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    You have now experienced one of the difficulties created by the new rules! In your case, you should consult your CBA to determine if you can make such a change without further negotiation with the union. Otherwise, you certainly can make any existing exempt position non-exempt. The FLSA in effect assumes all jobs/employees are non-exempt, and...

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    Our mental health agency needs to move about 40 + employees from salaried to hourly due to the law change. A big portion of those employees are in the union and are paid in a 12 step salary scale (these employees fall under the professional exemption definition; they are social workers, psychologists and nurses). So if I moved those employees only...

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    My chapter is 100% SHRM chapter and do not have yearly dues. We charge $25 (chapter member) and $35 (non-chapter member) if you attend a monthly chapter meeting. We also offer incentive to buy ahead - If you pay for 6, 7, 8, or 9 meetings in January, you receive 1 free meeting (we do 10 monthly chapter meetings in a year). ------------------------------...

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    We give a $100 AmX gift card to all speakers that do not charge for the monthly meeting presentation. Linda Barineau BBSHRM – Tallahassee, FL ------Original Message------ Our chapter does not purchase a gift for those who donate their presentation. We do, however, donate $25 to $50 to the charity our chapter is supporting...

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    We give them a gift bag with local coffee. Lynn M. Barber | Human Resources Generalist | P.O. Box 547 | 904 6 th Street | Anacortes, WA 98221 360.299.1970 (work) | 360.299.1982 (Secure Fax)| barberl@cityofanacortes.org |www.cityofanacortes.org "Every Employee Home Safe Every Night" Maintaining and improving the quality...

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