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  • Thank you so much Jessica, I will definitely take that approach. Thank you as well Mary. I wish the company felt the same. ------------------------------ Loren Sanchez D'Vega Builders, Inc. ------------------------------

  • Jessica gives an excellent example of opportunity for employee growth - look at existing processes and procedures (once the employee has learned and used them) for improvement. Many times a "fresh set of eyes" is needed to discover an innovation....

  • As Mary said, have her use documented procedures. Once she has a feel for the process she can figure out ways to improve it or ways she would prefer to get the same job done. ------------------------------ JESSICA INGHAM Cedar Falls IA ------------------------------

  • Thank you so much Mary!

  • Hi Loren, I think it's a great idea to explain to any new employee how his/her role and that of your team fits into the "big picture" of the organization. Given that this employee is new to the company, and has never worked in an office before, I...