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D&O Insurance
2 20 hours ago by Eveline Kraljic
Original post by Janet Sweet
SHRM Head Shot Foundation Fundraiser during VLBM
3 23 hours ago by Ashlee Smith
Original post by Tonya Jacobs
Board Membership
9 8 days ago by Kathleen Dashner
Original post by Yvonne Hurt
Social Security Number on application - Yes or No
5 8 days ago by Jennifer Nevers
Original post by Brandy Soule
different policies for union vs. nonunion
0 13 days ago by Susan Hemmer
2019 VLBM Powerpoint
6 14 days ago by Janelle Doharty
Original post by Janet Sweet
Take Part in the SHRM Winter Challenge (Nov. 20-Dec. 31)!
5 14 days ago by Paula Barlow
Original post by Meredith Nethercutt
Board Member Orientation
0 16 days ago by Sarah Elkinton
conditional opt out payment to employees who have spousal health coverage
5 18 days ago by Neil Jaquez
Original post by Karen Roberts
VLBM - Hotel Room Reimbursement
1 22 days ago by Meredith Nethercutt
Original post by Tamara Hagerty
1 22 days ago by Tabatha Tafoya
Original post by Andre Mehan
SHRM Reminder: Register NOW for 2019 Volunteer Leaders' Business Meeting
15 23 days ago by Jeffery Palkowski
Original post by Meredith Nethercutt
Reply from Tuesday Oct 29 Webinar
2 one month ago by Cheryl Brown Merriwether
Member Directory
1 one month ago by Layla Bonis
Original post by Nicole Thomsen
Conferece Call/Web Technology
1 one month ago by Amanda Haddaway
Original post by Sharon Stauts
Pre-Offers for College Students?
1 one month ago by Jon Decoteau
Original post by Tara Fournier
SHRM Discount Code
5 one month ago by Patricia Steet
Original post by Tara Mauk Arthur
Speaker Cancellation
0 one month ago by Mary Augustin
Refund policy
2 2 months ago by Kelly Pennington
Original post by Courtney Brutscher
New SHRM Affilate Logo
7 2 months ago by Mallory Whalen
Original post by Denise Villanueva
Save the Date! 2019 Volunteer Leaders' Summit (VLS)
38 2 months ago by Meredith Nethercutt
Board of Directors ethics policy
0 3 months ago by Allison Deaver
Board Management software
0 3 months ago by John Jorgensen
Record Retention for Local Government Entities
3 3 months ago by Cindy Volanti
Original post by Unique Hiram
HRIS Platforms
1 3 months ago by Lindsey Nichols
Original post by Linda Smith
CEBS Certification
2 3 months ago by Harvey Ashworth
Original post by Teri Dobbs
SHRM Quarterly Updates - PowerPoint Doc
2 3 months ago by Swafia Ames
Recruiting New Board Members
6 3 months ago by Katrina Gooch
Original post by Barbara Mossman
0 3 months ago by Mackie Jones
Chapter Anniversary celebrations
1 4 months ago by Carol Semrad
Original post by Robert Orzechowski
YP and age discrimination
4 4 months ago by Allison Deaver
Addressing Body Odor
8 4 months ago by Cynthia Black
D&O Insurance
4 4 months ago by Mary Jones,
Original post by Stacy Matuseski
Job Description with attendance as a requirement?
5 4 months ago by COBY ROBERTS
Original post by Harvey Ashworth
Talent Acquisition Credential
0 4 months ago by Deedee Kaundart
Chapter Membership Director Position Description
2 4 months ago by Brad Shanklin
Original post by Laurie McIntosh
Getting Talent Back to Work
0 4 months ago by Vicki Cook
Female Manager physically touching subordinate
2 4 months ago by Robert Orzechowski
Original post by Nickie Madden
Celebrating Wins in a Virtual Environment
3 4 months ago by Austin Vogler
Original post by Kathleen Stull
Chapter Website hosted by Wild Apricot
12 4 months ago by Erica Rachu
Original post by Amy Smith
First Quarter 2019 Rolling Power Points
6 4 months ago by Sherry Johnson
Original post by Carla Flowers
Does anyone have a chapter financial management policy?
0 4 months ago by Patricia Hickok
Membership Software or CRM suggestions
5 5 months ago by Kim Byrne
Original post by Rebecca Hartwig
Star Chapter?
7 5 months ago by Michele LaPorte
Original post by Verlinda Henning
Membership software
5 5 months ago by Rebecca Hartwig
Original post by Patricia Hickok
Required to provide certificate of insurance
3 5 months ago by Patricia Zulic
Original post by Sharon Cruse Armstead
Historical decoration or offensive symbol?
1 5 months ago by Rita Rode
Original post by Katie Quackenbush
Affinity Groups
1 5 months ago by Karan Ferrell
Original post by Angela Erickson
0 5 months ago by Rebecca McPherson
Dealing with Angry Clients
1 5 months ago by Delyce Maciel
Original post by Elizabeth Wojtowicz