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  • _ I am working hard to convince my owner to change our broker.  Broker is a "friend" and has been broker for 45 years. Reasons I want to change/ we NEED to change: 1) Broker only shows up when he has new numbers for renewal.  2) No new ideas, just ...

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    Home office expenses

    _ I'm currently re-writing our Telecommuting Policy and am having a hard time finding some Best Practice information on a specific amount to reimburse Internet usage. Currently there is no consistency around how much we pay, its depends on what the manage ...

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    Maternity Leave

    Our Credit Union is looking into adding a version of paid maternity leave to our benefits plan. However, this is more of a matching plan. At the beginning of each year, our employees get a designated amount of PTO (amount is dependent on their length ...

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    RE: EAP

    _ UNUM EAP.

  • Thanks! ------------------------------ Joseph DiNorcia Vice President of Operations, Chief Financial Officer Demos New York NY ------------------------------