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Subject: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

1.  HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 6 days ago
Is anyone else having trouble getting pre-approval credits for HRCI or is it just us? SHRM has been great! We want to continue to offer re-certification credits for the PHR and SPHR.  However, they're making it a huge pain, so much so we're considering dropping the pre-approval processes for re-certification credits.

Thank you!
Amy Smith
President, Winchester Area SHRM

Amy Smith, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP
Yount, Hyde & Barbour, P.C.
Winchester VA

2.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 5 days ago
I've had a couple lately that have really surprised me.  One that I thought was an obvious fit and I had to go back and forth with them a few times.  Another that I wasn't sure would qualify and I had limited information to submit and they approved it immediately.

Ronda Wakefield SHRM-SCP
Kalispell, MT

3.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 5 days ago
I've been running into a few but not enough to give up.  Their reviewers are not all HR people.  They operate off of check lists.

4.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 4 days ago
​Our chapter submissions run very smoothly and we have been submitting on line since 2006.  Occasionally, we will be asked for addition information but it is rare.  Our presenter request form is structured so we capture all the information we need up front.  We usually get response in one to two weeks.

Joanne Schneider SHRM-SCP
Area Vice President of HR Consulting
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Rochester NY

5.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 4 days ago
Thank you for your information.  Can you share the template that you use to gain HRCI credits?  Do you provide your template to the speaker or fill in the blanks yourself?
We have had mixed success with HRCI and have for several years.  We still have challenges gaining Business/Strategic credits, despite our efforts to follow the model.  We appreciate any advice you can offer.

Mary McKenzie SHRM-SCP
Lawrence, KS

6.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 2 days ago


I'm not having any trouble.  We ask our speakers for 2 paragraphs of content describing the program, and 3 or 4 take-aways ("what you will learn").  That, plus the speaker's bio is all you really need.  Of course the content has to relate to HR competencies.  The only occasional questions I'll get is when I'm applying for business credits, and then there might be a follow-up question asking how the content meets the requirements.


Andy Thiede SHRM-SCP
Berlin CT

7.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 2 days ago
We have also had our ups and downs with HRCI credit approvals.  We have a new certification chair who knows how to spin things as far as content approval, but they are SLOW.

HRCI makes getting approval for business credits a challenge, and has for some time now.  Our certification chair just got an email suggesting 4+ weeks lead time.

I wish I could give you a solution, but for now all I can do is commiserate. In light of all the SHRM loyalists out there, it seems like HRCI is heading in the wrong direction by making it hard for recertification credits approval.  They are not serving their customers well in this case.

8.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 2 days ago
Richmond SHRM readily receives pre-approval from SHRM but HRCI is very picky and frustrating to work with on pre-approvals and post approvals.


President, Richmond SHRM Board

Ken Robertson SHRM-SCP
President, Richmond SHRM Board


9.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted yesterday
We are finding the same issues and challenges with HRCI.  They are not making it easy to continue to be a provider and I'm worried our chapter will not be able to provide everything they are looking for.  They said that notices went out to the chapter about the upcoming changes but we didn't receive anything until we went to certify our November meeting and were informed the process had changed.

Desiree Navarro SHRM-SCP
Director, Human Resources
Helena MT

10.  RE: HRCI Pre-approval for re-certification credits troubles

Posted 20 hours ago
The Boulder Chapter has had a rather exasperating experience recently with Business credits. I've been heavily involved in two chapters, as well as a state conference. The most recent experience with HRCI left me scratching my head and questioning the capabilities of the reviewers. The problem concerned Business credits. We went back & forth with HRCI more than 4 times and invested, on our end, at least 4-5 hours of time trying to figure out how to give them what they wanted.

When I asked our contact to elevate the situation to someone higher, I was told she would, but he was on vacation for about two weeks. The dialogue in email with them was more about "compliance" and "proving" whether someone was business and relevant to HR folks in all industries, or just one specific industry.

It seems to me that it really depends on who is reviewing your submission. Plus, the folks who are the point people and manager(s) of the process don't are more "process and compliance" focused. I don't think the person responding to our questions knew much about what she was talking about. It sounds like she was merely repeating something that an "SPHR had told her."

BTW...I'm an SPHR with a background in Learning & Development who has also defended an accreditation at a college. I went into the conversation with HRCI not being a "blank slate" about what they are doing. I've also been involved in program cert submissions for two chapters, one state council and my own business.

All that being said: For the investment our chapter has to make in upholding TWO approved provider programs, and the time it takes our volunteers, it does start to call things into question.

EXTREMELY frustrating.

Liz B. Wilson, SHRM-SCP
Certified Professional Coach
Wilson Foxen Change Leadership
Boulder/Denver Area, Colorado