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  • We currently pay our Managers and Directors $65.00 per month for their cell phone usage.  We have a call center that is ran 24/7/365.  We have 6 non-exempt IT support employees who rotate call for two weekends per month (Saturday & Sunday).  They are ...

  • _ ​We are a private company and will be giving up to 3.25%.  The President decided based on CPI.

  • We will look at Mercer and Hayes as a benchmark and most importantly what is happening in our local area. ------------------------------ Ken Breitman SHRM-CP Zumtobel Lighting Highland NY ------------------------------

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    Easier way to payout customer rebates?

    _ I'm not sure if SHRM is the right place to ask, but figured we'd have a lot of Payroll experts here. I'm located in San Francisco and I want to payout rebates without having to write-out checks everytime to mail. It just feels outdated. Any suggestions ...

  • We're embarking on the process of reviewing all of our roles and reclassifying many of our positions. This will also entail changing our payroll cycle. Has anyone done this and have a project plan they'd be willing to share? I just want to ensure I'm ...