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  • Thank you for your input.  That's exactly what we decided to do. ------------------------------ Laura ------------------------------

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    RE: Employee Theft - Response to customers

    _ Since you say you are in a small community her arrest and being put in jail will most likely reach customers. Those customers may want to know if she stole from them and so I would address this matter with them and assure them that your due diligence ...

  • I was thinking along the same lines.  Great to know HR folks are cut from same cloth.

  • If there are performance issues, they should be documented and treated as a performance related issue.  When you have two medical releases, it depends on company policy and how incidents have been handled in the past.  Due to the physical nature of ...

  • So 2 medical professionals have released the person as "fit-for-duty" and your non medical supervisor is questing their professional ethics and knowledge? If the supervisor has seen actions that show he cannot perform a job then why have they not been ...