Meet-To-Eat Program


The Meet to Eat program is a great way for those of you who are traveling alone to schedule dinner reservations with other conference attendees.  You select the day - and available time that works best for you - and the restaurant that you prefer.  It is that simple.

The Meet to Eat booth will be located in Hall F of the convention center where attendees can sign up for dinner.  Reservations and lists will be managed through staff at the booth.  If someone would like to see who is attending dinner in a specific location, attendees can inquire at Meet to Eat booth.

The meet to eat dinner reservations will be on the following dates, and details about Meet to Eat, including the restaurants will be included in the SHRM17 website shortly:

Saturday, 6/19 (6pm & 7pm)

Sunday, 6/18 (6pm & 7pm)

Monday, 6/19 (6pm & 7pm)

Tuesday, 6/20 (6pm)