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What Happens at Work Will Change the World Panel Livestream

  • 1.  What Happens at Work Will Change the World Panel Livestream

    Posted 11-09-2018 11:59

    Don't miss the chance to watch What Happens at Work Will Change the World panel livestream! 

    Work is where some of today's most complex and controversial issues show up. The challenge is to create workplace cultures where people can respect diversity of thought, find common ground, feel included and reach their goals. 
    On Friday, November 16th from 12:30pm to 1:45pm SHRM President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. will lead executives from Zappos, Booz Allen Hamilton and John Deere in a discussion on hot topics affecting the world of work. Expect conversation ranging from organizational culture change to the skills gap, sexual harassment and immigration. 
    Register for the livestream at shrm.org/VLSlivestream. And make sure your members know about this opportunity! The live stream is an open event - all can register and attend.

    This is your opportunity to get insight into the future of work and hear from top executives. It is also your chance to show local members the impact of HR and SHRM on the world of work.

    Bailey Yeager
    Communications Manager
    Alexandria VA