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    RE: Salary data

    I will echo the majority of the postings below.  We just started using PayScale, and it has been extremely helpful! ------------------------------ Susie Raichle HR Business Partner Kaleidoscope Cincinnati OH ------------------------------

  • Congratulations and welcome to HR! Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. ------------------------------ Nikki Martin Warrenton VA ------------------------------

  • I need help as soon as possible. What is your opinion. I had several talks with the Supervisor and the Department Head regarding an employee who has made several mistakes. This employee was hired by the previous Department Head who was never in ...

  • Hi Keva, I would strongly encourage you to seek out an employment attorney who can help you to create this document for your organization. There are nuances in every organization and every state that make utilizing someone else's agreement a potentially ...

  • Hello! I'm HR department of one. We have 10 employees...we are looking to let someone go. Does anyone have a Separation Agreement Template? I certainly do not have a legal degree so not sure what I'm finding on the internet would stand up in ...