources tasks and (4) learning about the wonderful career path of human resources professionals.  Students who successfully completed the training tasks received the "VHR" credential for their resumes and ePortfolios.  The Virtual Human Resource Assistant program is a "Win-Win" activity for all SHRM Chapters as it brings together the business and educational world in the development of the future talent for our corporations.


SHRM-GT SHRM of Greater Tucson

2013 Innovation in the Workplace Celebration

SHRM of Greater Tucson has been an active chapter in the Tucson region for many years. The board has never been hesitant to adapt to new programs to ensure our relevance to the Tucson business community.   SHRM-GT had a successful annual awards program called Workplace Excellence for many years. The event attracted HR professionals and business leaders, and made money; however, its relevance was being questioned. Historically awards went to large public and private organizations. We had feedback that smaller organizations and their HR professionals felt it increasing hard to compete. Competition was not the goal. We clarified our goals of recognition of effort, impact and best practice. Further outreach confirmed that we could do better. In addition, in response to the current work environment we determined that innovation is a key to future success. Innovation can occur at all levels of an organization, in all size organizations and not just by HR professionals. We did not hold an awards program in 2012 so we could refocus and rebrand a new more relevant program-Celebrating Innovation in the Workplace. On March 12, 2013 we held our event with great response. Over 300 members of the business community attended. Innovation awards recognize organizations at all levels in the areas of Technology, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Impact and Leadership. A national keynote speaker added value to HR and business professional who attended. Our goal of reaching out and recognizing all size organizations and varied industries was achieved. We were innovative, committed and successful!


2013 Pinnacle Award Winner

Sooner Human Resources Society

Smart Work Ethics:  Taking Responsibility in the Work Place

Our journey began with a consistent message from our business community and professionals that today’s employees did not have life skills needed to advance them past entry level positions.  Recognizing this as a deficit in our community, our SHRM affiliated chapter, the Sooner Human Resources Society (SHRS), partnered with the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (COWIB) to establish methodology for creating a “Work Ready Certificate” for individuals successfully completing a Smart Work Ethics program to share with prospective employers.  The Smart Work Ethics Program provided effective steps for personal responsibility in the work place including experiential training of communication, attitude, work ethic, professional image, organization skills and personal life skills.   Our chapter members became trainers of the program thus becoming Smart Work Ethics agents for the business and industry community.  SHRS board and community members effectively completed the training program and then began working with the COWIB and Career Tech to market and engage business and industry owners to train company employees.    As a result of our chapter’s voluntary hours and commitment, our chapter was recognized with the 2012 Business Leaders of the Year Award.  This award included a Governor’s Commendation for its business driven leadership that it provided to the workforce development system.  The Governor’s Commendation stated that SHRS helped the productivity of the economy and helped our state be a better place to live. The commendation was signed by the Governor, Mary Fallin and was presented to our chapter at the Oklahoma State Capitol.


South Central Indiana Human Resource Association (SCIHRA)

SCIHRA Family Fun & Wellness Fair

The South Central Indiana Human Resource Association (SCIHRA) Family Fun & Wellness Fair is in its third year serving the South Central Indiana community.  The goal of the event is to provide health screenings, educational resources, and promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle all in one location!     This event offers demonstrations, resources, healthy tips, various free screenings and Ident-A-Kid Child ID Program. It is F-U-N, and most importantly FREE!   SCIHRA hosts 40 – 50 vendors, 5 – 10 demonstrations and over 200 participants.  Many local businesses, organizations and SCIHRA members are in attendance.  Generally the most popular fair exhibits are those that provide a hands-on activity or an actual health assessment. Fairgoers like to interact! Giveaways and prizes are always popular too.


St. Croix Valley Employers Association

The Next Generation Employee

The St. Croix Valley Employers Association SHRM Chapter created an initiative to educate, inform, and further develop the leadership skills of HR Professionals, Business Owners, Supervisors and Managers in the local area.  This was to add to our annual Labor Law Clinic and reach out beyond HR professionals.  The seminar, The Next Generation Employee was held in May of 2013 and met or exceeded each goal that our committee set for the event.  We kicked off the event with the presentation Generations Together in the Workplace:  A Love/Hate Relationship? which focused on effective strategies for bringing the generations of your workplace together.  Our next topic was Leveraging LinkedIn for HR and Business Development.  Continuing on with the Social Media theme, the third topic in the seminar was titled Using Social Media for Employment Background Checks, and was presented by a local employment attorney.  Our final topic was Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It which centered on what the next generation of employees is looking for, the evolution of the workplace, how to manage the work instead of the people, changing workplace conversations and employee accountability.  The agenda for this seminar was fresh and unique, but also very important and timely.  We effectively injected fun and creativity into our marketing efforts, using the various Social Media channels and electronic marketing.  Overall it was a very successful initiative for our Chapter.


The Human Resource Association of the Midlands

Managing Diversity in the Workplace Certificate

Human Resource Association of the Midlands (HRAM) is pleased to have developed the Managing Diversity in the Workplace Certificate of Completion with partners Bellevue University, ConAgra Foods, and diversity professionals from other leading national corporations including, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and Food Lion.   The courses in the learning program provide front-line managers and Human Resource professionals with a solid foundation for leading and developing a diverse workforce by building an organizational culture of inclusivity that delivers measurable business results.  The Managing Diversity in the Workplace Certificate of Completion is so robust and provides such in-depth learning; it has been pre-approved by the HR Certification Institute for recertification credit. The course cluster has been awarded 36 strategic business credits from HR Certification Institute.    The courses in the Certificate of Completion program encourage real-world thinking about complex issues front-line managers and Human Resource professionals need to address today when leading a diverse workforce. These courses, offered 100% online for optimum convenience, include “Working Toward a Culture of Inclusion,” “Leading a Diverse Workforce,” and “Creating Value from Diversity in the Workplace.”


The Savannah Area Chapter of SHRM

E.R.A.S.E  (Employer Response: Act, Support, Engage)  the  Threat

As catastrophes and disasters grab continued heightened levels of media attention, regulators and communities are heavily scrutinizing employers over risk management and safety practices making effective employer policy, planning, and training more critical than ever in regard to Business Continuity, Business Impact Analysis, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Human Resources professionals are being placed in lead roles as strategic liaisons to create, assist, initiate, and support continuing employer operations under adverse conditions such as a storms, negligence, internal and external crime ( workplace/domestic violence and active shooters), and natural disaster.  Community leaders are primarily concerned with public safety and organizations are primarily concerned with business assets and ongoing operations - creating the “great divide.”   The learning curve of how to effectively address employer deficiencies and proactively assess potential liabilities during business disruption is large but is often assumed to be corporately and organizationally in place. The “E.R.A.S.E the Threat” (Employer Response: Act, Support, Engage)  training series  was created to furnish necessary components for human resource professionals through collaboration with TSAC-SHRM, United Way and Victim Witness, Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, public safety (county and municipality), fire/emergency medical services, and County and  State of Georgia Emergency Management agencies in developing organizational crisis response planning and policy  in support of  addressing the widespread adverse condition circular impact for the employer including employee support, corporate financial health, and return on investment all free of charge to requesting organizations.


Tri-County Human Resources Management Association

Project Education -- Chicora School of Communication

Education is a foundational key to our community's success.  Without a strong educational environment, it is difficult to attract new business and talent to our communities.  In that regard, the Tri-County Human Resources Management Association has been and remains committed to strengthening the educational environment in our community.      Each year, TCHRMA undertakes a multi-pronged approach to support educational endeavors in the three counties our chapter represents:  Dorchester, Berkeley and Charleston Counties.  In light of the financial challenges facing our school districts, part of the chapter's outreach includes a school supply drive each fall.     Recognizing that a global approach across all three counties each year can diminish, to some extent, the impact on any one school, the chapter decided this year to adopt one school in one district in one county to support.  TCHRMA will pick one school each year, rotating within the counties we represent,in an effort to maximize the support we give.    This year, TCHRMA chose the Chicora School of Communications to support.  Communication is another foundational key to success and a skill that is crucial for individuals entering the human resources profession.  Chicora School of Communications is an elementary charter school in North Charleston whose mission is to provide opportunities for students to develop their communication skills, making it a logical choice for TCHRMA to support this year.


Tuscaloosa Human Resource Professionals

Making Moments Matter

On April 27, 2013, the 2nd year anniversary of the devastating EF-4 Tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Human Resources Professionals participated in a strategic collaboration with its members, Comcast, Project Blessings and members of the Tuscaloosa community.    THRP though small in number was committed to making a difference while "Making Moments Matter" as HR Professionals.  In 2013, THRP leveraged an opportunity to again support Project Blessings and earn a donation from the Comcast Foundation for the SHRM Foundation.  As of the writing of this entry, we do not have the amount that will be donated to SHRM Foundation as the awards are given in late September/Early October each year.  However, we have received confirmation that the SHRM Foundation will receive a 2013 Comcast Foundation Award.  Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” THRP demonstrated that this was true and made a difference in the life of a family, a community as well as the HR Profession.


West Sound Human Resources Management Association (WSHRMA)

Preparing Veterans for Success

It should be no surprise that West Sound Human Resource Management Association (WSHRMA) is focused on working with Veterans.  The majority of our members and their employers are located in Kitsap County - home to Naval Base Kitsap which was created in 2004 by merging the former Naval Station Bremerton with Naval Submarine Base Bangor.  Naval Base Kitsap employees 13,000 active-duty personnel and is a very popular location for Veterans to retire when they complete their active military duty.    WSHRMA Board Members learned that many of the participants for the annual Worksource job fair show up completely unprepared to speak to employers, provide a resume, and apply online for a federal job.  It was our mission to create a workshop to help prepare our Veterans for success.  We partnered with local key players, implemented the workshop, and followed up our efforts by having a presence at the job fair to critique resumes.  Our Preparing Veterans for Success program was very successful and is most importantly, sustainable for years to come.


West Tennessee Society for Human Resource Management (WTSHRM)

Gaining Understanding in Disability Empowerment (G.U.I.D.E.) Conference

In 2012, The Executive Board of the West Tennessee Society of Human Resources committed the resources of the small chapter (60 members) to pursue a day-long conferences committed to educating attendees about the advantages of utilizing disabled individuals in meaningful workforce roles.  WTSHRM formed partnerships with a number of organizations in the community to make this conference a reality.  The conference was named G.U.I.D.E. Conference (Gaining Understanding In Disability Empowerment).     The intended audience included Human Resource professionals, non-profit organizations, business owners, business managers, and persons who would benefit from learning to effectively recruit, hire and retain individuals with disabilities.  Additionally, the principles of accommodation and awareness to the needs of the disabled could apply to customer or constituents with disabilities.  The conference included a showcase of the community resources available to support the employment of workers with disabilities.      To accomplish this lofty, multi-faceted objective, the conference committee divided its planning strategy into these segments:  identify audience, speakers and presenters, vendors, experiential element, confirmed success in employing the disabled, marketing, and promotion.  After the targeted audience was defined, speakers that would directly meet the conference’s goals were scheduled.  Targeted exhibitors, accomplished attorneys, presentations from workers with disabilities and on-site assistive technology, and ergonomic assessments worked to deliver an informative and motivating event for the attendees numbering over 70.  Success was measured in local media exposure and Chamber of Commerce newsletter, adding awareness to the HR profession.  Post-conference evaluations of those who attended were consistently supportive that we met our goals.


Western Arkansas Human Resource Association (WAHRA)

"Feed The Pigs"

WAHRA’s program is not innovative, intellectual, or even ingenious.  It is unoriginal, nonintellectual, and uncreative; yet can be very effective. By following the basic KISS Principle:  “keep it simple, stupid” has made WAHRA’s approach to educating, and enlightening, our members about the SHRM Foundation benefits while we encroached in unchartered territory and raised a little money for the Foundation.  If more SHRM Chapter affiliates embrace a similar  program using their own “Pig” as a money collection mechanism the financial results could be phenomenal for the SHRM Foundation.


Wichita Chapter

Wichita Chapter SHRM Scholarship Fund

The Wichita Chapter of SHRM formalized a scholarship program by developing a nonprofit 501(c) 3 Scholarship Fund.  The Chapter developed a process for selection of scholarship recipients and a process to promote the scholarship to junior and senior level college students and graduate students as well as the community.  In 2008, upon the Chapter receiving the nonprofit status from the IRS, the Chapter also had generated enough funds to begin awarding a $1000 scholarship each year to a local student majoring in a Human Resources related field.  An awareness of the Human Resource Profession was developed through press releases announcing the scholarship, structuring eligibility requirements on SHRM involvement and highlighting the recipient to Human Resource Professionals and the community.


Yakima Valley Human Resource Association

Health Care Reform Seminar

YVHRA had created this Health Care Reform seminar in response to the inquiries and questions that we had from our members. Our members are mostly all HR professionals in our local community that are the leaders of human resources in their organization. These leaders needed the help from additional outside resources in order to determine what their next steps should be and what their options are in compliance with the ACA regulations that are in place or will be in the near future. When creating this seminar, we wanted to have a broad range of topics being presented and by local community leaders that would positively impact the knowledge of our members. As our main presenter, we asked Dan Fisher, CEO of EmSpring Corporation to give us an expansive overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as it is today and how it impacts employers. This will be preceded by two general sessions, presented by Brady Crass, President of Asuris Northwest Health and Jarrod Weenum, Operations Manager for miCare/miRx/EBMS. Mr. Crass will be speaking on Health Insurance Exchanges and how they will impact employers and employees differently and Mr. Weenum will present on Employer Sponsored Onsite Clinics as it is a way to provide employees with an increase in access and utilization to primary care. All presenters have volunteered their time to enhance the knowledge of the HR field. We will be measuring success by the response from our members on their takeaways.


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