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  • 1.  Sample Policies

    Posted 11-12-2018 15:02
    ​​Hi fellow SHRM members,

    I work for a health system with about 5300 employees. We are looking to update some of our policies and are looking  for some best practices/policies related to:
    • Telecommuting/Telework
    • Attendance (related to occurrences or infractions and how you track; ie do you use your timekeeping system to track) Specifically how  your occurrences are counted. Do you all count late-in or early out as a full  occurrence? If not what do you count them as and what are the time parameters.  (We currently count everything over 7 minutes as an occurrences as well as any miss-clocks)
    • Nepotism

    If anyone can share their policies or processes related to these topics it would be most appreciated.


    Karla Rodgers SHRM-CP,
    HR Manager
    Infirmary Health
    Saraland AL