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District Director - Effectively Leveraging DD's to support Chapters

  • 1.  District Director - Effectively Leveraging DD's to support Chapters

    Posted 11-16-2018 20:33
    HI, All.

    Question about the district director role.  I'm working with a state council to assist them in updating how they leverage their district directors.  Not all district directors are leveraged in the same manner.  I'm interested in hearing from state councils that leverage their DD's to effectively communicate and establish rapport with chapters in their district.  Thanks in advance for responding to my questions below:

    How many districts does your state have?  Do you have one DD per district?  How did the state council determine the number of districts appropriate for the state?  How many chapters do your DD's  support within a district?

    What are the expectations and goals of the DD's  in the year?  Must they meet certain criteria within the year such as attend chapter meetings in their district (if so, how many times per year)?  Do they have to submit update reports?

    What competencies/experience/skills do you look for when recruiting DD's?  How do you hold them accountable?

    Please share your DD position description.  Thank you!!!

    Laurie McIntosh SHRM-SCP
    Field Services Director
    Alexandria VA