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  • Starting today, the SHRM Connect Behavioral Competencies Group is now the HR Career Development group!  This group will be a place for SHRM members to discuss individual career development strategies, questions, and suggestions. We will also be sharing ...

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    What is unique about the Workplace Culture of Africans that makes HR much more dynamic to manage he ------------------------------ ESELE AKHABUE Abuja ------------------------------

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    RE: Holiday Party

    I agree with Tracey,  if they choose not to come to the party then hi ho hi ho its ff to work they go!  ------------------------------ Pamela Goddard Human Resource/Payroll Manager Los Angeles, CA. ------------------------------

  • As an employer who has done this and dealt with this more than just with one person, I can tell you that the blow ups are hidden childhood dramas that haven't been dealt with. Getting her a good mentor for leadership skill and positive image building ...

  • We have an employee who becomes very paranoid occasionally, and thinks everyone is talking about her, and not liking her.  She is a long time employee with immense knowledge of our business, and one we want to keep.  Unfortunately, when she blows up she ...