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    RE: Changing hourly manager to exempt

    _ Thank you so much!!!

  • I'd use corrective action for a simple (straight-forward) policy violation and a PIP when it's a bigger (or multiple) issue. I see a PIP as both a commitment to improving performance and a plan for moving foward. ------------------------------ Ivette ...

  • The most important one is advising employees that there is no overtime after full time hours are worked and that the salary accounts for all hours worked.   Exempt to Non-Exempt or Vice Versa: How to Reclassify Employees http://sbshrs.adpinfo.com/blog/exempt-to-non-exempt-or-vice-versa-how-to-reclassify-employees ...

  • _ Is this a request or a requirement?  I can't see how they would be able to require this...or how they would monitor it.  What about the employees that are not on Facebook?

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    RE: terminating our only IT professional

    _ In what geographical area? Anonymonk