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  • Andrea, I can understand if something is sensitive in nature and you don't want to identify your company.  However, if someone is asking for a policy, or need a question answered about WC (just saw a post on that), why would the response need to be anonymous?  ...

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    RE: Attendance policy - on hold?

    _ Also remember that just because they are terminated doesn't mean they will get Unemployment.  They are violating a known policy and despite repeated warnings (hopefully you have a progressive discipline policy and have followed it to this point), they ...

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    RE: WC and holding EE's job

    _ Why is he being evaluated by his doctor. He should have already been evaluated by a  panel physician.  You need to work with your carrier regarding ramifications.

  • Agree and because nowadays folks love to screen shot and share everything, if what you need to ask about has a high legal sensitivity, sometimes being annon is very helpful to protect the very companies we are obligated to protect. ------------------------------ ...

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    WC and holding EE's job

    _ We have an employee that is out on worker's comp.  He hasn't been employed with us long enough to be eligible for FMLA.  He went on leave mid-May and isn't being evaluated by his doctor until mid-July.  His position can't remain open while we wait ...