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2016-2017 Student Merit Award Winners Announced

SHRM wishes to congratulate the following student chapters on receiving a 2016-2017 Merit Award. Outstanding Student Chapter 5009 Middle Tennessee State University 5017 University of North Texas 5041 Eastern...

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2017-18 Student Merit Award Program Workbook

The 2017-2018 Student Merit Award Workbook is now available. This workbook reaffirms your Student Chapter's "good standing" status with SHRM, and is your roadmap to a Student Chapter Merit Award and a successful chapter year. #StudentChapter #StudentMeritAwardProgramWorkbook ...

17-1282 2018 Student Merit Award Workbook_FINAL.pdf

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Student Chapter Leadership Roles

Student Chapter Advisor The guidance that the chapter advisor provides is the primary element in establishment and continuity of the student group. The advisor's understanding of the human resource field and recognition of benefits of participation in an established professional community...

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Maintaining Your Student Chapter Charter

Each chapter is required to sign a charter agreement that outlines its relationship to SHRM in such areas as reporting, use of the logo and SHRM name, use of membership lists and the chapter's legal existence. A copy of the signed agreement is kept in the chapter's master file at SHRM...

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University of Guam Raises Money for Conference

Just two years old, the University of Guam student chapter has forged a strong link between its professional sponsoring chapter, the chapter advisors, and the student members. Membership has increased steadily and the health and vitality of the chapter continue to grow. The chapter is preparing...

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Scranton Chapter Holds Candy Sale

The University of Scranton chapter held a successful fundraiser last spring. The chapter sold candy bars to hungry students coming to class directly from work. Chapter members provided a service and filled a need since the sale helped students satisfy their appetites until the end of class. The...

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Wilmington College Holds Sub Sale

Looking for a way to raise money for an upcoming project or conference? Look for a need on your campus and fill it. At Wilmington College, adult students attend classes on the weekends, however the cafeteria is closed. At lunchtime these students want to get a sandwich and get back to class. To...

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SUNY Buffalo Generates Friendly Competition

To increase participation in fundraising projects, SUNY Buffalo chapter treasurer Elizabeth Pantano created Project 2000. Chapter members are divided into five teams and each team appoints a captain. The teams each choose a method of fundraising such as selling candy or washing cars and then...