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    RE: ACA Measurement Periods

    _ Not sure this help but maybe . . .

  • _ Between the DOH, the CDC and employee's physicians it is often hard to determine exactly how long an employee should be out before returning to work.   A negative COVID test and 24 hours symptom free, or if a positive test and then 72 hours being symptom ...

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    _ We are a fully insured company and we just received notification that BCBS - IL will not be automatically printing and mailing 1095Bs to our employees (as the IRS no longer requires it). I personally feel that this is going to lead to confusion and ...

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    RE: Benefits and new Remote/WFH strategy

    _ Does the HMO offer a "guest membership ". When we offered am HMO this was a very common option for out of area college dependents.

  • At the beginning of last year we moved our benefit plan renewal to a 1/1 plan year.  We kept our original measurement period but I would like it to match with our renewal.  Does anyone know if we can just change it?   Currently we have all full time employees ...