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  • Our HRIS system (GP) can track this, but it's impossible to get the needed reports printed. ------------------------------ Maribeth ------------------------------

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    RE: Online OSHA 300 tracking

    _ Our HRIS tracks this.  We use Paylocity.

  • Does anyone have an online or software based OSHA illness/injury tracking system that they would recommend?  I am tired of  arm wrestling IT to try to get the module included in our GP (Great Plains) system properly formatted for printing the OSHA 300A ...

  • I encourage managers to have a regularly scheduled staff meeting with video required. This can be weekly or bi-weekly, but should be consistent. I think the video (although some will push back) provides a level of engagement that emails and phone calls ...

  • Hello, Does anybody know if a Terms of Employment Notice would be required for employees who live in South Carolina but work in Georgia? I looked at the statute and I don't think we're required to complete for those employees who live in SC but work ...