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  • Hi, We are a new company in freezone and are trying to restructure our benefits guidelines. As of now we are paying the actuals to employees using their own car for domestic work-related travel, however would like to know if in UAE companies follow a ...

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    RE: Premiums while on LOA

    _ Best practice is to follow law and policy. FMLA - you must maintain the benefits as if the employee was still employed.  That means the same amount that is normally payroll deducted.  It also means if the employee doesn't pay you can stop benefits ...

  • _ What is your company process for notifying HR of life events?  What is HR's process for getting EE's the needed information?  You are always going to have those that just don't pay attention to deadlines, but could have something different been done ...

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    RE: General Benefit Invoice Reconciliation

    _ We also use an excel spreadsheet, like the previous posters.  60 employees.  It works well.

  • Hi all!  Curious if anyone has experience using Virgin Pulse or Limeade?  Thoughts?  Thanks! ------------------------------ Lynn Tokeshi SVP, Human Resources Internet Brands, Inc. El Segundo CA ------------------------------