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    RE: Development process

    _ Hi Mary Ann  Yes that is my own quote about the difference between performance / development.  Feel free to use it with your employees.  I'm also including my email just in case you need it.   Thanks Moon Willow  (

  • Hi Moon Willow, I am curious about a statement you made, "...  - performance is about what you do to contribute to the company; development is about continuing to grow.  I can rapidly develop without hitting a single performance goal (and vice versa)." ...

  • If you have never attended this conference before it is Free to HR Professionals attending for the first time . If you get involved in the relocation process or just deal with mobility issues that come with new talent might be a good event for you. It ...

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    RE: MIA Employee

    If she has provided you emergency contact information it would be completely appropriate to call them to see if they can confirm the employee's well-being. Of course, it's important not to divulge any 'need to know' information in this conversation. I ...

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    MIA Employee

    _ Hi, We have an employment classification which is primarily only for covering for others when they need assistance.  The employees more or less work when they wish, but are expected to help out in times of need.  We have an employee who appears to ...