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    RE: Osha Log

    _ Establishments of 10+ must comply with recordkeeping requirements.  You could check here to see if you are in an exempt industry.  I'm not in CA but found this for you too. Anonymonk

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    Osha Log

    _ CA Accounting firm less than 25 employees. Do I need to keep an OSHA log?

  • Does anybody have a good product to keep my warehouse workers glasses from fogging in the cold/warm environment transition.  Hard to operate a forklift if you cannot see.  Something was tried before I worked here but evidently it didn't work. ------------------------------ ...

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  • Just sharing a few thoughts; My Company also has employees that travel to Mexico and other countries, but they do not use personal or Company vehicles. As for Hazard pay, how about a quarterly , semi-annual or annual bonus ? Have you checked with your ...