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Model SHRM Chapter Bylaws

Under the SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE), chapter bylaws should be reviewed annually. Revisions may not be needed every year. If at any time during the review, revision or approval process you have questions, please contact a member of your Regional Team. ...

Model SHRM Chapter Bylaws.docx

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Charter Amendment Information

Charter Amendment FAQs Process to Modify a Chapter’s Service Area/Established Zip Code Range(s) Amendment Cover Message Charter Amendment Q&A Session Webinar Recording #ChapterDevelopment #StateCouncilDevelopment #adminsitration #AffiliationProcess ...

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Sample Mission Statement 1

The student chapter exists to serve as a bridge to the professional human resource community and to advance knowledge, understanding and application of human resource principles and practices. OBJECTIVES Increase alumni activity within the club Obtain an active membership of 25...

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Virtual Student Chapter FAQ

1. Can our chapter be both a virtual chapter and a brick-and-mortar chapter? No, chapters can only be one or the other. Only online schools are eligible to have a virtual chapter. Schools with brick-and-mortar facilities may not charter exclusively as a virtual chapter. However, chapters...