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    RE: COVID-19 Medical Documentation

    _ I'm dealing with a similar issue but we suspect our employee is trying to game the system and want him to prove with medical documentation that he is truly ill. We are an essential manufacturing, and this will have serious implications for us if he ...

  • Thanks, Doug! Chuck

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    RE: Best Way to pay interns

    _ You have not said that you are a non-profit for whom interns may be volunteers.  For most companies and other organizations unpaid internships are not legal. And because you said they were doing "work" that eliminates the few exceptions to the pay ...

  • Found it, "In addition, with respect to health FSAs and dependent care assistance programs, employers are permitted to limit mid-year elections to amounts no less than amounts already reimbursed." Source IRS COVID-19 GUIDANCE UNDER § 125 CAFETERIA PLANS ...

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    RE: PTO Adjustments

    _ I agree with Angela. Time off/PTO doesn't have to be a trip. We are not making any changes.  Some could save some of the FFCRA benefits and do a week now.  My concern is that people aren't thinking longer term  with FFCRA. We have certain staff ...