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Chapters charging for job postings on their website
0 11 hours ago by Patricia Hickok
Leadership training for Managers
0 2 days ago by Antoniette Pierce
Seeking 2 More Research Participants
0 9 days ago by Rebecca McPherson
You are the Best!
0 12 days ago by Laurie McIntosh
Thank you, SHRM Volunteers!
3 13 days ago by Tessa Brown
Original post by Sherry Johnson
Rockstar SHRM Volunteers!!!
0 13 days ago by Nancy Conway
High School Diploma/GED Requirements in Manufacturing
1 13 days ago by Kristen Pittman
Original post by Bridget Myler
A HUGE volunteer appreciation on behalf of the SHRM Foundation!
0 14 days ago by Alie Mihuta
Meeting Speaker-highly recommended!
2 14 days ago by Jodi Coplan
Use National Volunteer Week to RECRUIT New Volunteers!
3 14 days ago by Callie Zipple
Unlimited PTO/Leave Policy
2 14 days ago by Sadie Carter
Original post by Monique Akanbi
SHRM Volunteers are the BEST of the BEST!
0 15 days ago by Mary Cheddie
Luckiest Person Ever
0 16 days ago by Dianna Gould
0 16 days ago by Susan Post
Volunteers You are What Make SHRM a Living, Vibrant and Very Special Place to Be a Member
0 16 days ago by Jon Decoteau
Compensation consultant
3 21 days ago by Harvey Ashworth
Original post by Cherie Ziegler
Chapter Membership for Retirees
9 23 days ago by Veronica Bray
2 27 days ago by Cathy Schuler
Original post by Jillian Levinson
Procedure for terminations
0 28 days ago by Debra Lastrapes
Internal Leadership Development Training
4 29 days ago by Cindy Davidson
Original post by Chelsea Renyer
Corrective Discipline
4 29 days ago by Stacy Rottman
Original post by Stacia Jackson
"Let's Talk..." Diversity & Inclusion Dialogue Tool-Kit
2 one month ago by Robin Balke
Original post by Clinton Bradley
Question about Connecting Members
10 one month ago by Andy Thiede
Original post by Natalie Fairchild
First Quarter 2019 Rolling Power Points
4 one month ago by Carla Flowers
Electronic Payments vs. Invoicing
3 one month ago by Janet Giannetta
Original post by Courtney Brutscher
Does your chapter communicate via text message? Or have an app?
0 one month ago by Andy Thiede
Chapter Speakers
4 2 months ago by Ann Buckley
Original post by Christine McCutcheon
Local Chapter - Executive Council
0 2 months ago by Tessa Brown
Question On What is the Best Way to Post Contract or Consulting-Positions with SHRM
0 2 months ago by Thomas Holt
New Members orientation
10 2 months ago by Anusha Hewawasam
Original post by Vonzell Mattocks
Chapter Expense Policy
1 2 months ago by Marybeth Giesler
Original post by Dawn Rogers
2017 & 2018 Leg Conference
3 2 months ago by Janet Giannetta
Original post by Rebecca Kellner
2019 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference
2 2 months ago by Jeffery Palkowski
Time Clocks
0 2 months ago by Kim Byrne
SHRM Chapter Annual Report
1 2 months ago by Barbara Crump
Original post by Derrick Krueger
Member Surveys
1 3 months ago by Will Hixson
Original post by Jane Kurylo
What's New with SHRM Q4 2018 or Q1 2019
1 3 months ago by Bailey Yeager
Original post by Delia Ortiz
SHRM 101 Presentation?
1 3 months ago by Kyle Killingsworth
Original post by Megan Nail
Competency Based Workshops
1 3 months ago by Alma Scott Buczak
Original post by Teresa LaMacchia
Non-Typical Salary Agreements
0 3 months ago by Chadwick Klein
Employee Request for PTO instead of Salary Increase
0 3 months ago by Paula Kitchens
2 term presidency
2 3 months ago by Deborah Davis
Original post by Carol Grier
2nd Shift Recruitment and Retention
0 3 months ago by Linda Wemple
Request for Accommodation Policy and Forms
0 3 months ago by Mary Smith
Total Comp Statements with Company Provided Vehicles
2 3 months ago by Amanda Jacinto
Original post by Tricia Bordeaux
Managing PTO Around Holidays
0 4 months ago by Maria Lopez-Ruiz
PTO Policies
5 4 months ago by Joylynn Jeppson
Original post by Maria Lopez-Ruiz
Give a Gift to Yourself--One That Helps You Start 2019 Strong
0 4 months ago by Bailey Yeager
shift substitutions
1 4 months ago by Nicole Sweet
Original post by Shawna Hilbert
Star Chapter
3 4 months ago by Brendan Nicholls
Original post by Stacey Scalf