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Compa Ratios in Financial / Banking

  • 1.  Compa Ratios in Financial / Banking

    Posted 08-11-2021 16:03
    Curious about benchmark in financial / banking...I have a resource for general guidelines for compa-ratios (below) and was wondering how the financial industry (banking) stacks up to this particular guideline (i.e., do they generally follow this or are they usually higher or lower? Former employer used to hire no more than 95% of mid no matter what.  Another not in finance said they hire at 85% (only at mid with certain experience.  Thanks in advance.  


    • Between 80% and 90% of midpoint for entry rates depending on the position.
    • Between 90% and 97% for employees who are not yet fully trained and qualified for the position.
    • Between 97% and 103% for employees who are fully qualified for the position and who, over time, consistently perform at an acceptable level.
    • Above 103% for employees who are fully qualified and over time, consistently perform above acceptable levels

    Kristine Piazza-Belser SHRM-SCP
    American Heritage Federal Credit Union
    Newtown PA