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  • I am new to SHRM - Hello! Personality Typing can be helpful if used properly and in context with other assessments. We have developed Performance Avenues and subsequently 20 Performance Types that can be reviewed at We would ...

  • A long term professional services client of mine is looking for a new performance evaluation instrument. Throughout the years we created several MBO style instruments that were quite popular.  Alas, since the management team used the instrument for ...

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    RE: A-PHR vs PHR

    _ In my understanding the study materials are the same.  Its the criteria for test eligibility that varies. And the Bogardus book is a great book so I would use it regardless of what test I was taking.

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    A-PHR vs PHR

    _ ​Can anyone tell me the difference in the A-PHR and PHR study material. I see they sell an A-PHR book but should I just pick up the PHR by Bogardus?

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    Hi Kate, Small world, finding you here!  I just took the SHRM-CP test in early December, and found that the prep class I did through my local SHRM chapter (TCSHRM) really helped.  Our instructor was able to help us build some intuition as to what SHRM ...