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    NYS Covid PSL vs FFCRA PSL

    _ Has anyone has utilized the New York State specific PSL yet for Covid?  I understand it requires us as a medium employer to offer 5 days of sick leave to someone who's quarantined but I can't seem to find any info on how this coordinates with the FFCRA ...

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    IT Contract

    Good Afternoon, I am HR of one with 62 employees. We outsource our IT position; however, how can I find out if the contract cost is too high. The IT is responsible for at most 20 employees day to day utilization of the Computer and associated software ...

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    Living Wage

    _ I'm looking for suggestions on how to respond to line managers who are upset about implementing a living wage for all employees. Obviously when doing this, it creates some wage compression, but the higher skilled employees are still paid 50% more or ...

  • Hi, we provide salary information for over 20,000 roles including Pastor.  Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary salary report. Thank you Jen Jennifer Higgins ThinkWhy 214.603.0653 ------------------------------ Jennifer ...

  • Hi, Can anyone provide me with a Senior Pastor Compensation for a church in Metro Atlanta with weekly attendance over 1500 and annual budget at 4M. Thanks! Veverly Veverly B. Allen-Stokes | Director Human Resources