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2020 SHRM Fall Membership Contest: Participation Form
2020 SHRM Fall Membership Contest: Documentation Form (Submit by December 11, 2020)

SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE)

The SHAPE year-end report is a checklist of 12 items in two parts. Completing all items in Section 1 is required of all chapters to remain in "good standing." Section 2 is optional however, all items in Section 1 and Section 2 must be completed to qualify for an Excel Award and later, a Pinnacle Award. Submission Deadline: January 31, 2021.

Access the 2020 Chapter SHAPE Workbookdon't forget to use this document as a planning tool for your chapter.

Excel Award Application

If you have completed Sections I and II of the 2020 Chapter or State Council SHAPE report, you have the option to apply for an Excel Award. We are now accepting applications for Excel Awards. Excel Award Application Deadline: March 15, 2021.

Note: Your Excel Award application may be submitted any time following successful submission of both Section I and II in SHAPE, but no later than the March 15 deadline. View the SHRM Excel Awards Workbook, for information about eligibility and applying for an award before the upcoming deadline.

Chapter Leader Information Form (CLIF)

The Chapter Leader Information Form (CLIF) provides SHRM with a list of the chapter's board members. Please create a username and password as the first step in completing your CLIF. Please contact a member of your regional team with any questions or concerns. Submission Deadline: December 1, 2020.

Reaffirmation Statements

In order for chapters to remain SHRM Recertification Providers, the point of contact for the SHRM Provider program must submit the annual Reaffirmation. Please contact the SHRM Recertification Provider team at 703-535-6250. Your Field Services Director can also assist with any questions that you may have regarding the Reaffirmation requirement.