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VLRC Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Volunteer Leader Resource Center? Any SHRM Volunteer Leader that is seeking information or assistance in fulfilling their role, be it at the local chapter or state council level. I’m new to the SHRM Volunteer thing. How does it work? Your best bet is to start by...

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Chapter Advisor FAQ's

FAQ's for student chapter advisors 1. What resources are available for chapter advisors? Chapter Advisor Webinars - These quarterly webinars will be recorded and posted on the SHRM Student Website. Downloadable cases and learning modules . These can be used to change...

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Student Chapter Advisor of the Year FAQs

Learn more about the student chapter advisor of the year award. Advisor of the Year FAQs 1. What is the Chapter Advisor Award? Every year, The SHRM Foundation presents the Advisor of the Year award to one student chapter advisor who is recognized for their outstanding...

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Student Chapter FAQs

Questions about a SHRM student chapter? Check here for our frequently asked questions. 1. What does a SHRM student chapter do? SHRM student chapters hold regularly scheduled meetings to help members learn more about business and the HR field. They are run by elected student...

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Frequently Asked Questions about SHAPE and Excel Awards

Frequently Asked Questions about SHAPE and Excel Awards Frequently Asked Questions SHAPE (SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence) Excel Awards Pinnacle Awards Q: What is SHAPE? A: SHAPE is an acronym for the SH RM A ffiliate P rogram for E xcellence. The...

FAQ SHAPE-Excel-Pinnacle 2016.docx

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State Council Charter FAQ

Responses to frequently asked questions about the SHRM State Councill Charter document and process. #Operations #StateCouncilDevelopment #StateCouncilCharter #ChapterDevelopment #Administration #FAQs