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  • _ What an insightful post.  You most be a strong HR leader.  Elaine

  • What is the proper way to handle 1 employee feeling bullied and 1 feeling like the environment is hostile? These are real serious ------------------------------ Eboni Leftwich ------------------------------

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    RE: 36 weeks Pregnant with Interviews

    _ It sounds like you've already made up your mind. While I wouldn't recommend you go out of your way to say "I am pregnant", I also wouldn't try to hide it. The discussion will have to be had at some point, and if you don't go into the reason when you ...

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    RE: Pointers for Workers Compensation Appeal

    _ Hey neighbor - I'm in SD, and I do this all of the time with every audit (we have two companies that pay employees, so two policies) - but it's not really an "appeal" so to speak.  I will review the results, and then visit on the phone with the auditor, ...

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    _ I have been trying to fill a  few entry-level positions for a few weeks now. I took over for the team member who was doing the HR functions before I was hired. She emailed me today stating a former team member bumped into her and is interested in being ...