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    Restricting internal job applications

    _ Some of our technical positions have a six month training period.  We have seen fairly new teammates to this particular position "bid out" to other jobs less than six months (because there is a potential for a significant increase in pay in some other ...

  • _ Thanks, Anonymonk! Knew you'd come through with an answer. :)

  • _ See 1904.7(b)(3)(ix) here .  You report everything on the 2017 log, even when time is lost in 2018.  It's based on the date of the injury.  Number of days is capped at 180 days. Anonymonk

  • _ Hello experienced OSHA friends! An employee was injured in December 2017 and remained out of work until May 2018. I recorded the initial injury and the days away from work on the 2017 OSHA 300A report. Do I also need to record the days out of work ...

  • Thank you all for the feedback! ------------------------------ McKenzie Crowe HRM, PHR ------------------------------