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  • Carolyn, do you know which TPA you used for this? I'd love to transition to that model rather than the mess we have now! ------------------------------ Kylie Henshaw ------------------------------

  • _ This is wonderful feedback- thank you! So from what I am reading, I need to have a conversation with the TPA to see what they actually do for their services for reconciling/administering with their claims and what are our options. Even your nightmare ...

  • In my experience, the benefits department reconciles benefits invoices against enrollment/eligibility records and makes sure that payroll deductions are taken accurately.  Accounting does other types of reconciliations, such as reconciling bank drafts ...

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    RE: Providing a loan to hourly employees only

    _ We provided plenty of notice for employees to plan ahead.  We created calendars with pay dates.  Though our move was semi monthly to biweekly, and with the way the pay dates fell it was a long lag. Is $250 enough of a loan?  And this would be an advance ...

  • You can offer this to anyone you want.  There is no law stating you have to provide a loan to an employee so how you choose to administer your program is up to you. ------------------------------ Sarah Davis SPHR/SHRM-SCP Human Resources Manager ------------------------------