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    RE: 2020 Medical Renewal Increase

    _ WA State chiming in.  Our medical renewals have not been good.  30% in 2017 ,which we negotiated down some, but also changed from offering one plan to three.  The 'base' plan deductible increased and if the employees wanted the 'buy-up' plan, which ...

  • " Also, my understanding is that this "affordability threshold" only needs to apply to the lowest-cost self only coverage. So does that mean we can use any other contribution strategy for other plans offered? " These are the only questions you asked ...

  • Sorry I meant our waiting period is 90 days. Eligible on 91st day. ------------------------------ Heather Stubbs The Buckle, Inc. Kearney NE ------------------------------

  • Our long-time FSA vendor is on a downward spiral of epic proportions. They rolled out a system "upgrade" a few months ago that clearly hasn't gone well for them. They have made errors when processing our payroll files for the three payroll cycles straight ...

  • Thank you. I will try this. Your help is greatly appreciated. ------------------------------ Vijayalakshmi Narayanan SHRM-CP Port Matilda ------------------------------