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SHRM Volunteer Leaders: What's Your "Now More Than Ever…?"

  • 1.  SHRM Volunteer Leaders: What's Your "Now More Than Ever…?"

    Posted 05-03-2021 12:20

    This week, SHRM launches the " Now More Than Ever" campaign which will highlight how HR is needed now more than ever to successfully prepare organizations for the future of work.

    Why "Now More Than Ever?" HR professionals have been thrust on to the front lines in unparalleled ways serving as corporate first responders – managing workplace situations no one could have fathomed. And, while we don't know what is next, unflinchingly, HR has risen to the occasion providing much-needed leadership to ensure businesses can sustain and even reinvent themselves where necessary. The role of HR has proven to be pivotal in cultivating transformational change to survive and ultimately shape a workplace that empowers all employees to reach their full potential in these challenging times. The journey in these unchartered territories is far from over. Now more than ever, the demands, challenges and needs of organizations and their workers, are incredibly high. As businesses continue to adapt, organizations must continue to determine and refine what is best for their unique line of work, workplace and workforce. HR is absolutely vital for success.

    Please tell us your "Now More Than Ever…" and we'll share your quote on SHRM's social media channels in a post that will include your headshot and name.

    Please send your "Now More Than Ever…" quote with your title/company and headshot photo to mary.kaylor@shrm.org.

    Meredith Nethercutt Krisher
    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

  • 2.  RE: SHRM Volunteer Leaders: What's Your "Now More Than Ever…?"

    Posted 05-05-2021 09:59
    Love this...

    Now more than ever… We need to do more than connect, but invest deeply in the connections both inside and outside of our workplace. It's where we learn, grow, create ideas, and generate energy to make our workplaces better. Investing in people will always be the biggest return in our career!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!!

    Bruce Waller SHRM-CP
    Armstrong Relocation and Companies
    Carrollton TX