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  • ​Thank you.  We are using the Small Entity Compliance Guide for our sample "Program."  I now see the section in that Guide to which you are referring. If your company has a respiratory program, then did you purchase devices to monitor each work area ...

  • The information you seek is on the OSHA website. Publication OSHA 3384-09 (book) can be ordered. On pg 17, it explains Making "Reasonable " Estimates of Employee Exposures. As always in safety matters, err on the side of caution. This can be time consuming ...

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    Does anyone have a Safety Intern posting they are willing to share? I am looking for one for the summer. Colleen ------------------------------ Colleen Martin, PHR, SHRM-CP, ARM Houston, Texas ------------------------------

  • ​How does a company determine which areas are required to use respirators?  Must we have the air scientifically tested in each work area? ------------------------------ Michael Smith ------------------------------

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    RE: Return to work following detention

    _ Was he on FMLA? I don't know much about the health care industry.  Your state might have different regs that are specific to your industry and that might be related to your licensing.  I'd start there. Anonymonk